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Writing styles

posted 8/13/2011 9:31:45 PM |
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tagged: writing, communication

It has been pointed out that Whapper;s blogs are

a very stylized form of writing called abstract writing made popular by several authors in the 60s.
and that his writing
makes perfect sense if you do not try to read it like more formal styles of writing. It makes perfect sense if you do not try to read it like more formal styles of writing.

I am aware and enjoy many styles of writing. I can do business writing. Succinct. Brief. Precise. Bullet points to
* Highlight important points
* Provide a detailed list
* Make the message easily understood by my boss and my co-workers

I can also do fully formed sentences. I can write with a subject and a verb. I can even do that in more than one language. Formal communication is sometimes a good thing.

I can express myself with poetry. Rhyming or non-rhyming. How about some HAIKU?

A dreaded green blob
Words without soul or meaning

I could also do the artsey free form abstract "style" which Strega claims Whapper uses. I don't need sentences. Thoughts.. yeah.. ok thoughts. Good. Creative. Bummed with the black cloud of the economy, run for cover, smile while you can. Rain for everyone's parade.


BUT please note that I can switch between "styles" as I believe most adults do. What I said about Whapper was
HE IS INCAPABLE of forming full sentences that make sense.
I have never seen him write anything other than nonsense gibberish. It sounds like he is on drugs or mentally disturbed ALL THE TIME. His profiles, his messages, everything is the same weird jumble of words. If he were just being hip and creative, he would express himself in more than one writing style.

How many writing styles do you find yourself using? How many speaking styles...for instance,, when you talk dirty, do you use full sentences? Do you even use words? Is it reasonable to expect an adult to use more than one writing style?

nice of you to drive by today, stop take a cell phone photo of my window..upstairs..
you looked very attractive..not a day over were with someone who looked
like dave duchovny my next door neighbor, in another car..then you slowly sped away down pastoral way..jailbird blues sung by the you like writing
songs? are you a musician or artist, actress? saw you on harry's were very good..
About myself
i was a child actor till age 14. i've been briefly married
39 times to x movie women. born in los angeles, ca
just off skid row on hope st.

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Writing styles


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Aug 13 @ 9:44PM  
It seems like people need to get laid more often these days. Forget saying got milk & say got wood. .... Would that be classified as fucking styles?

Aug 13 @ 9:58PM  
Good point Flavor! Fucking as communication also has many styles. The "quickie", the long romantic, the uninhibited rough and extreme, the "Oral" only.

And oh yeah, maybe I don't "Got Milk" buy I do got ( o ) ( o ) !!!
It seems like people need to get laid more often these days
I admit my Dom/lover has been busy with work lately... So hoping for Tuesday. And I did meet him at AMD!!!

Aug 13 @ 10:20PM  
I have many styles I can break into, but rarely do on here, Too much risk of misinterpretation especially in satire. Even then, I have to use emoticons to clarify and to spell it out for some people, which is too much like a laugh track

Aug 13 @ 10:42PM  
I'm back to visit AMD-land and have to admit I miss whapper's blogs. guess I'm a little warped as well.

Aug 13 @ 11:09PM  
have to admit I miss whapper's blogs
I didn't realize you were still around when he came on the scene here.

Aug 13 @ 11:28PM  
its nice to see yourself stars and music stars get discussed
all the time on omg etc.. very negatively and hatefully many timse too. in very bad taste much of the time, by very jealous and very mentally ill disturbed people.
i don't believe i really have attacked anyone or ambushed people like aftershocks
does..i mean she suddenly comes right out and cold cocks a bar
she would be killed in five seconds. just for opening her big fat mouth..i fear
for her life.. far too bold..far too bold..someone is gonna make her coldest...cold as a mackerel..tell her to cool it. she is gonna rub someone
the very wrong way. irk someone to serious .....action..i just had to tell
a friend of 50 years to hit the road with her black pimp again..
back to the only real bizzness she knows. out hustling even murdering for
money..its not that funny..she is so sick sick sick..she's hooked on the black
and the heroin again..not a god damn thing i can do to help her, except have
her black pimp dealer murdered. we've had to do that many times for her before...
a set up job by the federal cops..from pimps to gimps..her parents did not
work their fingers to the bone for her to be some god dam black pimps whore..
or anyones for that matter. has like a phd. in physics has be absolutely
supernovaeing. i'm in no mood to be crossed..murder is constantly on my mind
just as it is in the us army...for 'enemies foreign and domestic'..insult me again
why don't really are asking for it aren't ya..crusin for a bruisin..take it
ez there miss on success stories in the forums

Aug 14 @ 12:17AM  
You know when it comes right down to it how is it anyone's business how another person chooses to express themselves as long as they are not hurting someone or breaking any laws? It might not be my cup of tea but that is not to say they do not have as much right to express themselves in their way as you do in yours or I do in mine. I do not feel anyone who does not own this site has a right to come down on other people for expressing themselves.

