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A letter to Congress

posted 8/6/2011 6:34:37 PM |
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tagged: politics

Dear Congress,

After watching you in action with the bickering and unwillingness to work together, this VOTER out here has decided there is not one single one of you there today that I would cast my vote for. I'd much rather vote for Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd, and Foghorn Leghorn. At least they are funny. Oh yeah, they're not real either, but, they would most likely do a better job in getting the job done than any one of you up there today.

Yes, I know, special interest and others pad your pockets and election campaigns, and you're all bought by these same groups of people. But remember one thing Congress...the American voters outnumber the money bags who are buying you. Yes, all of you are bought and paid for. Every last one of you. I speak only for myself, as I feel that since this is a free country and a free society, that I'll let my fellow American voters speak for them selves. Yes, it's true, there are the die hard conservative voters, there are the die hard liberal voters, who will vote strictly conservative or liberal regardless of how useless the candidate really is..hopefully the numbers are dwindling in that particular group.

But see, there is a group of American voters out here who..GASP! think for them selves. We don't pay attention to the slam ads, we don't pay attention to the high priced cheer leaders that are the cable news media. Instead, we choose to do our own research on candidates, learn on our own just how a candidate will vote on what we feel is important. The internet is a wonderful tool for such research.

In closing Congress, this voter wants you to be aware that we are out here, we are watching. And when you find your selves in the unemployment line, maybe you will look back and realize just who your boss really is.


The American Voter.

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Aug 6 @ 7:05PM  
Very well put Dawn

So far I haven't seen any viable prospects from either side..

Aug 6 @ 7:28PM  
Damn, looks like your's and Bruce's blog got ran up again today.

Aug 6 @ 8:07PM  
Damn, looks like your's and Bruce's blog got ran up again today

Yeah, but ya know..that blog Fairy, he's gotten really lazy lately. I think it's time to fire that one.

Aug 6 @ 8:15PM  
My blog didn't get ran up last night. I don't know if I should feel slighted or relieved.


Aug 6 @ 8:17PM  
Blog fairy didn't run up your blog? Ok! That's it!! Blog're fired!!! You are not doing your job! You've become too lazy!

Whaddya think? Should we hire a new Blog Fairy?

Aug 6 @ 8:18PM  
Oh wait, I talked too soon. I was sitting at 140 views, and just now it got ran up to....are you sitting down?

....To 159 views now.

Yeah yeah, I know it's not like over 300 like your's, Bruce's, and Doc's...

Aug 6 @ 8:26PM  
Well, if the Blog Fairy can't get it up to 200 views..he's still fired. I've noticed he's been slacking off very badly lately...just not fun if one can't laugh at his attempts ya know.

Aug 6 @ 10:37PM  
Sounds good Dawn!! Now... let's send a copy to the Speaker of the House John Boehner and the Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid- I'll be happy to sign it!!

By the way-

there are the die hard conservative voters, there are the die hard liberal voters

Just so you and the rest of the gang here knows... IMO, the Democrats/Liberals, Republicans/Conservatives [and any other labels one might wish to apply to them- heh... I'll be nice for now] used to be two separate entities that were supposed to work with each other, come up with compromises for the good of the country as a whole- but have long since, morphed into a singular political tool used by politicians to cause a controlled chaos- you know... the 'ole 'Divide and Conquer' agenda, used by politicians to focus the basic two political classes anger against each other, all the while they [politicians] sit in the background, slipping little pieces of unknown wannabe legislation into major bills queued up for voting on, that no one realizes are even IN the bills, until it's too late! The Obama Healthcare Bill, is a prime example of that- no one read it, yet they voted it into law! WTF?


Apr 29 @ 5:18AM  
well done... more people shoule feel like u ,and I for sure,, i've sent letters to congressmen and senators in the several states i've lived in over the yrs. i'm sure they put them in file 13, (trash)....but well done!!

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A letter to Congress