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Total nonsense

posted 9/4/2011 7:28:15 PM |
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tagged: rant

I think I'm done watching any news except for the weather report and sports. I think those are the only two things that DON'T try to manipulate.....well...sports...oh hell, sports are supposed to be competitive.

I've noticed in the last month or so, I just cannot stomach turning on ANY news channels. I used to like Fox and Friends in the morning, but the rhetoric even on there is getting to me. What the hell ever happened to just plain old presenting the news without the snide comments, innuendo, or attitude? Some of these anchors on ALL the cable news channels wear their political standings like a badge of honor. I don't begrudge anyone on what they support, but, when I turn on news, I want to see NEWS. Not cheer leading for any political candidate or whatever. And with another election year coming up, the spreading of the hatred of the opposing parties is heating up all over. Doesn't matter what you turn on, FOX, CNN, MSNBC, even Headline News, there is someone there demonizing "the other guy". Hell, FOX and CNN have an on air battle with each other for crying out loud. It's no wonder this world is going to hell!

Even my Mom, a loyal CNN viewer, has been turning it off in favor of Sy Fy, TVLand, and some other channel. She too is getting turned off by the stupidity of the political rhetoric of the news. And the irony is.....if any of you wander over to the Vanilla Site and see some of the political blogs...OMG! It can be war zone over there! And the thing is, all they are doing is echoing what they see on the news. I just have to wonder, just how many really look into what they are blogging about? I mean, there is one or two that might, but the, they just put the anger out there against the party they don't like. But don't back up what they're saying. And let someone disagree with them, and the name calling starts. Kind of like what one would see sitting in on a session of the House or Senate in DC when they are supposed to be working together.

Just my own thoughts here, not looking for anyone to agree or disagree, but, in my own opinion..politicians don't give a flying fuck about any of us out here. The only people they are concerned with are the money bags who fill up their pockets. And those of us who sit out here and say "yeah, he/she is our hero", need to take off the blinders to just how little they really give a damn about us or this country. And the saddest thing is........they get re elected because people don't want to give the new guy/gal a chance. I thought a political science instructor I once had was full of shit when he said, "the reason politicians get re elected is that voters don't like something new, they stay with what is familiar, even if that person is dog shit". Guess he was right. I see a lot of incumbents in DC that, in my opinion, should have received their walking papers a long time ago...and chances are....they will be back again. I bitched....I'm allowed to be ornery sometimes.

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Sep 4 @ 8:47PM  
Greenie for the Balls!!! Damn..that makes me Horny!!! (WTF....I stay that way.. )

TV .....Its all Politics...right wing or left wing......or some Saint that's gonna save the world!!!
I have Voted for YEARS.....but I will NO LONGER waste my Gas, till someone Gets Real!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!
I Know the Prez. can't do it all.... all he can do is... ...wait....... um he can...get our Votes!!!!!!!!
I blame Us....."We the PPL"..for Voting for all of the Kiss ass..bull Shitting M F 's that We have elected!!! That's Not just the Prez!!! Its so much beyond Him/Her
WE the PPL need to Take Control......Meaning..Elect/Appoint PPL that are REAL..and can Prove it!!!
We Let this Mess Happen!!! I Pray our Great Grand-kids will get Our Mess Straight!!!!!!!!!
My 2 Cents!!!
I will Post one on Religion next week!!!

Sep 4 @ 8:49PM  
Sure glad I'm one of the good guys

Sep 4 @ 10:02PM  
On the vanilla site I am always amazed by how many ways people can regurgitate the same thing in a different form. How many flavors of tea are there

Sep 4 @ 10:17PM  
Surprising enough PBS does not appear to be at war with anyone and their news hour presents the news and only the news and if I want to know what is really going on in America I listen to the BBC news. LOL Not kidding. I heard some things on their news hour two days before it hit the news here. Then I go straight to the AP and get the news before the big networks get hold of it so I can get it straight from the horse's mouth so to speak. If I want a chuckle I go to one of the networks and watch them spin the story. Each network has a certain audience they appeal to and the news is going to have a spin in that direction. I also read the English translation of some foreign newspapers as well online. Put them all together you get a fairly accurate picture of what is going on in the world.


Sep 4 @ 10:29PM  
How many flavors of tea are there

Not sure but I will give them a swim in the Boston Harbor with pleasure.

Sep 5 @ 12:53AM  
When it comes to political news, I'm dumber than a box of rocks. I don't believe anything I hear and only half of what I see anyway.

I watch local news and that's it. Like you, I can't stand they hype and arguing. (Another reason I don't piss around on the vanilla site anymore either.)

Sep 7 @ 12:26PM  

Sep 10 @ 9:08PM  
Eh, it seems to be everywhere anymore...

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