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Just some thoughts

posted 8/21/2011 7:34:21 PM |
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Ever have those times where you think back to being a kid? How great life was? I had that today. I was grumbling about having to go into work. I know, be thankful I have a job to bitch about..which I am glad I have one. But don't any of you ever yearn for the days of carefree life? No bills to worry about. Only worry really is getting home in time for dinner.

I look back at my childhood sometimes. And I think of how simple life seemed back then. I can remember when riding in the back of a pick up wasn't against the used to love riding in the back of Dad's trucks! The wind blowing...and just the feeling of how "free" it was. Of course, had to keep your mouth shut so as not to get any bugs in it. I remember Mom and Dad used to have a little garden in the backyard, and helping Mom weeding it, and checking the tomatoes, carrots, green peppers, cucumbers, and beans. Yep, back then, Mom grew our veggies..she didn't buy the canned or frozen veggies at the store. I also remember every Spring helping Mom get her flower beds ready for the petunia's she would plant. She would line the front of the sidewalk with the petunias while on the other side of the sidewalk, by the house under the windows, she had a rose bush and two beds of purple Iris's. OMG! Those things were so pretty when they were in full bloom. Mom hasn't worked with those in years, but, she still has 3 Iris's that grow under her kitchen window every year.

I remember the Bonnie and Clyde style car Dad had in his driveway. No, it wasn't the same kind of car...I call it that because it's from that era, but it was a 4 door, kinda station wagon looking car. I remember Dad used to let my sister and I stand on it's runner boards when he would back it across the street. No, he wouldn't let us do that if he were going to drive it down the road...Mom would have killed him. Speaking of Dad...he sure liked his toys back then too. I remember he ALWAYS had a Dune Buggy...and every time he would take us kids for a ride on it, Mom always told him to not bring us kids back looking like "mud monkey's". I don't think Mom understood the fun of those Dune Buggy's. Dad would go in the wooded area behind the church across the street and he would do some fun mud bogging. And yep, he would get stuck a few times, but I remember my sisters and I loving every minute of it. And yes, we would come home covered head to toe in mud, and Mom wouldn't let us in the house until we were hosed off and she could see "her" daughters under the mud. And for winter fun, Dad had this vehicle, it had 3 tires on each side, two bench style seats that would fit up to 6 passengers, and it was top to it. And he would take us for rides in that things out in the snow covered fields spinning around, that was so fun! (See? I used to enjoy winter! ), is it ever so much different today. I can remember having to get up and turn the dial to change the channel. Didn't have a remote. I remember having to adjust rabbit ears when changing the stations, especially for the UHF channels. Saturday morning cartoons, there were so many to choose from. I remember my favorites being H.R. Puff N Stuff and Lidsville. Dyno Mutt, Scooby Doo, and, even though I wasn't really listening to rock music yet, but I had seen a commercial advertising the Bay City Rollers Variety Show, and that was to become a favorite to watch also. Let's see, what else was there...well, Looney Tunes and Merry Melodies, Tom and Jerry, Plastic Man, and yes, the one with Super Man, Aqua Man, etc...The Justice League I think it was called. And Sunday mornings, watching Abbott and Costello, Laurel and Hardy, and The Marx Brothers with Dad. Weekdays after school, we would be watching The Munsters, The Addams Family, The Three Stooges, (Mom was not happy with her own father for letting us watch that on one our visits over there. ), and He Man and She Ra and of course Thunder Cats. I remember watching Speed Racer too. And then came the day we were at Mom's parents house, and Grandpa asked if we wanted to watch a movie on HBO. We were like, "what is HBO? " And Grandpa turned it on, told us how it would play movies without commercials. That was some cools stuff back then! Oh yeah, before I forget, there was the Sunday night Disney movie. I remember seeing Freaky Friday, Herbie The Love Bug, and other Disney classics. Loved the Herbie movies.

Gonna continue in comments before I run out of room.

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Aug 21 @ 7:46PM  
Ok, now where was I? Oh I remember when Dad bought a new television set with a had a cord and was hooked to the tv. Remotes weren't wireless just yet. But we thought that was so cool sitting on the couch and being able to change the channels that way. I also remember how cool cable was at had all of those different channels...and I remember that was the first time I ever saw a show called The Honeymooners. Yep, the one with Jackie Gleason. That show had me laughing so hard at times my ribs would hurt. And then, MTV debuted. A channel with non stop music videos. sister and I were in music heaven then! We got to see Ozzy, Nugent, AC/DC, along with other pop artists. Kind of frustrating for us because we wanted more of the hard rock/heavy metal groups..Deep Purple, KISS etc..but they played a lot of groups we didn't care for at the time. But it was still cool. I look at MTV today, it has MTV 2 and then there is VH1 and VH1 Classics...and MTV has become a sliver of what it used to be. Oh well...I've kind of outgrown the "I want my MTV" age.

