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posted 1/20/2007 12:56:04 PM |
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4 Blogs, all saying the same exact thing, looks like a big old copy and paste session. You know what, think of the world as an ice cream parlour. There are all sorts of different flavours with all sorts of different types ans toppings you can get on them as well. It is the same in here, there are more than one type of person, and each has as opinion which they are admitedly entitled to, its the subtle differences that keep the world interesting. You cannot scare customers away from an ice cream parlour or close it down because they have more than the flovour "you" want, or threaten someone because they brought in their crying child because "you" are bugged by it..get over yourself,,no one on here has a crown,,or has been dubbed royalty..we all have to deal with shit and some have the ability to take it with a grain of salt,,shrug it off, and carry on. The only other way i see around it is to close your eyes,,put brail on the keyboard,,fingers in the ears repeating "lalalala" makes me ponder 2 questions. 1- Do you whine and carry on like this in the real world?? 2- Hmm,,,wonder why you are single and on here looking,,such a great catch that you are?? lIfe flows forward,,,stop building dam's trying to stop it..

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Jan 20 @ 1:07PM  
Glad to see someone else noticed that. However You are far more polite than I would have been. I guess Thumper Rabbit said it best......."If you can't say anything nice, then say nothing at all".

Jan 20 @ 1:10PM  
i agree with you weasell, thats why they have no girlfreind in real life, so they come on here and act the way they do, it makes me wonder how they treat woman in the real world!

Jan 20 @ 1:19PM  
i prefer to use my own words, instead of someone else' mindlessly follow one person's words goes against everything that this site and our right to speech allows...thanks, weasell...

Jan 20 @ 1:27PM  
Considering your previous blog...I'm a little suprised by your reaction.

Jan 20 @ 1:33PM  
Well,,it is partialy to do with the fact that 6 now say the same thing..I spoke out,,and realized each has their own view and I cant win,,,this is only mine. It is sometimes better to say to each their own.

Jan 20 @ 1:35PM  
Well said weasell,,,,I You and even give you a kudo for this one....Once again Peace be with us all....May you all have a wonderful weekend....Lena

Jan 20 @ 1:43PM  

I agree with you Sundance But Weasell
also does make a good point here. It's
kinda like reading ten different profiles
all saying the exact same thing.
We are many different people on here
And although we may think this is a
problem. We should all put things in our
own words and our own way.Stop and
think about it a minute please.Do not
judge to quickly.He has a good point.

Jan 20 @ 1:44PM  
so those copy n paste blogs can't just be a show of support of an idea that they agree on? hmm odd...cause i TOO have read your blogs n thoughts and enjoyed you understand why this was being done?? maybe you missed the 'begining of the movie so to speak?

Jan 20 @ 1:52PM  
5 have seen it all,,but remained quiet,,,,you know,,,may be deemed a cliquie,,but I beleive it shoulda been said on the frist posting,,I am the first to show support,, but we need to sit and think for a moment and find some common ground here...we are going back and forth in an endless circle,,instead of sayin that we need to agree that we disagree and leave it at that..

Jan 20 @ 1:57PM  
no one on here has a crown,,or has been dubbed royalty..

Um...this isn't exactly true. More than once I have been labeled the "Queen" or "Queen Bee"...or the newest one, "Queen Cockroach"...

But royalty issues aside, I think it would be very different if the people some of us refer to as "trolls" and "douchebags" were just being general asses...Equal opportunity asses, if you will. If you ask me, those can be easily dealt with my ignoring them. But when they make personal attacks in blogs, in comments, or in forum posts, as many have done to me and several of my friends, to stand up and collectively say "this is bullshit and we're not going to be quiet about it" is merely a way to say "we're in this together".

I don't get is why it is an issue that we stand together...No matter what we say or how many of us say it, each individual member has the same rights we do. What they choose to do is on them; not us. If everyone decides to block a particular member, it's not because they were obligated by royal decree; it's because they made that choice out of free will.

As a member who has been publicly slammed time and time again, I support just about any action taken to weed out the bad element here for the sole purpose of spreading negativity.

