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As Summer winds down

posted 9/22/2011 1:03:53 PM |
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tagged: weather, thoughts

I know there are some of you out there looking forward to this summer to end. Can't say I blame you as enduring day after day of 100+ temps and a drought would make for a miserable summer.

I see all the changes starting to take place in my area. Maples are always so pretty when their leaves change to that fiery red color. Then the browns and oranges and does get quite colorful here, and it's starting early this year. Besides the colors, what I like about fall weather is that it's crisp. Not too cold and not too hot. Falls into that "just right" category. And, raking the leaves is quite entertaining here because of the dogs. Well, the siblings, Princess, Buddy, and Tazz. They are such nuts about it. I'll start raking, and Buddy will spend about 5 minutes chasing after the rake. He looks so funny jumping around and barking at it. Princess and Tazz, those two think it's just fine to wait until I've got a decent sized leaf pile, and then they "dive in" and scatter the leaves. Then have the nerve to stand there with their tails wagging waiting for me to build up that leaf pile again. It takes a while, but, I do eventually get the leaves raked up. I usually get a break when the neighbor comes outside and the "three stooges" decide it's time to bark at him. At least now he has learned to just ignore them.

Speaking of neighbors...some can be so stupid. Where I live, there is a duplex across the street from my house. And both sides just got new tenants. A while back, one of the tenants threw a party. I don't have a problem with that, but, when their guests thought is was just fine and dandy to use my driveway to park in without asking, well, then I had a problem. Yep, came home from work last week, and saw cars in my driveway. Again. (This happened before with different occupants ) And again, I had to park my own vehicle in the road, and knock on their door and ask them to have their guests get their cars out of my driveway. They actually had the nerve to act as if I were inconveniencing them! So, what do they do? The house next door to the duplex, which is sitting empty as the people who were living there moved out a couple of months ago, they parked their cars in that driveway. I don't see these people staying too long, the landlord is at that property at least 3 times a week.

Our governor here had signed into law some welfare reform. Basics of it are: recipients receive help for 4 years, and, if after 4 years, from what I was told, if they are in school, or working and still need assistance, the state will work with them. If all they have done in that 4 years is sit on their ass and do nothing..they lose all benefits. And, I guess, starting in October, recipients are getting notices that their benefits will be reduced or canceled because this law went in retroactive. While I support the idea, I think now is not a good time for something like this because there just isn't the jobs out there right now for people. I've heard of some who have actually talked about moving out of state to get on welfare somewhere else. Like I said, good idea, bad timing.

Anyway, I've got to take off run some errands. Later.

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Sep 22 @ 3:03PM  
People in the north and east have the pretty autumn colors, we rarely do for more than a week. We usually get fall. The leaves are green, the north wind blows, the leaves are yellow, the north wind blows, the leaves fall. This usually happens for about a week in mid October.

Sep 22 @ 6:21PM  
4 years? FOUR YEARS??

What we have here, are professional parasites. Two and a half decades ago, I was
laid off from a job near Irving. Made aircraft thing-a-ma-jigs. Following day, I went to
Texas Employment people in downtown Ft. Worth. I was waning to 'coast' for a while,
get one of those Unemployment checks I've always heard about. Be nice, to wake
up on a weekday, goof off...perhaps go fishing, do whatever I wanted....besides punch
a timeclock.
The Black man that was going through the paperwork with me, looked me in the eye, and
said something like......"If you tell anyone I said this, I'll deny it. I can tell, you are
intelligent, healthy, motivated, and young ( like I said, 20+ years ago ), you can get a job
just about anywhere doing anything, so get your white ass out there and get a job."

Needless to say, within a couple of days, I had gainful employment.....

I'm not too sympathetic to those that get welfare, as I'm the wrong sex/color.

Sep 22 @ 7:04PM  
Neighbors can be a real pain! The ones I had before moving this month were good neighbors! The one to the south of me is retired, fixed my tractor mower by replacing the main drive belt for only my cost of the belt, just for something to do! I've helped him out too! He hated to see me leave because I was quiet and didn't cause problems!

My other neighbor didn't want to see me leave either! Now they're both afraid of who might move in my old house! Guess I can't blame them, it's just outside of Flint, MI. Not the best area- but, I bet with the economy the way it is and the administration taking its time to improve conditions for companies to start hiring, my old house will sit there for a year or two, before my neighbors have to really worry about new neighbor!


Sep 22 @ 7:45PM  
I don't rake my leaves. After the seasonal changes are done, I make one pass with the lawn mower (we have spring weeds come up early around here in the fall), which grinds up everything, quite a different set of circumstances

This blog touches upon several issues and commentators ran in several different directions, myself included. Hey, Sugar, you got participation, good enough for a green cookie in my book

I'm not too sympathetic to those that get welfare, as I'm the wrong sex/color.

Neighbors can be a real pain!

We all perceive things things through our experiences. I understand that. I guess I am fortunate in that I have no such perceptions


Sep 22 @ 8:11PM  
20+ years ago ), you can get a job
just about anywhere doing anything, so get your white ass out there and get a job."

Anybody who wanted to work could..20+ years ago

Sep 23 @ 8:25AM  
Well Indy has a good one for you also Sugar! Ours is you must pass a drug/alcohol test before receiving benefits. Ain't that great!

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As Summer winds down