And Whapper is right about one thing. If people went out to places like bars and shot off their mouth like they do on the internet they would be in a lot of trouble as someone would more than likely do more than have a few words to say about it. It is easy to sit behind a computer and be critical of another person when you know there is a distance between you and that person. To me that has always been a form of a hey look at me blog as most people I know who do this do it to get attention.

I have a policy which I think is a pretty good one. I never say anything to anyone online that I would not walk up and say right to their face. And I don't cyber bully people.

My point is why can't people just accept everyone is different and nothing we can do or say is going to make them change so we might as well accept it and try to get along or leave them alone. In my experience either one works.


Aug 14 @ 9:51AM  
The anonymity of the Internet cuts both ways. Don't you think Whapper is taking advantage of being able to post online what he never could in a bar?

Picture all of the recent blogs as conversation at at bar. How long do you you think Whapper's gibberish would last in a bar or any public area of conversation? Maybe people would look away and the bartender would say nothing the first night or so. But if he came back night after night from the time the bar opens to when it closes.. dontcha think he would be the one cruising for a bruising? Or be asked to leave?

I wouldn;t say anything the first night or so either. But I would publicly say to the Bartender and to Whapper what I have said here online. I would leave for the night and make it clear that HE is the reason I am not sticking around.

Others would simply leave and not say why.

So how many cowpies have you had to step over today?

Aug 14 @ 3:45PM  
To me, it seems that the mods quit caring long ago on here about a lot of things.


Aug 14 @ 6:19PM  
Writing styles huh? Here's one for ya:

“I've gotta figure out my life now. I lost my Home, IF he wanted $$$ Idea given him a pile so my Ma coulda just enjoyed her last days. BUT he wanted to Punish her for helping me to recover. It hurts so damn bad............
I would help out the forces of retalation out BUT I have this Lady Erora, and IF I get into a "Situation" with a Lady SO I'm stymied. One way or another you go through life, you live alone, you keep a wife. AND if I do waht I'm doing I have "Responsibilitys" ( Waggg) {me responsibile?!?}
SO I have ended in a rather Nasty Canto of Hell. Heaven dont want me and the Devil's afraide I'll take over Hell. Ha!......
So I gotta let Karma do its due, I gota do a real deep Magick Trick, calling upon the Light (it hears me, it just takes its sweet damn time. BUT as all tell me, I'm the Magican I just have to focus the power..........”
“I have basicaly read/Studyed Every Pholosfy/Religion. I fdind things that help at times.
"kindness and compassion " sometimes ya gota show it to those who dont deserve it............
Thanks for not trying to drive a stake in my heart for my spelling (A Kindness) Some Evil Forces
Since Nam I said I would NEVER do what I had to do to survive, BUT if it werent for the harm it would cause an innoncent Lady, I'de snuff it and its progony. Yeah you got it, gotta do some good to combat forcess like Bin Loudmouth,Fatass, My Mother-Killer Brother. Except he aint got no Balls (Eunic) 68
Charger, Oh Yeah, Part of another ritchual of invokation that worked.......... “
“My Charger has 906 Casting Heads WITH Roller Rockers, Runnnin about 575 HP ON a Dynamonotor”
“And another thing, I Love my Lady. I am TRUE to her. AND she is the Ultimate Babe. I dont know what makes her more Beautyfull, Her Looks OR the Fact that she can LOVE someone as intense as Moi..........”
“Spent about 10 - 12 Years restoring it. 3:23 Gear, Hoped Up the 727 Trans, Got me a 440 with a FORDEGED CRANK Looked up the BEST Castings for Heads (906's) Biggest Ports AND Biggest Valves. Rolling Rocker Arms,Whand "Stelth" intake. Totaly Restored the Body............. NICE!”
“LOOK at all the HATE in this world. Even on this small quadrent, I and my Lady Endure all kinds of slander. Does it make your life compleat? (Get your rocks off)”
“One thing you will never be able to understand in life. The Sarge Carried my ass out of the Swamp in Viet Nam because I got shot. He refused to loose any Men. He kept us alive. He used us and out talents to keep each other alive. Who would you give your ass to keep alive. Other than yourself? “

I'll tell you all later who wrote this. But read it carefully.

Aug 14 @ 11:00PM  
SugarnSpice. -- I am not sure what point you are trying to make with this excerpt. But if those on your friends list appreciate the "lesson", I am glad you all enjoy it.

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