Jan 20 @ 2:01PM  
Hell, I was going to say it, But the damned Weasell did it before I did...Either way, It is tad annoying, Honestly...Sure, It's a great thought, For all to stand together, To dispell the idiots and neanderthals in this online community...But do you honestly thing one blog, repeated many times, Is going to do anything...Raise moral maybe, But that I must say would be the extent...Now mind you, Let's say someone got on here, Posted a blog telling everyone what they could do with themselves, And, I dunno, Seven people agreed with him/her and reposted his blog...Would it not be annoying, And would you not wish for it to cease?...It's among the same principal here, Spamming is spamming, Doesn't matter who does it, Or why it is done, And nobody likes Spam, That's why there is always a full stock when I go to the grocery store...Nasty gelly covered meat...shudders...

Jan 20 @ 2:14PM  
what would be next???? to block anyone who disagrees with what a person says?...who is to decide who should be "weeded out"? will "you" form a committee to vote on who is "in" and who is "out"...? this whole appraoch has totally quieted the community...repressed others thinking that they must follow and agree...

Jan 20 @ 2:21PM  
EXACTLY,,,we are being pressured to choose sides!! And I blatantly refuse to do so,,,will I be on the hitlist now? Banned or disbarred for speaking either for or against? Punished for my descisions? This is a democracy where every opinion and voice shall be heard, whether to insult or to approve...

Jan 20 @ 2:41PM  
No one is asking anyone to choose sides!!! This is our way of letting people know that we will not tolerate being disrespected in any way. Call it a virtual demonstration...we are all shouting the same slogan. If you don't want to participate...that's your choice. No harm, no foul. You don't have to agree with it and you can post blogs saying how annoying it is.'s annoying...but so is all the abuse we have had to tolerate on this site in blogs, email and in the forums. We are simply at our wits end on how to get thru to the people doling out the abuse and this is our last resort.

Jan 20 @ 2:49PM  
Ya know, people always talk about shades of gray, them being nuteral, wishy washy, and in the middle....But sometimes things are black and white. What the hell is wrong with trying to treat people with respect on here, and when you get some bad apples attacking ya? There isn't a place for that behavior and that's what a lot of us are stating and taking a stand against, people like that. No one is saying to choose sides, but then I would honestly think that you would take a stand against some of the bad behavior with people on here doing the attacking with the type of person you say you are.

Jan 20 @ 2:54PM  
Sure, It's a great thought, For all to stand together, To dispell the idiots and neanderthals in this online community...But do you honestly thing one blog, repeated many times, Is going to do anything

Look and you will find.. the people that have been here through thick and thin... this is a group of intelligent, caring, sexy people that will stand strong... despite others who join this site to cause havoc and problems.... that is what Canu's crusade is about...

I say walk in my shoes and open half my emails from idiots with one-liners saying come fuck me... hell yes it gets old! But I've met some really great men from this site that have respect for me as a woman... and that is why I will defend my position and all my friends that are here.... SO DON'T TELL ME ABOUT MY WORLD... I know what is going on in it... do you?

Jan 20 @ 2:58PM  
Yes Straddle,,you are right, but it is a rapid downhill slide that i am seeing,,and I think my best recourse of action was to choose not to know i do not like the abuse or some of the disrespect that goes around,,but you are choosing a battle with things that are very much out of your control...a lion can easily beat a skunk,,but why would will get rid of 2 and 10 will sign in,,why not give the appearance of a fortified front together instead of pissing and moaning as single man tells me fuck off,,,i smirk,,30 as a united front,,,i strongly consider fucking off..

