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I Figured Out Who Whapper Is!!!!!!

posted 8/13/2011 1:08:20 AM |
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You have 50 Guesses...and the first 100 don't count!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Aug 13 @ 1:49AM  
at all the Views!!!!!!
Yep, I know who Yall are!!!!

Aug 13 @ 5:18AM  
If you think he is who I think you think he is, it isn't him.

Try saying that 10 times really fast.

Aug 13 @ 7:29AM  

Aug 13 @ 8:27AM  
Naw..It ain't him


Aug 13 @ 8:53AM  
I'm thinking that judging by the comments so far, we're leaning towards the fact that whapper is a he and not a she? For a while there, whapper's sex couldn't be determined so, I kinda figured if whapper isn't a he or a she, than the possibility exists that whapper could be a shemale- but... whadda I know??


Aug 13 @ 10:25AM  
Oh hell, I know who he is, everyone knows. He's Aftershox's nightmare.


Aug 13 @ 10:29AM I have 50 guesses, but the first 100 don't count??? Regardless what that adds up to....should I blog about every guess???? One after the other, after the other, after the other.............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

Aug 13 @ 10:36AM  
...but what I really think is......can't say cause I might get thrown off the site, but I have a feeling he/she fits a purpose.

Aug 13 @ 3:56PM  
For a while there, whapper's sex couldn't be determined
He just doesn;t have sex. He has no balls , but isn't a woman either.

He's Aftershox's nightmare
Who am I to argue with his spelling? As Aftershox or Aftershocks, I am here to meet a man, granted, a kinky, confidant , Dominant man,,, but I am basically here for the reason this site exists. There are alot of bloggers who can;t honestly say that.

Funkyblogger is here just to waste time.

You have 50 Guesses
I could probably guess 50 "names" that he uses in addition to his RL name,
Funkyblogger aka Whapper

And ALL of them would be correct! Do I get a prize?

Aug 13 @ 5:21PM  
He has no balls

That is where you are wrong. It takes more balls to come on a site and post what you want even though it is different and some may not understand it and take the crap from the harsh critics than post something trying to fit in with everyone else.

It reminds me of high school where the kid who dares to be themselves instead of trying to fit in with the "in crowd" gets picked on by everyone else. I think everyone on here is getting a little too old to have that mentality.

No one is holding a gun on anyone making them read anything anyone posts on the site. And as far as I know no one on here has bought this site recently so you don't own it and most do not even pay to be on here.

What ever happened to live and let live and to each his own?

Aug 13 @ 5:50PM  
For a while there, I was thinking this would turn into a 'Lord of the Flies' blog.

Aug 13 @ 6:47PM  
It takes more balls to come on a site and post what you want even though it is different

Yes, maybe it would take balls to dare to be different, however, I don;t see anything that says he DARES to do anything,

He is barely aware of what is going on here in the community, and repeats words from headlines in the media, from this site, like an autistic child. He doesn't even KNOW he is different. When Chuck passed away, he babbled about NightofOld in a way that made it clear that he really had no clue that he was being disrespectful. NightofOld was just another word that was showing up in the other blogs and he gibber-repeated it in a way that was insensitive and offensive.

He is not daring. He is not bold. He is oblivious to what is really happening in life. He is an OCD blogger. He is not well in the head. He is to be pitied. And he doesn't even realize that some people despise and resent him, that others condescendingly stand up for his "right" to blog, that he is viewed as lonely and pathetic, and that most just "step over" his everpresent blogs like cowpies in a pasture.

Maybe it takes guts to come out and say that his blogs make no sense, and declare that HE IS INCAPABLE of forming full sentences that make sense. Not that I want anyone to say that I have balls, I would much rather lick them and fondle them on someone else.

Aug 13 @ 6:52PM  
HE IS INCAPABLE of forming full sentences that make sense

Actually it is a very stylized form of writing called abstract writing made popular by several authors in the 60s. It makes perfect sense if you do not try to read it like more formal styles of writing. That is neither here or there. My remarks only had to do with the lack of acceptance of some on this site of others who just happen to be a little different from them.

