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Eating Women Out

posted 1/20/2007 1:11:42 AM |
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tagged: oral sex, straddle

Here's my first experience, and yes, I was young and inexperienced, so try not to laugh. lol As I was going down on her between her legs back in early 1985 or 1986 while she was laying on her back I kept licking and sucking on her sweet lips and my mouth was filling up. As I continued I kept eating away and not swallowing what was already in my mouth, and after 10 more minutes of that my mouth was so full and the thought of swallowing all her cunt at once with my mouth full of her made me reconsider and I actually spit it all out. After I did that I realized that I may have made her feel bad, and if I did she didn't show it. True, I was inexperienced and I could have done it better that that first time, but it's one of those things you learn along the way. lol How many women out there would take offense if a guy had a mouth full of you and chickend out and spit all of it out of his mouth while giving you oral? Guys, how did you first experience go when eating a woman out?

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Jan 20 @ 1:22AM  
My first experience was more licking and flicking the toungue around the clitorus, ocassionally curling my toungue to penitrate her pussy lick her walls and the tounge the clit some more I never got a chance to get a mouth full as I never really sucked anything in. I feel that she enjoyed it though as she grabbed handsfulfull of my hair and pulled my face close to her clit. I was laying behind her and bringing my head from the back so her pussy was always all I sen and untill she came I would get to see nothing else.

Bu the way I can't imigine it would be all that different from a woman sucking all the juices from your swollen gland and then spitting it out our just drooling it all over her breast. Are guys offended by this?

Jan 20 @ 1:26AM  
Good question OMG. I thought about that after asking that to the women about the guy spitting it out instead of swallowing.

Jan 20 @ 1:27AM  

When I eat a woman out it is because I feel
she is worth eating. And if that's the case ?
There is nothing that comes out of there that
I would spit out. Nothing.
I beleave when you find a good woman you
should eat her all you can.If you didn't you
would be in violation of The Pure Food Act.

Jan 20 @ 1:32AM  
Night, that was so funny. I can't stop laughing!!!

Jan 20 @ 1:36AM  
There are about roughly 5 women that have been on here today that I wouldn't mind straddling my face and me eating them out right now. Looking at their pics and thinking about doing that .......nah, I said enough right now.

Jan 20 @ 1:40AM  
Nah you didnt Strad we want names

Jan 20 @ 1:43AM  
I bet I know a few. ha ha ha but you really have to spank me to get me to tall....

Jan 20 @ 1:49AM  
something tells me omg you would enjoy a spanking way tooooo much.

Jan 20 @ 1:52AM  
looks up, you can try me.....

Jan 20 @ 1:55AM  
Looking for my paddle and handcuffs...... Ah this should be fun OMG

Jan 20 @ 1:57AM  
thank you master may I have another, whack, thank you master may I have another, whack, thank you master may I have another

Jan 20 @ 2:00AM  
Let me get into this. I know a little secret from last night.

Jan 20 @ 2:04AM  
That would be Mistress to you...... OMG
and Strad keep your secrets to yourself

Jan 20 @ 2:04AM  
I think straddle wants a spanking too

Jan 20 @ 2:06AM  
Straddle hasnt earned his spanking yet

Jan 20 @ 2:07AM  
sorry Mistress, I know more spankings. damn love hurts...

Jan 20 @ 3:40AM  
Hey Y'all, wtxman will spill his guts and tell all the secrets, name all the names. for just $19.99" plus shipping and handling.

Jan 20 @ 3:45AM  
And if you act now well throw in absolutely free of charge the cellars new spring catalogue with a complimentary condom in one of five great flavors. Choose from natural, french vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, or green apple.

And thats not all. With this special one time tv promotion call now and even give AMD's greates cocks collection. All your favorite cock shots in a beautiful full grain leather Carrying book. Great for coffee tables or as a conversation piece.

So don't miss out call now and get all the dirt, the catalogue, and both wonderful gifts for just $19.99. Visa and Mastercard accepted. Call now operators are standing by to take your orders.

Jan 20 @ 3:46AM  
Lol then wtxman will be next to get his spanking........ and no 19.99 required.

Jan 20 @ 3:48AM  
........ and OMG just WHO said you could come out of your corner? ...

Jan 20 @ 3:50AM  
I know another spanking i am bending over just for you

Jan 20 @ 3:51AM  
Yes OMG, you had better get back in that corner or else!

Jan 20 @ 3:53AM  
and yes strad we have completely hijacked your blog here tonight. It can be ransomed back for just $19.99" plus shipping and handling.

Jan 20 @ 3:53AM  
we need an emoticon with a smiley face in a dunce cap......

Jan 20 @ 4:03AM  
Hijack away, baby!!!

Jan 20 @ 4:05AM  
well, back on topic who is eating or getting eaten tonight? I know I am not...

Jan 20 @ 4:08AM  
Don't look at me, I just got off a bit ago...

Jan 20 @ 4:19AM  
Hey, where's Sunshine79 at? Now there a woman that I would love to....nevermind...

Jan 20 @ 4:20AM  
And Jezz, you too!

Jan 20 @ 4:20AM  
my first time going down on a woman... I guess it was alright the first time... I kinda had to get used to it... the tastes and smells were rather unique... She was somewhat pleased... but probby not the best she had ever had by far lol...

However a few days later, I got back to work... and i'm very very competative... so I refused to lose... and by win and lose I defined in giving her an orgasm... Which I did...

(heh, there was more to that story... but it all sounded like i'm bragging... so I edited it out)

Jan 20 @ 5:04AM  
I want names, dammit!

Jan 20 @ 5:06AM  
I know some Iknow some nanny nanny boo boo

Jan 20 @ 5:06AM  
My first experience of licking pussy I just teased her clit with the tip of my tongue. She twitched so much I kept losing contact and she got so horny she almost closed my head in a scissor lock!

Jan 20 @ 5:24AM  
You wouldn't believe me if I told you, so lets just say her legs were only open enough I could barely reach her clit which is how I accidently discovered those magic lil buttons of fun

Jan 20 @ 7:04AM  

Damn I miss all the fun

O.K. jezz. I won't tell you the story behind those 5 faces.

Jan 20 @ 7:33AM  
Ok Jezz, I'm ready for that spanking

Straddle, as a gentleman I can not in good faith reveal the hundreds of times i have done this, nor any of the hot steamy sexual details; sorry

Jan 20 @ 11:07AM  
i guess that I would be offended, because when I suck someone off, I make sure that I swallow every last little drop.....I think the first couple of times that I gave head (I was way young), I might have mussed a drop or two.... but now... no way.... I either swallow it all, or I hold it in my mouth, then show it to the guy, and then I swallow it!

Jan 20 @ 12:33PM  
Uh,,,,,I was ready to comment, then read hopon's.....what was the subject again?!

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Eating Women Out