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Different people write in different ways

posted 8/14/2011 7:16:34 PM |
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In a comment on a blog, I posted this:

“I've gotta figure out my life now. I lost my Home, IF he wanted $$$ Idea given him a pile so my Ma coulda just enjoyed her last days. BUT he wanted to Punish her for helping me to recover. It hurts so damn bad............
I would help out the forces of retalation out BUT I have this Lady Erora, and IF I get into a "Situation" with a Lady SO I'm stymied. One way or another you go through life, you live alone, you keep a wife. AND if I do waht I'm doing I have "Responsibilitys" ( Waggg) {me responsibile?!?}
SO I have ended in a rather Nasty Canto of Hell. Heaven dont want me and the Devil's afraide I'll take over Hell. Ha!......
So I gotta let Karma do its due, I gota do a real deep Magick Trick, calling upon the Light (it hears me, it just takes its sweet damn time. BUT as all tell me, I'm the Magican I just have to focus the power..........”
“I have basicaly read/Studyed Every Pholosfy/Religion. I fdind things that help at times.
"kindness and compassion " sometimes ya gota show it to those who dont deserve it............
Thanks for not trying to drive a stake in my heart for my spelling (A Kindness) Some Evil Forces
Since Nam I said I would NEVER do what I had to do to survive, BUT if it werent for the harm it would cause an innoncent Lady, I'de snuff it and its progony. Yeah you got it, gotta do some good to combat forcess like Bin Loudmouth,Fatass, My Mother-Killer Brother. Except he aint got no Balls (Eunic) 68
Charger, Oh Yeah, Part of another ritchual of invokation that worked.......... “
“My Charger has 906 Casting Heads WITH Roller Rockers, Runnnin about 575 HP ON a Dynamonotor”
“And another thing, I Love my Lady. I am TRUE to her. AND she is the Ultimate Babe. I dont know what makes her more Beautyfull, Her Looks OR the Fact that she can LOVE someone as intense as Moi..........”
“Spent about 10 - 12 Years restoring it. 3:23 Gear, Hoped Up the 727 Trans, Got me a 440 with a FORDEGED CRANK Looked up the BEST Castings for Heads (906's) Biggest Ports AND Biggest Valves. Rolling Rocker Arms,Whand "Stelth" intake. Totaly Restored the Body............. NICE!”
“LOOK at all the HATE in this world. Even on this small quadrent, I and my Lady Endure all kinds of slander. Does it make your life compleat? (Get your rocks off)”
“One thing you will never be able to understand in life. The Sarge Carried my ass out of the Swamp in Viet Nam because I got shot. He refused to loose any Men. He kept us alive. He used us and out talents to keep each other alive. Who would you give your ass to keep alive. Other than yourself? “

And asked if any could guess who wrote it. Let me say one thing. At the time this was written..the one who wrote it was not drunk and was not high. Actually, the person was in a LOT of emotional pain at the time this was written. This person could articulate verbally face to face no problem, when it came to writing, well, it's like what is shown here. Rambles, jumps from subject to subject, and the spelling is atrocious. Yet, to sit down and talk with the person who wrote, you would have never known that person was the one who wrote this.

I'll provide the answer as to who wrote this later.

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Aug 14 @ 8:47PM  
Can that person... do that for 24-7? just asking....... I could say more...but my neighbor is here!!!
good night sweet lady!

Aug 14 @ 8:59PM  
God bless God, forgive and forget..

Aug 14 @ 9:03PM  
At the time this was written..the one who wrote it was not drunk and was not high.

Fooled me Oh, and [inside joke] I'm still waiting

Aug 14 @ 9:07PM  
Can that person... do that for 24-7?

I could if motivated enough. Heck some days I write something and go back to proof read it and find out I did without any motivation. Then I go back and clean it up a bit. I used to say I was the reason editors had a job. And if I am emotionally involved in what I am writing I usually have to go back and undo a jumble that I am sure no one would want to decipher.

Everyone has the way it is easiest to express what they are thinking or feeling. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Sometimes it is easier to express what you are thinking in a way most won't get because then they are too busy trying to figure out what you said to become critics of the content. Some hide it in poetry and some in writing styles and some in paintings that have double meanings. Creative people have been doing that for thousands of years

As for who wrote the piece you quoted I am not sure but it was someone dealing with their feelings the best way they knew how in that moment in time.

Aug 14 @ 10:20PM  
For those of you on my friend's list, the answer to who wrote this in posted as a bulletin.

Please, keep it there.

Aug 14 @ 11:15PM  
I hope that this is not inappropriate.

Aug 15 @ 2:03AM  
Whapper does it several times a day..On both MD sides

Aug 15 @ 2:34AM  
Ding Dong

Aug 17 @ 10:52PM  
Whapper does it several times a day..On both MD sides
Yeah, that's probably why there are some unhappy people here with the volume of the blogs from him more than the writing style itself.

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Different people write in different ways