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posted 8/31/2011 7:00:02 PM |
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I don't recall seeing this subject posted before and with some of the other blogs lately on relationships, I thought that this might be an interesting topic to banter about.

I have seen quite a few couples, usually quite affluent, comprising of a man in his mid forties to early fifties and woman from her mid twenties to mid thirties.

Within this there are two things to be noted. One is that are usually very affluent to the point of being wealthy (that one percent bringing in two hundred grand between them). The other is that both people are very good looking with the guy looking like he could star in a Cialis commercial and the woman being very hot.

In knowing some of these people, or at least being briefly acquainted with some, the women are often degreed and have their own careers. The couple often have a couple of kids also.

I can't prove this, but I think that there is a mating game playing into it especially for the woman. Among other things, she was looking for the financial security for her future children and some good DNA to yield intelligent good looking kids. Albeit, it does sound a bit like breeding practices with pedigree people being applied to produce a master race of two or three kids.

For the man, I think the driver also involves the breeding stock along with wanting a fine looking woman to come home to can be the lady in public, whore in the bedroom, and easy on the eyes to be both with verve and vavoom.

This is not to say that these people don't love one another or in love with one another. Many of these marriages appear to be quite harmonious with people having a lot in common except for their ages.

I see it as two people who set the bar high and have the resources to make their bid.

I don't personally begrudge them, though the guy's previous ex and kids often do (based upon reading a lot of student essays that cited dad's remarriage and their step mom). Where i do see a problem is that many of these men treat the kids from their previous marriage as step children.

Your thoughts...

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Aug 31 @ 7:31PM  
WoW - I don't doubt for a second that DNA and DENERO are motivators in any marriage.

I see the phenomenon as a bimodal thing, the rich and the intelligent getting richer and more intelligent. The poor getting poorer, the ignorance and addictions being perpetuated in families. It is almost as if there is no "Middle Class" any more. I have noticed that among my daughter's peers, the "good kids" are smarter and more motivated than any kids I knew growing up. The "bad kids" are far worse than any of the misfits and low acheivers ("greasers") from my day.

The extreme case being
pedigree people being applied to produce a master race of two or three kids.

Aug 31 @ 7:44PM  
One of the better posts I've seen. Greeny.
This is IMHO.....
I can understand the circumstances. Most men, make mistakes of youth, and hook
up with women, that unfortunately, they don't work well together and stand the test of time.
Most men, don't think they are 'dead' after a failed relationship, but learn from it, and move on.
With this better knowledge, search for a more comfortable life, and look for a woman they can
be equally yoked with.
There are a few women, that look for experience and maturity. Not those that want the Bad Boy, but the reliable man.
But it would only work, if the man is driven to succeed, knows what he wants, and works for it. The lazy and fuglies, drop out. Same for the woman.

As for the kids from previous life, there is ALWAYS the resentment of momma. It rubs off onto the kid(s). Kids take it out on Daddy, for getting a better life without them. Dad, not feeling appreciated, turns attention to those that DO show appreciation and some occasional respect.

Other day on WBAP, was mentioned how when first married, women gain weight.
When first divorced, men gain weight. I don't agree with the study reasons commented on.
In my experiences, the 'family' thrives when the male sacrifices for the good of the others. When he's not having to support them as much, he can afford to eat better.
Better standard of living = better food supplies and way of life.

If the man ain't happy.....tough shit. If the woman ain't happy, it's over.

I don't think failed relationships are usually the fault of the male. Was talking to a
co-worker the other day. He's been divorced twice. Both his Ex-'s have been divorced
5 times each, and are alone. We joked about a pattern emerging.

Aug 31 @ 8:11PM  
Trophies belong on shelves and pedestals ...
Where they gather dust and are useless

Aug 31 @ 8:19PM guys can take something and Gooooooooooo with it!!!!

More times than Not... its guys like me that seek out comes in all ages!!!! (Don't even go there!! )
Some Women seek Mature men......(A lot of the Mature women want a guy that's a few years younger) Being tired of playing humpedy hump with every swinging Dick!!! Both seeking someone that is not a user....and Goes with it!!!
More times than Not...someone fucks around on the other.......
I want Bunny..... Yall can have the rest!!!!!!!
That's my study..right or wrong...I don't give a shit!!!!
Greenie... WoW!!!

Aug 31 @ 8:58PM  
Good lord...did I just read a "let's breed for the highest quality" article?

The elite rubs elbows with the elite and that's where they pick a mate. Do you think they're gonna hang out with the likes of us 'Deli Dogs'? I think not!

It's all about class...high class, middle class and lower class and the last two pretty much merges together anymore.

Lil Miss Elite may pick a high class guy but it ain't because his seed is so awesome...but he can give their kids all the advantages.

But if all this wealth and prestige is so wonderful then why are so many of their kids into drugs, wild and ruthless, commit murder and other various crimes???

Do these elite couples really love each other? Who knows. Did they marry for the "perks" of looks, body image and to have kids who are supposedly superior? It's anyone's guess. But it seems their divorce rate is high with Daddy gone for extended periods attending business and monkey business.

