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chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp

posted 10/10/2011 9:21:52 PM |
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tagged: rambling


Damn!! Those crickets are annoying aren't they?

Hope everyone is doing good. Between classes and work, I've been pretty busy. My birthday came and went by quietly, stopped over at mom and dad's for a while after work. That really sucked...working on my birthday. Oh to get the bills paid somehow right? I'm seeing the Halloween decorations going up around here. There is one house, they have a HUGE picture window..and in it they put up a Grim Reaper that moves, and put cobweb stuff all around it, and these lights that give it an extra spooky's AWESOME!!! I remember driving by it the other day with Mom in the car and she commented how she's glad us girls don't go trick or treating anymore because that would be one house she would be scared to take us up to. And I told her not to worry, this house is clear on the other side of town anyway. It's fun to see all of these decorations going up. Ever notice......October, November, and December have the "bigger" holidays? With the decorations and all? Must be a way to distract people from bitching about the cooler weather, the ending of summer.

I did something I hadn't done in a while, I turned on one of the cable news channels this morning and they were talking about Mitt Romney's being a Mormon. And I just thought to myself, "big fucking deal" far as I'm concerned, that's his personal business. Why do they have to put such an emphasis on a candidates religion? They forget that little saying about "separation between church and state" or what? And of course, there is the Wall Street Protest thing going on. I remember a couple of years back, I told my sister that things will hit a boiling point before too long with all of the nonsense that has been going on.....looks like I was right. And anyway, then all of the hateful rhetoric kicked in full gear, and I was reminded why I got fed up with cable news. At least with the local news, it focuses more on actual news rather than Rick Perry calling Mitt Romney's religion a cult. Seriously? Is that the best these candidates can come up with? What about issues affecting this country? No...they insult one another over religion.

Anyway...I now return you all back to the "soothing" sounds of the crickets chirping.

chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp,chirp....................................................................................

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Oct 10 @ 10:22PM  
Damn!! Those crickets are annoying aren't they?
It's the mighty Intelligence Vacuum, complete with Inflate-a-View and Pseudo Kudos!

they were talking about Mitt Romney's being a Mormon
I'm surprised it took THIS long for the religious mudslinging to start. I guess you gottta
allow a new candidate his religious idiosyncrasies in his first run,and then hit him with
BOTH BARRELS in his second effort--political correctness be damned!

This kind of thing has gone on for ages. Remember (if you're old enough) how people
balked at voting for Kennedy, because he was....CATHOLIC?!?

Well, at least madame Palin has dropped out. What a disaster THAT would be!!!

Oct 10 @ 11:41PM  
Ours burned up in August

Oct 10 @ 11:58PM  
Why do they have to put such an emphasis on a candidates religion?

The WASP fundamentalists are big factor in the republican primaries. Other candidates will say Romney's religious beliefs are out of bounds but gladly accept the backlash for their own advantage. The issue of religion arose most prominently in the 1960 with JFK being catholic.

At this stage of prez game, it is the most reverent elements that make the majority of the noise though they are small minority come election day when it counts. Candidates will kiss their ass to a point through the primaries, then back peddle and be dancing with the stars after the nomination at the convention trying to explain themselves to rest of America.

Right now it is a circus overloaded with clowns that provide Saturday Night Live, Leno and Letterman with more than enough comedic material that will only increase.

Oct 11 @ 12:52AM  
chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp
Damn!! Those crickets are annoying aren't they?
I was surprised to see kill deer birds in lighted parking lots of late because dark fields are their habitat. About 9:30 pm they show up & feed on all the crickets which I just recently learned In I guess what you call wildlife suburbia.

Oct 11 @ 4:50AM  
The WASP fundamentalists are big factor in the republican primaries

You think? These same people also want to close the gap between church and state. And take us back to the Jim Crow era. I don't get their logic but to each his own I guess as long as someone keeps the common sense to veto things that make no sense in the 2st century.

I won't be happy until I see a Native American who follows the traditional native religion in the whitehouse with an Asian American, Jewish or Hispanic American VP. And see as many women and minorities as old white dudes in the house and senate. The times changed and for the life of me I can't figure out why people put the same people who accomplish nothing back in office again. Maybe it is time that government actually reflected the actual ethnic and religious make up of this country.

Oct 11 @ 10:12AM  
Yes, the crickets and tree frogs are singing their hearts out in the last waning days of their singing season. I hadn't seen hardly any of the big black crickets for years but this must be their year 'cause they're out in full force.

As for Mitt Romney...since I pretty much ignore all political stuff, I didn't realize he was a Mormon. I wondered why they were filling the airwaves with Mormon commercials and back to back. Now I know why...geez........

Oct 11 @ 10:37AM  
Damn!! Those crickets are annoying aren't they?

Don't they sell cricket motels where they check in, but don't check out... or is that just for cockroaches? Which reminds me... why do they call them 'cock' roaches anyway- was it a pissed off lady researcher that was stood up, that gave them that name??

Why do they have to put such an emphasis on a candidates religion?

Because that's all they know how to do is to try and discredit their opponent(s)- it's what they're good at. Politicians running an honest campaign (I think there's an oxymoron in there somewhere), is way above and beyond the call of duty apparently!

Think of it... if politicians were to actually solve our country's problems, both foreign and domestic- then we would have little need for them anymore! That must be a scary thought to them!

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