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Ever been to a nudist resort?

posted 8/2/2011 11:09:26 PM |
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I never have.... But I'm thinking it could be some fun!!!!!! Okay Okay... I'm not planning on going to one for some kind of orgy or anything but my man friend and I have talked about going to one. And there happen to be a few of them within a couple of hours drive from here.

What are your thoughts? Would you go?

I bet he and I end up at one..... ............................

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Aug 2 @ 11:22PM  
I knew a lady who got into them but I wasn't into her. In and of itself it doesn't do much for me one way or the other except that I am told that there a lot of people there that you don't care to see naked, that it isn't like the French RIviera or something

Aug 2 @ 11:30PM  
Well Bruce... I've thought about seeing other people naked... but what the hell... I'm not entirely happy with my body but I'm at the age that I don't give a shit either... and there are many out there that look worse than me! LOL sorry! but true! Who cares anymore!?!?!? I love being naked and I think I could give it a try. Hell I sit around my house naked most of the time! I come in from work and peel my clothes off from door to bedroom to computer chair! I do pick up after myself though... but I enjoy nakedness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Aug 2 @ 11:53PM  
i don't know. i think i would be open to it. I think the percentage is 30% doing it, and 70% not.

Aug 2 @ 11:58PM  
Well now... there's an interesting titbit, I mean, tidbit coming from you, forming pleasant images in my mind!


Aug 3 @ 12:03AM  
Oh forgot... I think I could psych myself into going to one, with a little encouragement from my partner!


Aug 3 @ 12:03AM  
Well now... there's an interesting titbit, I mean, tidbit coming from you, forming pleasant images in my mind!
Sorry, Som, I don't swing that way!

Yeah yeah, I know that one was meant for Pink.

Aug 3 @ 12:32AM  
^^^^^ Well, I did forget to quote one of Pink's sentences! ^^^^^


Aug 3 @ 12:56AM  
Maybe when I was 10 years younger I would have gone but not now. When you get to my age some things are better left to the imagination.

Aug 3 @ 1:23AM  
After you've been around for awhile the fokes in a nudist camp can be some fun to be around people'. I dated a lady who lived in a colony all the time and the only time they had cloth on was to go to town are to work. They were so use to seeing each other nude it wasn't anything. .

Aug 3 @ 3:01AM  
I'm not planning on going to one for some kind of orgy or anything
Damn you take the fun out of it.
What are your thoughts? Would you go?
Well it may not turn into an orgy but I'm not so sure I would have any self control at the end of a whole day of seeing naked women. Most likely one hanging pussy in the crowd would have mutual feelings. I would just being honest.

Aug 3 @ 6:05AM  
There is a nudist colony right outside of the town I live in. Never been there have seen some of the people who go there with clothes on (don't want to see them nekkid). But nudist isn't about being seen its what they like to be. Good time to go visit Pink wite temps hitting 100.

Aug 3 @ 6:21AM  
sits quietly smiling at the thought of pinky sitting on the other end of the computer naked typing away ..

Aug 3 @ 7:38AM  
Cute Post!!!!
To be honest...I have thought about posting a blog like this myself!,....because I enjoy being Nekid...most all of the time!!!!(In the summer months..that is.. )
I have an Open door Policy....Meaning...since I have a hearing Problem...some of my close friends will knock..and If I don't answer..they will open the door and holla out!!! I really don't mind!! If they didn't I wouldn't know that they were here!!! So that Limits my Staying nude at home! Though here lately...its been so hot...I warned my Next door neighbor...not to come all the way in..cause she might see more than she wanted!!
I'm like Terry Bradshaw in the Movie..."Failure To Launch"....I want a Nekid room!!!!
I too am at the "I don't give a shit Age"!......Though I would wanna lose a few #'s before going!!(don't wanna make noone gross out!!!! )
So its Yes to the Nudist Resort!!!! Hell..I Know I would enjoy the freedom!!

Aug 3 @ 8:45AM  
I've been to one and I have some friends who are nudists..
No big deal..except for the finger pointing and snickers

Aug 3 @ 9:10AM  
Never been to one. If there are any in Michigan, I've never heard of it. Damn! Being surrounded by lakes, and having inland would think there would be at least one nudist resort!

Thoughts? To each their own. I have no problem with people comfy being nekkid. In fact, some are nice to observe. Some, not so nice...but hey, they have the right to being nekkid too. Just like I have the right to "look away". Would I go? Honestly, I can't say a definite yes or no to that. Don't get me wrong, in my 20's to 30's, hell yeah I would have gone. Today, I might have to think on that a bit.

If you end up at one..have fun and enjoy the "sites".

Aug 3 @ 9:39AM  
I almost went to one when I lived in FL., but I was a LOT thinner then!

Now, I think I'd have to have some liquid "encouragement" before I went!

Aug 3 @ 9:57AM  
I have been to several nudist resorts and I love it. I go naked all the time anyway so the only difference would be someone to talk to. In the summer months I never wear clothes unless I have to run into town for something. I go for weeks at a time naked. Don't have much laundry that way LOL. I work in my garden naked, mow my lawn naked, everything naked. I would love to go back to some of the nudist resorts around here if I could ever find the time.

Aug 3 @ 2:36PM  
I see some comments about weight & age being a factor of hesitation. Well don't worry as time & gravity sets in people will look at you as being very well endowed or hung as a confidence booster. That's not saying wrinkles will not be noticed. That could be easy to fix ... just go to one where everyone is in the same age bracket.

Aug 3 @ 7:02PM  
BTW...If Bunny would Hold my Hand.......I would go right now!!!
But...on the other hand....if she was willing to get nekid in front of me...we Might not make it there!!!!!!

Aug 4 @ 10:32AM  
I've never been comfortable with being nekkid...even as a kid. I feel so, well...NEKKID... I expect my inhibitions about it are based on upbringing. But I also think clothing for me is a sort of security and comfort zone, kinda like a security blanket.

To make matters worse, I don't particularly like to see others nekkid...makes me uncomfortable too and I think that hinges on my upbringing. I feel like I'm getting caught looking at a nudie magazine...I can just hear Mom telling me that that's wrong.

Nah...I opt for clothes. Old woman/old fashioned I guess...

Aug 7 @ 5:03AM  
I personally haven't been to one but I've dance many times in the nude with women before. I've also been to certian public swimming pools in Germany before where no clothes were allow. Two buddies of mine(Army long ago) got boo alot when we came out of the showers area to pool-side..they didn't believe They went back in and left...they told me later, No Way! It's silly to me...we all built the same way. The only thing I noticed, is the sense of freedom that the women have had when they were dancing. It's like letting a Jennie out of the bottle. A new bird with wings. I mean they start jumping around quite a bit. FREEDOM! So, if you can dance totally nude with someone and not be shy at should be fine. Other then that, it's a resort you know. enjoy. OH ...I would have no problem going to one...don't think there's one close to me thou.

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Ever been to a nudist resort?