Mama is left to fend for herself which could include the pool guy, the grounds keeper or her fitness guru while the kids are raised by nannies and sent to fancy boarding schools. That gives her time to attend luncheons 'n fancy society clubs and shop 'til she drops.

So where did the good looks, sexy bodies and wealth get them? The same place as the common guy...miserable and straying and eventually divorce court.

As for the ex and kids...same as with Joe Blow....the kids become disconnected and just an after thought so why the hell wouldn't they become resentful and troublesome??? Sad that there is no "class" difference when it comes to kids.

Other day on WBAP, was mentioned how when first married, women gain weight.

OMG! Babies and a budget that only allows for starches, carbs 'n calories and a wife who is overwhelmed with kids and housework...who has time or energy for walking or exercising after being up all night with a sick baby???

Yeah HE does gain weight after a divorce because he has the money to stuff his face while he sends her a pittance for child support....or often nothing.

If the man ain't happy.....tough shit. If the woman ain't happy, it's over.

That should say...if a man ain't happy, he withdraws from his family and probably screws around. If she ain't happy, she's smart enough to cut her losses because he ain't gonna do a damn thing to help fix the problems...or even acknowledge them.

Don't jump my shit by saying I'm generalizing... And yes, this is my experience but it's also the experience of every divorced woman I know and I know a lot of them. Yeah 40....our pickers are broke but gaud there are sooooo many poor excuses for men out there hiding behind a facade of "good guy". Honesty seems to be a thing of the past. JMHO

(By the way....there are a lot of women scoundrels too so I'm not just man bashing!)

Good blog B. Rates a cookie just 'cause it raised my blood pressure a notch or two....

Aug 31 @ 9:16PM  
This seems like a topic older men might be in favor of for some nagging reason.

Trophies belong on shelves and pedestals ...
Where they gather dust and are useless


Aug 31 @ 10:29PM  
A phenomenon that goes back as far as biblical times. And as current as the private boxes at the Saratoga racetrack or the opera in New York City. I know that if I hit the lottery the quality and frequency of my dates will increase exponentially. Her: security and safety...Him: the most attractive and stimulating he can afford. Might be sad, but is the order of things.

Aug 31 @ 10:40PM  
I can't prove this, but I think that there is a mating game playing into it especially for the woman. Among other things, she was looking for the financial security for her future children and some good DNA to yield intelligent good looking kids.

Two names...Eric and Lyle Menendez. I personally would not say either one of those boys were "good looking", nor intelligent.

Also....Softie brought up a lot of things I was thinking while reading the blog...drug use, the wildness and ruthlessness.

Look at Donald Trump. How many marriages has he had? I imagine Ivana was quite the beauty in her 20's. She had a couple of kids, got older..Donald looked at Marla. Marla had a kid, got older, Donald looked at..............................whoever the heck he's with now.

I look at the elite, and while I'll be the first to admit it would be nice to have the money.........I could do without the "love". Don't get me wrong, I'm sure there are couples who love each other and manage to stay in love and raise good kids. Albeit snotty kids, but, oh well.


Aug 31 @ 10:47PM  
Just from what you have described between what a woman may be looking for in such a marriage and what a man may be looking for, makes me view those kind of marriages more as a business arrangement rather than a union of a couple not for what they can get out of marriage but, for what they can give in marriage resulting in a healthy, loving family!

An example of 'business arrangement' marriages is the typical marriage between two celebrities that often fail within a few months or a year or two at best! You know the drill- the couples do the 'Hollywood Circuit' for photo ops and interviews to plug their newest flick coming etc.



Sep 1 @ 1:36AM  
My husband (when I was married) put me on a pedestal. I didn't like it because it brought on insecurity, jealousy and an uncomfortability that I can't begin to explain. I was just me and he thought I was better than me....won't let that happen again. Boy was he confused! Do you know how hard it is to live with someone that thinks your perfect? Ya don't want to find out.
Back to the topic. There are reasons for everything people do and I am not here to judge. If it works than yeah for them...just don't come knockin at my door for benefits when it doesn't cause I am all taxed out.

Sep 1 @ 9:23AM  
Do you know how hard it is to live with someone that thinks your perfect?

Yep..Nearly everytime but when it all came down to the wire they couldn't handle "perfection"

Sep 1 @ 9:46AM  
beauty is when watching a cute woman is licking my bonner and expecting me to take care of business like a rock star

Sep 1 @ 10:41AM  
You must have seen the recent Alex Baldwin article. He's losing weight & slimming down for his new girlfriend..... who is 26 younger than he is. ( I don't really need to add she is a FOX do I? )

He's 53, she's 27. I doubt they are interested in DNA and offspring...... but hey, you never know.

Sep 1 @ 12:45PM  
ha! Tha Baldwins need to stop reproducing...there are enough cowlick problems in their family, enough to declare bad hair day everyday...and that's scarey!

Sep 1 @ 3:24PM  
^^^^ Ur a funny bunny...

Sep 2 @ 5:29AM  
To be honest I would be more likely go for the Bill Gates type over the Tom Cruise type money or not. I just like really smart guys.

I might add if you are or have been a rock star you don't have to be great looking or rich. I have seen plenty of broke has been musicians that were well known at some point and time that can still have pretty much any woman they want. Although I really don't see what the appeal is there.

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