Aug 13 @ 7:47PM  
I'm sorry. Maybe it's just me, but...

I don't care who Valentine/Whapper REALLY is, or might be.

I don't come to sites like this to be inspired, enlightened or educated.

The LAST think I want to do after reading a blog is to RESEARCH it, to determine
whether it makes any sense, to ANYBODY, or if it's just drivel.

I come here to be ENTERTAINED. Stepping over the cowpies (as Aftershock puts it)
while trying to get a laugh or formulate a witty reply to a smart remark is just bothersome.

Some people ENJOY stream of consciousness writing, while others are turned off by
it. Pollute it with bad puns and non sequiturs, and it becomes a chore just to plow
through the crap.

Graffiti may be art to the, er, "artist," but to nearly everyone else it's pollution. The
same goes for this, um......detritus.

Get rid of the silly flotsam and jetsam, and the blogs just might increase in number
and quality.

But that's just MY opinion, and it's only worth the virtual ink it's written in.

Comments? Agree? Disagree?

Aug 13 @ 9:17PM  
Damn with this wide load blog it took me a minute to find where to post a comment was & now that I found it. Ya'll have fun arguing over Whapper.

Aug 14 @ 10:21AM  
Wow at the comments!!! Thanks everyone!!!
So Noone is gonna guess eh?

Well to be Honest...I don't Know who "They" are!!! I don't know if its males or females!!! I do Think its more than one person!!!!
I do Know...that....I gave some of you all a chance to vent a Little!!!! Some will Let me splain..plz!!!! They take their Cheap shots at some of he finds it fitting to do soooooo...I was his turn!!!!

Ok.......before some of his close friends.....beat me up...
Let me tell ya this!!! Okies?
I have a Neighbor......that is close to My age..that has ADHD.....Plus OCD...and some other disorders..that I don't think they have came across yet!!!! Hell, she is one of my Best friends!!! I keep her she comes by daily!!! I would shoot for a relationship with her...but...if it didn't work out...I'm sure she would Kill me!!! She can go from Laughing to Crying in less than a second!!! The Anger she can Produce scares the crap out of me!!!! I have learned how to calm her down....somewhat...but its a real challenge to say the least!!!
I said all that.... to say this.......If you think that the Problems its says it has... cause the blogs they Post...than...I will disagree!!!!!!! 100%. Personally..I think its Trolls of Old...Haunting us!!!!
I let my neighbor read some of their blogs the other day and she said...WTF?
Everyone has a Right to Post blogs....though "I think" there should be limits of how many a day.....!!!
and" That's All I Have To Say About That"! me a New One!!!

Aug 14 @ 10:25AM  
Whats up with the width of this Page?

Aug 14 @ 3:17PM  
Okay, who is Whapper besides being the subject of a wild goose chase?

Aug 15 @ 5:28PM  
I find when he takes a so called cheap shot at someone it is because that person has been taking direct shots at him. I would imagine anyone would have something to say sooner or later. I don't think too many are going to sit there and just take it and never say anything back.

There are some I have noticed who like to dish it out but don't like it when it comes back in their direction. I was always taught don't dish it out unless you can take it.

And that is all I have to say on the subject ...... for now anyway.

Aug 15 @ 6:34PM  
Why don't you ask him?

Aug 15 @ 7:35PM  
I have to agree with WOW if you truly want to know ask. And besides who would be the next one to beat up on verbally sometimes I see that mentality here . But I really don't gave a flying fuck; here for my own amusement anyway.

