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A comment I tried to post to a blog that was supposedly 'open to comments'

posted 1/19/2007 7:51:03 PM |
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I tried to post the following comment to a recent blog that supposedly was open to all has yet to be posted so I'm putting it here. This is in response to ArmyNate's most recent blog:

Has it occurred to you that because Dominus is no longer online tonight that your comment is sitting in his mailbox awaiting approval? I..personally...have my comments approval set to automatic for people on my friends list only. Some folks have it set that way for a variety of reasons...most of which have nothing to do with censorship.
And since Dominus's blogs are VERY well read...I'm thinking it's a pretty safe assumption that he wasn't necessarily 'cherry-picking' but only taking a point you made...most of us already saw your comment and didn't really need to see it again in it's entirety.
Just a bit of friendly advice from someone who has been on this site and has had dialoge with Dominus...get to know him. Don't make assumptions. If you want a friendly...or heated...'ll get one. If you're looking for a pissing contest...look elsewhere.

I also noted in a second comment that his comments needed to be approved...that has yet to show up on his blog as well.

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A comment I tried to post to a blog that was supposedly 'open to comments'
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Jan 19 @ 7:55PM  
I love ya girl!

Jan 19 @ 7:57PM  
he needs to read his own about cherry picking, my comment for his blog isn't there either. . . to weak for him or just can't handle the truth.

Jan 19 @ 7:58PM  
You tell him girl........

Jan 19 @ 8:00PM  
Sunny, it's quite simple... Dom sent him an email basically saying that he wasn't interested in an argument and yet this guy still persisted in sending inflammatory emails, so Dom blocked him! This guy just wants attention!

Jan 19 @ 8:04PM  
Just to let ya'll know...I've changed my comments settings to auto-approve ALL comments for this. That way...if I go off line or I'm on the phone with Canu or something like'll still see your comments immediately.
And for those of you who don't know how to do this? See the red bar at the top of your screen? On the top row...third from the says settings. Click on that and you'll get a drop down menu. The fourth selection down says comments on that. have a few choices. If you want to auto-approve on 'can comment' for both choices...friends and everyone. And there ya go!

Jan 19 @ 8:05PM  
Oh well..see? There ya go! Maybe he blocked me too! No..not Dom, the other guy. Why? I have no idea. Oh well...I just wanted to let everyone know my opinion...cuz IT'S ALL ABOUT ME TONIGHT!!!

Jan 19 @ 8:08PM  
Giggl, my only function for being here what with my relationship status changing IS to weed through this type of douchebaggery. I would rather deal without it, but, I'm the soldier here remember.

I'm not asking anybody else to get sucked into my battles, I can handle my own.

Jan 19 @ 8:16PM  
some children deserve the spanking they are fixin to get. joke em if they can't take a fuck.

Jan 19 @ 8:17PM  
I've been privy to inside information Don't ask, I just want this shit to die.

Jan 19 @ 8:18PM  
Last comment posted on ArmyNates latest blog:
well guys, gotta go. got my piece out, heard some good comments, tried to repond to everyone quickly enough. now that i have a severe case of carple tunnel, i will thank you all again, and if you need to further respond please do so in private. i will not censor your comment if you post, but it may take longer for you to be heard. bye
What a fucking hypocrite!!

Ok...if anyone tried to post a comment on there and you don't see it; put it up right here!

Jan 19 @ 8:27PM  
misery seeks company

Jan 19 @ 8:30PM  
not trying to come up against anybody, tlc, just speaking the truth.

have you personally met dominus? i suspect not, so you (and anybody else) cannot just claim to truly "know" him. we're on this site to meet and then get to really know people, remember. you may think you know SOMETHING about him by his blogs, but c'mon, do you actually believe everything you read? (and by the way, judging a person based on age alone shows just how much research you do before you think you "know" somebody)

somebody who is "married," but has a profile like his and post blogs like his is as fake as it comes.

i apologized to this guy twice (publicly, which he censored, and privately), yet he kept on. who's the immature one here?
His comment back to mine on his blog nananananananaaaa mine got posted

Jan 19 @ 8:32PM  
Spankin? Did someone mention spankin'???

Jan 19 @ 8:46PM  
sxze, you define the word sexy and make me smile

Jan 19 @ 8:49PM  
Pssst Sunny, wanna fuck?

Jan 19 @ 9:04PM  
Aw, thank you, Geena!

Jan 19 @ 11:31PM  
Well, I'd like to know how come his blog has not been booted? Personally, I think we should all just ignore him!

Jan 20 @ 3:48AM  
I agree with Giggl

Jan 20 @ 5:17AM  
Not that it matters, but I have my blogs set to auto-approve. And I will ALWAYS leave ALL of my blogs on auto-approve, all be it I don't do many blogs. For the simple fact I don't see a reason to do 5-10-15 blogs a day.

However, when I do post a blog, I'll set them up for auto-approve every time. My reason for doing so is quite simple...

I fully believe in "Freedom of Speech" I also feel that everyone is totally entitled to his or her opinion! I also don't feel I have any right to censor anyone ever!

I don't care if his or her opinion agree's with mine or not, as we all have a right to them! I also don't feel anyone's opinion is neither right nor wrong.

Jan 20 @ 12:11PM  
sunny it still hasn't been posted what a fucking laugh!!!

Jan 20 @ 12:42PM  
Here's another comment I tried to post on his blog today...he jumped offline right after I sent it to him!

I'm gonna try this one more time...although since you didn't post my previous comments I don't know why you'd post this one.

First...why did you respond to Belle's comment but not post it on your blog? calling people here 'fake' is an attack. There is a difference between telling 'white lies' or 'playing stupid' and deliberately misrepresenting yourself...which is also called 'fake' here. Posting "fake" profiles...making yourself out to be something your not...that is fake. None of the people who I call friends here have done that. How do I know? Because I know them on a personal level outside of this site. I have had corresponence with most of my friends here...on the phone and/or in person and I know they are who they say they are.
What is fake is this blog. You are censoring...even though you say you aren't. The people who have tried to post comments on it know you're doing it and can only assume it's intentional. .

And Canu...anytime baby!!

Jan 20 @ 2:20PM  
He finally posted ONLY the last comment to his blog...and replied that it would make me look bad after he posted it. Yea...right! He still hasn't posted the first two. Guess he didn't like what I had to say! I tried to post one more to mr. freespeech and of course it's still awaiting approval since he wants to look at all his comments to make sure the meet his approval. I'll give him a chance and if I don't see it there...I'll repost it here.

Jan 21 @ 12:24PM  
I agree Sunny! Of all places, this is a safe place to view all opinions whether one agrees or disagrees with them! By allowing every comment, it shows to me that a person can roll with the punches or can take gratuity well or not! We are not judges or jury here! I know! I discovered this myself! It is often not easy for me to divulge things about myself but good or bad I grow from those comments! I have developed a much better rappot as well!

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A comment I tried to post to a blog that was supposedly 'open to comments'