Jan 20 @ 3:00PM  
I got an email telling me that ccoocckkggaazziinngg will cause ccoocckkeeyyeeddnneessss in women 43 (oh and there were more); later, that same person injects himself into my blog(s) telling me I stink, then proceeds to go other blogs and call me names and talks twisted shit about me, then starts going around leaving rude comments on the blogs of several of my friends, then starts posting stupid fucking blogs filled with negativity - I'd say this person is a troll and I feel no shame for wanting to see him gone from here. Perhaps you didn't see or know all this, so when you see a blog that's ranting about trolls and douchebags, you didn't know where it was coming from. Perhaps you did and simply don't care. Either way, it doesn't change the fact that the blogs aren't there to step on free speech and censorship, and they're not about trying to control people...they're about not sitting down for this kind of harassment.

Jan 20 @ 3:45PM  
Alright, Someone made a comment, To what I posted, About opening half their e-mails...You will not find sympathy from me maam, Because three forths of my e-mails are calling me a freak, And asking if I am homosexual because I wear eyeliner, Have long hair, and so on and so forth...Is it annoying, Yes...Is it abuse, Yes...But I refuse to give them any power...My days of being affected by insults online are far over, Therefore I refuse to get up in arms about it...And never once did I react hatefully in what I posted, So I please ask for the same...I'm not trying to ostercize anyone whatsoever, Just simply state, That spamming in any name, Is still spamming...As for walking in people's shoes, My dear...You aren't the only one who has to deal with ignorance daily, Everyone has too, Yes, Even the horny despicable lowlifes whom all this started from...It's part of life...Not to mention, A big mention is for everyone to stand together, Yet, Correct me if I am wrong, Do I not see just a bigger division...And to point out, I'm not saying I don't understand what is being said here, And yes I do agree it should stop, But spamming the blog board, Isn't going to make it stop...It's just going to cause what is happening now...

Jan 20 @ 3:55PM  
I choose to remain neutral in this one since everytime i try voicing my opinion i get attacked. True usually when i do someone has gotten my ire up and i respond with my gut feeling. i do apologize however if i look back and feel i could have gotten my point across better. The repeat blogs are about the best that can be done at the moment as a fortified front. it shows people agree on one thing and are stating their agreement, kinda like a good old fashioned protest since one cannot do a multi person blog. I do see your side two as i was staring at my computer screen wondering at first WTF?!? as i noticed six or seven blogs saying the same thing. I choose to play neutral in this instance cuz i really don't feel like being drug away with this current. I have enough problems in my life at the moment.

Jan 20 @ 4:46PM  
After a very good conversation with Canu, I see the meaning to the madness..More power to you,,hope it works.

Jan 20 @ 7:14PM  
After a very good conversation with Canu, I see the meaning to the madness..More power to you,,hope it works.

Thanks... I think the proof is in the reading... people can argue all they want about the futility.... but I see a different story....

let me die knowing I made a stand in what I believed in... rather than die in obscurity....

Sep 14 @ 11:17PM  
i am one of the most hated ,,,on by archy headache,,girl ,ricky blondie,,,,,ashley twisted whatever name it is now..shall i go on and on...and hey......i know this none of em pay my bills and when they do i just might listen...however this late night club,,has posted pics of me,,gone in my private chatrooms..etc etc...called me fat hippo ,,make remarks about my job. call me disease ridden ..i could go and on...posted pics of me on links... downed me,,my looks etc etc..i would gladly anyday anyday invite this crew to south ga,,,but ya know what they would not come ......soooooooooo just had to comment i could not resist,,although weasel is one of the better looking wise assess....and next time i suggest they pick a less wimpy target,,,cause ,,,,it aint gonna happen with this gal ever ever,,,i come on and take all the shit that they throw ,,,,and why would i use this site exactly whats it for to meet hotties in my area,,,and every now and again give an appearance just to see,,that same crew night after night,,,and they tell me to get a life ya right:) insult away cause i am no wilting ass pansy flower,,,if ya going to post stuff get it right,,,,,,i have met many good people off this site,,so only thing that really gets me,,is when you take up for your self,,you are the lets see let me read my script,,,blaze that witch,,,someone needs to slap her silly and dare her to snore,,she best be careful or adm is going to get shove up her,,,,,,,,i aint ever had it in the ass and dont plan to now,,,have fun late night peeps,,enjoyyyyyyyyy

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