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it just gets deeper

posted 8/18/2011 9:33:29 PM |
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It has been brought to my attention that I haven't been around much lately. Some of the reasons for that are not good. So, now wanting to sound like a whiner, or pass all my troubles on to everyone around me, I’ve been off the radar for a bit.

It seems anything that can go wrong has, or nearly so, and I have been trying to deal with each situation as it arises. Not that it always works, but...

nothing has gone totally right for months now, and every time I think life is going to straighten out, it takes another loop on me and leaves me in a pile of crap. The drive in this computer died on me, and after numerous attempts to revive it, I decided replacing it would be a better alternative. So went into Cape Girardeau, got a new one, and on the way home, the rear end in my vehicle let loose. I got within about 2 ½ miles of the house and it quit completely. Engine revs, drive shaft turns, but truck don't go. And one horrible racket coming from the back. It's dead for sure. Another one is going to be more than I want to pay, but, gotta have transportation. And as usual, no money from my brother this month. But I don't think he even realizes what is going on around him, or cares at this point. And I’m not sure that sweet daughter of his is as sweet as she seems to everyone.

Also a word on free energy. It isn't as free as I need it to be. Building and installing a complete system that would do more than run a couple of lights or a fan does cost. The panels are easy enough to build, and not all that expensive, but the rest of it is going to run more than I can afford at this juncture. I do encourage anyone that is interested in producing their own energy to head to the library and dig into it tho. There are alternatives, but it ain't FREE.

One more note and I’m done. I've been acquired by a cat. One that I’ve seen around here off and on for a while, but it finally decided to let me get close. I made the mistake of feeding it, and now, I got a cat. I'll never learn I guess.

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Aug 18 @ 9:38PM  
Yes when it rain its pours . Sorry maybe it will let up a little.

Aug 18 @ 9:46PM  
I feel your pain! It's always something!!!!

But.. you get to get up another day tomorrow.................and deal with the same shit different day...... different shit same day and all that stuff.... ya know!

Hang in there!

Cats aren't bad at all!! I'm constantly feeding a stray myself!!! Good for you for letting him hang around!! You'll be his before you know it!!

Aug 18 @ 10:01PM  
Good to to see you back and hope that things improve

Aug 18 @ 11:02PM  
Well Mike welcome to the kitty club, Mine still don't want much to do with me. He'll come in to eat and stick around a little while and he lets me know he wants out. But now if he don't show up I'm looking for him until I see him!
Sorry to hear about you troubles but what don't kill us makes us stronger! I'd bet you are allready a strong headed man!
Wishing you my best my friend!!

Aug 19 @ 12:37AM  
I am right there with you. My back went out on me 7/30 and I haven't worked since. I do have insurance and am finally getting an MRI Monday because physical therapy and meds aren't taking the pain away long enough for me to work. The pain is unbearable and dr's don't like to over prescribe pain pilss because so many have abused the drugs. I am stuck.
Still I know so many that are worse off than me, so what's the point of bitching. I could tell you 2 stories I have heard in the past few days that would tear your heart out, but I can't do it to anyone. It tore me up and I am just going to deal with this problem the best I can.
Hugs...there is light at the end of the tunnel. Best Wishes, M

Aug 19 @ 8:07AM  
know the feeling my friend ,things seem to be tuff all over,lately i just seem to solve on e problem and another takes its place,either that or its a matter of two steps forward and one step back.
i guess sooner or later the odds are something has to eventually go right..
hang in there mate.

Aug 19 @ 8:28AM  
Know what you mean! Getting ready to get rid of one major problem at the end of this month but in its place, will be a couple of other smaller problems but, I can deal with them! I guess life would be boring without some problems along the way!

Hang in there!


Aug 19 @ 8:50AM  
Like the others, I know what you mean. If it isn't one thing, it's another. Been there done that myself. House almost foreclosed on, got it out of that mess on my own...had to borrow from my 401k..but, hey...back on track now. (btw..that was a few years ago when this stupid recession first clobbered us).

Just hang in will get better sometime up the road. My late fiance used to always say a cat is good luck. I've got 2...still waiting on the good luck!


Aug 19 @ 11:33PM  
Good to see ya Man!
I can relate..and get even a notch or two worse!!! Life is Life!!! Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!!! Yeah... it will get better!!!!
I can have a dream right?

I Love all animals.....but Cats ...well...I won't go there!!! I will say this though... Cats need to be under a Leash law more than dogs do!!! Cats Roam...fuck up ur Windshield....Piss/Shit in your Car/Truck....or your Neighbors....!!!! No..its not the Car owners fault for leaving the windows down!!! If you have a Boat...they will leave their fur behind....along with Left overs from Kills.....!! Talking bout gross!!!!
Oh yeah...Check out the Lost and found for cats...its Prolly a Neighbors.....
Cats Need to be under More control than Dogs doo!
Ummm,... I hope this don't De-rail your Topic.....
My 2 Cents!!!

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it just gets deeper