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Whats Your Most Tragic Day? (inspired from WoW's blog)

posted 9/10/2011 5:14:52 PM |
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I'm sure "Some" of the Families that were involved in the 9-11 Media coverage are tired of the Reminders......On TV...and the Media...etc... But.....Some are Not!!!! Some are still hurting...some need someone else to Mourn with them...because they still can't handle it!!!!
Our Troops......might look at this differently...IDK...

But..... what Reminds you of a Tragic day?

Back in 1995 my Mother In-law Past away on the Friday..before Mothers day..and My Daddy died on the Following Tuesday morning..
I was with her when she died, she was in a Nursing home.....the "Popping " noise from her dieing breath's..I'll never forget!!!! It was a beautiful evening....not too chilly...the Afternoon sun....was wonderful!!!!
We had learned that my Dad had Cancer just a few days before that!!!! The doctors gave him two weeks to Live!!!!
He and my Mom were at their place on the Eastern shore..not to far from MD....about a 4 hour drive for me. I talked to Mom via phone...and she said he wouldn't make it 2 weeks!!!! So the next Day I stayed at home to help my X Wife and her Family make the funeral arrangements ....and drove down to be with my Dad.....It was Rainy the whole time I was there.....I stayed till the evening before my Mother in-laws Funeral. Dad was in his final hours I know!!! He was in pain so bad...that I/we had an ambulance come get him and take him to the ER......he was in so much pain...we couldn't hardly touch him, none the less load him in a car. The doc at the ER would be a few more hours before he died. His eyes were fixed and all he gave Dad some stronger meds..and we went back to their place.... He MADE me Go home to be with My Wife,...her Moms Funeral was the next day. So I did...I didn't wanna leave him...God know how hard it was for me to drive away knowing that he was gonna be gone soon!!!! I got home late that night.....and got up change oil in my old I could go back to my Dad as soon as the funeral was over....that's when I got the Call...that he was gone!!!! Just Moments before we went to my Mother in-laws funeral.
I said all that...just to say this....Every Mothers Day I am reminded of Loosing my Mother In-law..and my Dad!!!! Should we do away with Mothers Day?
How about a Beautiful Sunny Spring Evening...should they be out Lawed? How about Rainy Days...that last forever.... cant we stop those also?
Nope....we can stop any dang thing..that reminds us of anything...Our Reminders are Fixed...and we can't change a damn thing...even if we wanted too!!!!
Even when all the media dies down...9-11 will still make us all think, of that Tragic Day!!!!
Mothers day"Weekend" is My Most Tragic time...along with a Few others!!!!
Whats Your Most tragic Day/Time?

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Sep 10 @ 5:56PM  
There is this one Blog

There was the time I was at a friends house, I was 26, we were smoking a few, had a good buzz going, and I heard my Dad's car outside. And I remember thinking he was early in picking me up. Got in the car, and I knew instantly something wasn't right because he and Mom were too quiet. About halfway home, Mom finally turned around and her words were, "there was fight, and Steve was shot, and he's in surgery right now." That buzz I had going, was gone. All I could think of is that my friend got shot for whatever reason. We got home, and I ran into the house, and my sister was there, by the phone, and the look on her face said it all, Steve didn't survive, he was gone.

So yeah, there are a couple of tragic days that I'll never forget how I felt.

Sep 10 @ 6:09PM  
Like I said in WoW's post I knew five of the people who were killed 9/11. Their parents were my friends in the neighborhood I lived in up there. I do think about them but we do not discuss it over and over again.

Personally there have been a few tragic days in my life. The day I got word on my 17th birthday the person I thought I was spending the rest of my life with was killed in Nam, The day my grandfather passed away because they waited too long for surgery. The day my dad fell over with a fatal heart attack while watching the World Series on tv. I choose not to dwell on those days because it won't bring any of these people back and life has to go on one way or another.

A weird date is January 11 My parents were married that day, my grandmother died that day and my youngest son was born on that day.

To me death is part of the life cycle and it comes to all of us sooner or later.

With both my son's having served in Iraq they did not feel that was really a part of 9/11 and would have come about sooner or later even if that had not happened. They say they did not really think of 9/11 over there because they were too busy trying not to get blown up. My oldest son was almost killed from a roadside incident. My youngest son said he could just about set his watch by what time there would be incoming. Their opinion I won't put in public because although my oldest son is getting out of the Army next week my youngest son is still in. But from what I have heard from them and their army buddies people might be surprised at some of the opinions on all of it.

Sep 10 @ 9:00PM  
I had a few of them, but I'm not going into details...

Sep 10 @ 9:08PM  
My worst would have to be the day my nana died. I was in prison and due to get out soon when they told me she had a heart attack and was in the hospital. She had gone into a coma that last just short of a week. My youngest brother was with her when she came out of it and said that she had sat straight up and asked "where's Richard". To know that after all she had been through and the first thought in her mind was for me.....that hurt. I had lived with her for a few years after my grandfather had passed away and we were very close. They never told her I had been locked up because they didn't want her to worry about me. When the doctors told her she would never leave the hospital and would have to live on machines she told them to pull the plug.....3 days before I came home. It's probably the only true regret I have in my life. Not being able to say goodbye and be there with her at the end.

Sep 10 @ 10:13PM  
Waking up at 8am on Saturday October 2nd. 1993 with a knife at my throat.

Bastard got 14 years with no parole.

Sep 10 @ 10:44PM  
there's been two in my life and isn't going to help re-living them so, I'll just leave it at that!


Sep 11 @ 2:28AM  
I think it would have been the JFK assassination. Every woman in the neighborhood was in agony and it it also happened to be my late mother's birthday.

Sep 11 @ 2:37AM  
You're a good man OHT! Today was a great day because some people came in the bar that I wait on alot and the gentleman was not very happy. It was time to celebrate his birthday and they were out for the evening. He said his birthday was 9/11. he couldn't get over how it effects him every year since the distructive day that changed so many lives.
I helped him see that he had reason to celebrate. He was thankful, and I made them great drinks and they went to the rooftop of the hotel where I work and watched the most fabulous sunset over the Mississippi you could hope for.
I don't want to talk about my most devestating experience. I want to celebrate life and live to make others happy and have my heart stay at peace.

Sep 11 @ 8:08AM  
Mines just sounds like whining in comparison...he dumped me for no real reason last week of June. Two weeks later I'm in the psych ward for attempted suicide, Just last week, he tells me he's shacked up with someone else, and it hasn't really been 3 months, really. This comes on the heels of my mother being in the hospital twice, getting my friend off the streets of Ark. from homelessness and near death and my own personal financial crisis. No tragic days, more like a tragic summer. Sorry its petty crying from a child who hasn't really been through much yet.

Sep 14 @ 11:36PM  
I'm just going to say there have been a few,no details, and then leave you a kudo.
Not a kudo for what you wrote about your losses, that made me cry and I think I will most likely think of your around every Mother's day now.
But a kudo for such a thoughtful blog.

Sep 15 @ 9:40AM  
On the anniveersary of my most tragic days, I make it a point to celebrate life. No matter how bad the day was, I'm still here, and I do my best that day to be thankful for what I do have and to appreciate every small happiness that comes along.

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Whats Your Most Tragic Day? (inspired from WoW's blog)