But, for all that talk about sisters and I actually spent more time out riding our bikes, hanging out with our friends. Dad had gotten us a go kart..and did we ever have fun with that!! Poor Dad..he was replacing tires on it twice a month. And Mom would freak out every time one of us flipped the thing. Yeah, another one of Dad's ideas that Mom didn't think was too brilliant. Oh, and I came to the realization around my early 20's that when my sisters and I were little, our parents PARTIED. Yeah, every Friday night, aunts, uncles, and some of Dad's friends would come over, and the adults would sit around drinking beer all night...getting loud and silly. I always wondered why, when we started hitting our teen years that that stopped. Mom finally told me once that it was because she didn't want my sisters and I to be "out there drinking and getting high" she figured if we didn't see it, then she could tell us "no", and that we couldn't pop off with "you and Dad party too". She didn't count on me being the one to sneak out at night and go partying with my friends.

Well, I'm going to wrap this one up. It's kind of fun to look back once in a while.

Aug 21 @ 8:11PM  
Oh gee! I feel so honored. The Blog Faggot..errrrr...Fairy, is hard at work again. Ya still haven't hit the 1000 mark...what gives? Getting cheap in your ancient age or what?

Aug 22 @ 12:14AM  
I remember those cartoons like He Man and She Ra and with my kids it was GI Joe.Those cartoons still come on Ion and my granddaughters are huge fans.

Aug 22 @ 10:30AM  
Whata memory you have for details!!! I don't think I musta watched much tv way back when. I wasn't into cartoons 'cept for Roadrunner and a few Disney cartoons.

I watched Superman, Cisco Kid and Roy Rogers. I suppose there were others but they've slipped my mind.

By the time I was reaching my teens, it was Dick Clark...what was the name of his dance show??? ( ) Then there was Shock Theater every Friday night after ballgames 'n sockhops.

They had HBO way back then??? I never heard of that until probably in the 90's when we first got cable.'re just a young'un anyway so I guess that's the difference.

We didn't have much family interaction. Dad did his fishin' and huntin' thingy; Mom worked and did her housewife thingy and us kids mostly scattered to join our friends. I don't recall ever doing a family thingy after we moved into Liberty Center...hell we barely talked to each other from then on.

Anyhoo...I enjoyed your stroll down memory kinda blog... Thanks for sharing... Tossin' u a cookie cause I can...

Aug 22 @ 2:44PM  
Yuuuup... I've thought about how things were when I was younger- I still think about it- life was more interesting back then, trying to figure out how and when I'll get laid again!


Aug 22 @ 3:55PM  
I still like the cartoons I enjoyed as a kid. The ones I enjoyed the most were from the thirties to the mid fifties like Popeye, Looney Tunes, Tom and Jerry, and Mighty Mouse. Those were more adult in nature as they were made for audiences to see before movies in theaters. Since Disney bought up the Warner Brothers library you can't see a lot of great cartoons anymore with Bugs, Daffy, Porky, et al.

We didn't have much interaction with our parents. My dad was usually gone or busy and my mother, while sweet, was boring and never did anything but housework and watch TV. For example, the only thing she did outdoors was hang the washing on the clothesline

Aug 22 @ 8:46PM  
my mother, while sweet, was boring and never did anything but housework and watch TV. For example, the only thing she did outdoors was hang the washing on the clothesline

My mother, when my sisters and I were kids, couldn't stay in the house all day. I remember there used to be a T Way store about a half mile up the road, and she would gather me and my sisters together, and we would walk to that store. Of course, in the same general parking lot..was a McDonald's. And when Mom was done with her shopping..she would take us there for lunch. And then we would walk home. Dad's mother lived walking distance also..and occasionally Mom would take us girls with her and walk over to Grandma's. Oh yeah, I used to help Mom hang clothes on the clothes line. And I remember few times my sisters and I getting warmed behinds for riding our bikes through the clean laundry too. But, Mom wasn't the type to sit around all day watching tv back then..she was always taking us somewhere, and we always walked. I once asked Mom why she doesn't drive and she was honest..said she is too nervous to drive. She took driver's ed, passed, but, never got her license. The only time I remember Mom sitting down to watch tv was in the afternoon to watch Days Of Our Lives, One Life To Live and General Hospital. That was the only time I remember seeing my mother watching tv when I was a kid. Today, she's slowed down, only store she will walk to now is the one behind her house. And she loves her games.

Aug 22 @ 9:04PM  
I was lucky in one sense, actually my mom and I were. She would do the bulk of her housework in the morning. Then she would watch game shows. I liked those okay, so when I got home from school or was ill, we would watch those together sipping coffee and playing the game along with the contestants on some shows like Jeopardy, the Match Game or The Price is Right. That was our quality time. Tommy had no interest in that. By and large there were four people in the family doing four different things.

By the time I was in junior high we had four different TVs in the house and that frequently lead to three or four people watching three or four different TV shows with me often not opting to watch TV. We lived in suburban LA so we got something like nine channels compared to the rural folks who only got a few.

Aug 22 @ 9:15PM  
And I watched tv more with my Dad...he liked the fun shows, M.A.S.H, Three's Company, Bewitched, I Dream Of Jeannie, and, of course the comedy duo's of Abbott and Costello, Laurel and Hardy. Although, Mom did like the Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin shows. Actually, if it had Dean Martin on, Mom liked it. One thing my parents both liked to watch were the movies with John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Burt Reynolds, and James Garner.

And I think I've mentioned it before, but at least once a year, Mom and I get together and watch Gone With The Wind. I've always liked that movie.

Aug 23 @ 9:23PM  
The Blog Faggot..errrrr...Fairy, is hard at work again.

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