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Obama's Postal Service plan would cut Saturday mail

posted 9/19/2011 6:06:01 PM |
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"The administration recognizes the enormous value of the U.S. Postal Service to the nation's commerce and communications, as well as the urgent need for reform to ensure its future viability,"

Don't you just love it when a administration starts out about a problem by saying: "The administration recognizes.............." about some of our problems but can't recognize a major problem like... an economic bust and massive unemployment??

Anyway... why not just eliminate the postal service all together and let the package carriers do what they do best? Might even reduce the price of delivering packages if the various carrier's volume balloons!!


1- Get rid of the 'junk' mail!! Of course, that means no more 'kindling' for your fire place!
2- Having checks stolen (go to direct deposit for everyone)- well... Unky Sam could easily screw that up too!
3- Email Unky Sam's 'Greetings' to guys turning 18 if they bring the draft back- rather than the 'surprise' envelope' in the mail!
4- No more hookers waiting for retired older guys coming out the door of the post office with their checks- although, I would prefer that than my wife waiting for me but, I digress! J/K.

What do you think of Obama's plan?? (Oh, forgot- yet another pension plan bail out, only with a different twist)

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Obama's Postal Service plan would cut Saturday mail
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Sep 19 @ 6:13PM  
A friend that works as a window clerk informed me of all the 'New and Improved' perks they get at the local U.S.P.S. I even did not believe her after the Postal Info phone number turned out to NOT be snopes verified....... 401 285-2130 (co'mon....give it a try)

Sep 19 @ 6:29PM  
HA!!! A little sense of postal service humor there DWM??

It was funny tho!


Sep 19 @ 6:35PM  
I heard in about another year there may not be a postal service

Sep 19 @ 6:44PM  
That's OK....'cause in about another year of O'Bysmal as POTUS< we'll be lucky if there is a United States. I've heard we'll hit the Budget Wall around July, 2012 the way he's running things. If Buffet wants people to pay Taxes so much, why does he have an army of Tax Attorneys attempting to get him off the hook for over a BILLION $$??

ANYONE that believes a word that comes out of O'Bumblers mouth, deserves the taste of chit that's being shoved down their ears.

Sep 19 @ 8:19PM  
Does that mean I'll get morwe junkmail on Mondays??

Sep 19 @ 8:27PM  
This proposal is nothing new as I heard it floated around years ago. Bottom line is with most people doing their banking and bill paying online now and very few people writing letters there is really no need for 6 day service now. I could see maybe 6 day delivery for packages around the holidays but not for regular mail. Bottom line is the post office is losing money and need to make cuts somewhere. I would suggest they look and my postman being made redundant to start with as he can't seem to deliver the mail to the right box if his life depended on it but that is a whole different matter.

Sep 19 @ 9:48PM  
Myself, I wouldn't miss it at all if they stopped delivery on Saturdays. I agree with Strega on a 6 day week around the holidays, but, other than that..again, like she said, with things like email, online bill paying and direct deposit, just isn't as much snail mail being sent out like there used to be.

And who knows...maybe those people would like a full weekend off.

Sep 19 @ 10:20PM  
This proposal is nothing new as I heard it floated around years ago.

Yeah, me too. I heard they would cut Wednesday or Thursday delivery. But I have heard the concept being floated arround since the Bush administration.

Sep 19 @ 10:40PM  
I wouldn't miss Saturday delivery at all...wouldn't miss other days much either, mostly junk mail anyway. I've had a credit card company sending me offers at least twice a week so I just open it, take out the postpaid envelope and stuff it all in that, including the envelope it came in and put it back in the mailbox... It may not stop it but let them pay for getting it all back.

I think the only people it might effect would be senior citizens that doesn't have a computer and depends of the mail for their bills. I think they also write more letters and send more cards than the younger generation too.

I don't even watch the news anymore, it just makes me wanna...

Sep 19 @ 11:16PM  
I do the same soft touch, stuff it back in the postpaid envelope and send it back, i think if most did that it would cut down on some of the junk mail

Sep 20 @ 12:13AM  
Yes... I know various postal plans have been floating around for a few years now but, Obama has made it his plan now, which is one reason why I posted it!


Sep 23 @ 3:38PM  
Hey I work for the postal as a rural carrier. I enjoy my job. We need to keep Saturday delivery because some people would be out of a job. It's not our fault that the postal service has to pre-fund retirement benefits, they made that mistake a long time ago,. We are currently finding ways to cut costs. The best thing you can do is to mail everything you can out of your mailbox and keep these people with a job. I'm at work everyday so I don't have time to pay bills online. Besides I don't belive that I can drive to Ney York to pay a bill for 44 cents. So it is a convenience for me. As far as the junk mail goes, that is what pays my salary and it is a good salary. So keep me in a job and MAIL MAIL MAIL!

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Obama's Postal Service plan would cut Saturday mail