Aug 16 @ 1:32AM  
OHT, you'd be wrong. He is a he, he is one person. Wanna talk to him? I'll be happy to call him and ask if it's ok to give you his phone number. Until you get your doctorate and can diagnose and declare symptoms of certain disorders, what they might or might not cause you to do, don't play doctor. I know ya'll get tired of the incessant blogs and I know certain few of you raise hell about having to 'step over' his blogs. But what I have never understood exactly is why they bother folks so much. What? The vast number of them? The fact that yet another stale joke or 'please come fuck me, me so horny' blog got knocked off the front page? Or perhaps you posted a blog and it's getting knocked off the front page. Simple fix folks, bump it up. There's a whole damn thread based on that concept in the forums. If it's 'bumped' up, it will appear on the last commented on list. Seems like an easy enough task. And for those that claim they are here for the purpose of the site (I'm assuming they mean sex?) give me a fucking break. Most 'SEX SITES' don't even have blogs. You just post a profile and hook up, so don't go playing that I'm here for the real reason the site exists bullshit. Seriously if those that are spending so much time and energy bitching about Whapper, put that much time and energy into other pursuits, there would be more fucking and less bitching going on.
Ok, I'm done ranting now as I've got better things to do.
Oh and those of you that get pissy about this's some oral sex for ya............FUCK YOU.

Aug 16 @ 2:40AM  
I get it now this is a Pinocchio blog cause it keeps growing. If he put his nose with splinters in some pussy would he get stuck in it ?

Aug 16 @ 5:16AM  
You go Stormy!!!!
That's Your Opinion......and its Very Welcome...Just like everyone Else's Opinions are!!!
That's what makes Us.....who we are! Including Whap!!!

I find when he takes a so called cheap shot at someone it is because that person has been taking direct shots at him.
That's not how I see it!!! But that's just from "My" observation!!! Just look at the titles of some of the blogs posted! (On all of their Profiles!)

I'll be happy to call him and ask if it's ok to give you his phone number.
Thx for the Offer...but NO TY!!!! Hell,.... I might become friends with him...!!!!! and Damn...I don't think I could handle having another friend like the one I have already (My Neighbor)...without a PHD

Aug 16 @ 7:44AM  
Comments? Agree?

I'm glad to see that I'm not the
only one to have the "wide page" syndrome..

Seriously annoying fuck up somewhere..

Aug 17 @ 9:12PM  
And now y'all know why I've pretty much moved on from this site. Too much pissin and moanin, not nearly enough wanna fucks.

Whapper's aaight. He's always been nice to me. I admit that sometimes I have to close one eye and stand on my head to understand him, and other times I just don't worry bout understanding.. he's not writing for me anyway. If I don't feel like reading what he's written, I'm free to step around it. How hard is it, actually, to click to another page and see what someone else has written?

I know you were tryin to be funny, Toad.. love ya.

Aug 17 @ 9:27PM  
I'm glad to see that I'm not the
only one to have the "wide page" syndrome..

It is a rare anomaly that has happened before and is traceable to the poster's settings. It doesn't happen on everybody's blogs. Straddle had it happen once a couple of years ago and knows the fix. I don't recall what it is.

Aug 17 @ 9:38PM  
After I clicked.... "Post".......a Pop Up....saying..... something about... Not using "F7" ...My fingers were nowhere close to F7...I was Like..WTF?.... was weird to say the Least!! lol

Aug 17 @ 10:42PM  
I'm glad to see that I'm not the
only one to have the "wide page" syndrome..

It is a rare anomaly that has happened before and is traceable to the poster's settings. It doesn't happen on everybody's blogs. Straddle had it happen once a couple of years ago and knows the fix.

This problem here has nothing to do with the blogger this time. The stretching of the blog began in the comments. This usually occures when someone continues typing out a very long sentence before moving down to the next line.

I have done this before with a comment late last year on someone's blog, and noticed that the blog was stretched out after posting that long line comment. I told that person to delete my comment and I would repost my comment again normally. That cleared it up.

This will only work if there is no other comments that's been stretched other than that one and only comment. By looking at the comments, there are a few more that probably need to be deleted by the blogger, and then reposted by the posters to clear this up. In this case, I would say just let it go.

Aug 18 @ 1:09AM  
I did it...I can't believe it became a topic, but i just hit the........ and extended it on forever. I didn't do it to extend the blog page. i was trying to make a point. If you delete my first comment the blog should go back to normal and all the comments about it will be a mute point.

Aug 18 @ 8:53AM  
For shit's sake Toad delete Bunny's first post if that's the answer..

Aug 19 @ 11:39PM  
Nope Doc.....if that Lady likes them BIG...who am say NO !?

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I Figured Out Who Whapper Is!!!!!!