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Most embarassing

posted 9/15/2011 9:49:06 AM |
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tagged: sex

Yeah, I know, it's been done before. But's a sex site, so let's talk about sex today.

Let's compare notes on the most embarrassing thing done while having sex. We've all had "those moments".

For me, one was when Mick woke up one morning feeling quite amorous, and we were going at it cowgirl and his mother walked by the bedroom, and the door was wide open! And yes, she had looked in to say "good morning". (and yes, it was a "good" morning! ) Needless to say, we learned to make sure the door was closed after that.

This doesn't have to be embarrassing moments while having sex yourself, can be the proverbial walking in the room of a sibling, friend, etc while they are in the middle of having sex also. The Coffee Talk Lady would..."Talk among your selves, discuss."

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Sep 15 @ 10:02AM  

Sep 15 @ 10:58AM  
I can recall some pretty rank farts by one or both parties and chick shitting in the bed when she got off.

Sep 15 @ 11:19AM  
chick shitting in the bed when she got off.

Holy shit... (no pun intended... no... really..) that's a deal breaker right there!!

I rented an upstairs flat for a while! The renters downstairs had a huge Alaskan Huskie. We forgot to shut the door all the way and while my girl friend was straddling my face with her back to the door, this horse of a lumbering dog came running up the stairs when the renters below, came home! So, I had to push the dog to the door and shut it! It wasn't embarrassing, just pissed us off!!


Sep 15 @ 12:01PM  
I can't remember any.....None..Zilch..Zero!!!! Fuck!!!!

Wanna Make a few Sugar? Just asking.....

Sep 15 @ 12:49PM  
getting embarassed is a a wasted emotion....

Sep 15 @ 12:52PM  
Holy shit... (no pun intended... no... really..) that's a deal breaker right there!!

Fortunately I was on top. But nobody noticed until our noses did She was quite embarrassed

Sep 15 @ 2:54PM  
Probably getting caught by an ambassador one time. My ex and I were taking a "lunch break" at his job. Sometimes he could be stuck at work for days. Thank goodness things had not gone that far and the ambassador had a sense of humor. In about five minutes he would have been getting an x-rated peep show. Both of us were standing there looking like kids caught with our hands in the cookie jar. The ambassador's reaction was to just say I was young once and grin. Thank goodness the ambassador was European. If he had been American I doubt we would have got off that easy. Next time we made sure the lock on the office door was completely locked. Or we used one of the private conference rooms to have lunch together.

Sep 15 @ 9:38PM  
When Rob an I first got together I was staying at my dads house. Dads house is kinda a flop pad for my brother and I since dad works outta state an is never there. One morning Rob stayed over and of course we had a little morning fun. Then we shower an get dressed head into the kitchen for some food and my brother is standing there with his friend clapping for us. They heard it all

Sep 15 @ 10:38PM  
Well, when I was with Jennifer cuddling up and making out with her while she was in town back in April 1991, I accidently called her Ann...

Sep 16 @ 1:30AM  
...yep...I called Mario another mans name...that didn't go over to well in the bedroom....

Sep 16 @ 6:50AM  
Always ask Tommy if he locked the bedroom door . The one night I forgot to ask and he didn't He got a little hand on his shoulder asking him if "Are you hurting Mama "? .Tommy never forgot to lock the door again

Sep 16 @ 6:54AM  

When I was doing night audit work for a hotel, part of my job was to walk the halls a few times a night making sure all was well. There was a nice secluded area behind the second floor elevator where the stairway goes to the third floor. There was a teenaged couple completely nekked going at it on the stairs. It was difficult not to make a comment, but I just turned around and let them go on with their fucking. Of course, I probably dampened their mood at that moment.

I ended up staying late since my relief didn't show up on time, which was normal. As I was checking an older couple out, I noticed their daughter standing behind them. I couldn't help but grin at her, as she did look like she was having a great time earlier on the stairs. She caught my quick glance and turned around really embarrassed.

Sep 16 @ 8:01PM  
In my teens while making out at the local lovers' lane, a large park, we were suddenly blinded by a cop's flashlight. He was asking me the usual questions when I detected a pubic hair stuck in between my teeth that I pulled out. My date was mortified.

At the same place several years earlier, a buddy and I used to go there with his dad's binoculars, climb up into the trees and watch the shows. During one hot and steamy session he got too enthralled, leaned out to far and fell out of the tree with a loud thud. The guy got out of the car and asked him if he was all right. After my pal acknowledged that he was fine the guy beat the hell out of him.

I think that I recanted this one in Softie's blog a couple of weeks ago. While driving north up I-15 my girlfriend and I got frisky. I had unbuttoned her top and was playing with her titties then she proceeded to give my head while I was driving down the road. I noticed in the mirror that there was a greyhound bus moving up on us. As it went to pass us, I adjusted my speed so that we were side by side. I noticed a couple of guys watching and grinning. I gave them a thumbs usp while she continued to go at it. Then this elderly woman looked over and her mouth fell open. I chuckled and my girlfriend looked up, then popped up providing the bus with a nice view of her tits. The two guys applauded and she turned crimson. She was kind of pissed at me for a while.

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Most embarassing