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posted 1/19/2007 4:34:44 PM |
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tagged: crossdressing, foreplay, straddle

I got this idea from another blog posted a little bit ago with his experience with it. Has anyone ever felt the need to crossdress whether you were alone or with someone enjoying foreplay? I have never tried this and to be honest it doesn't appeal to me. Would I be willing to do it for the woman I was involved with? Maybe, it all depends on the mood I'll have at the time. The closest I have ver came to that was dressing up like a witch for Halloween back in 1993 when my place of employment (a major grocery store chain) encouraged it's employees to dress up around the store. I worked as a cashier and dealt with the public, so I was going to be seen for sure in this garb. I didn't dress up like an ugly witch either, I used makeup and went into the "pretty witch" direction. What I was surprised was that most if not all actually thought that I was a chick, and wow, it was a different experience. So with that said, has anyone ever felt the need to crossdress either alone or with your partner? Also, has anyone ever confused you with the opposite sex whether you crossed dressed or not?

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Jan 19 @ 4:45PM  
Btw, I told someone a bit ago that I was going to take a break from blogging for a day or two, but when I see an opportunity to blog about something then i'm going to blog. Maybe I'm a blog addict.

Jan 19 @ 4:57PM  
This is a total turnoff. I dont think so it would appeal to MOST OF THE LADIES EITHER.(i am not saying all the ladies here). And do you know why R got divorced. After marrying the sucker she came to know about his crossdressing and other lifestyle. He was sick as hell. Even the day they went to court to sign the papers, he showed up wearing womans panties which were sticking out of his pants at the court.

Jan 19 @ 5:04PM  
who hasnt woken up next to a pool of their own vomit, wearing a sun dress of some kind.

Jan 19 @ 5:31PM  
short comment ............NOT ME

Jan 19 @ 6:07PM  
Worst I did was putting on my wife's jeans by accident. It sucked because they fit!

Jan 19 @ 6:14PM  

Jan 19 @ 6:21PM  
well I love my mens levis, of course they aren't in style anymore they are the slimfit straight narrow leg ones and I love the way they make my ass look. Bring back the 80's!!!!!!!!

Jan 19 @ 6:36PM  
I didnt say a word about you blogging today....... ....... besides you know I enjoy them.
Well cross dressing I steal my husbands shirts all the time and I live in jeans oh I forgot I prefer mens boots to ladies there is more room in the toe area soooooooo does that make me a cross dresser

Jan 19 @ 7:04PM  
Way back, when I was paying for college, I was a roofer on a traveling crew. In the winter we wore panty hose under everything else to stay warm. Ladies, I don't know how you do it. They sag, they bind, and they just plain suck! But they're warm. You should see the look on the faces of the sales ladies in small town stores when a bunch of roofers come in to buy their panty hose. Does this make me a cross dresser?

Jan 19 @ 10:20PM  
but those silk panties felt so nice and sexy, and no skid marks I swear......

Jan 20 @ 12:58AM  
Way back when I was about 11 or 12 years old, My cousin thought it would be fun one Halloween to dress me as a Prostitute. I agreed and really had a blast. We fixed it up right. Hose, padded underwear, Big bewbies Stiletto heals and a Long, curly, red wig. Make was supperb and I tell you I got more honks from cars driving by that night then any girl in our town normally does. But now that I have embarrased myself royally lets turn this over to the next sex depraved pervert.

Jan 20 @ 1:00AM  
Jezz your a drag queen, wait that is drag king...... have fun.

Jan 24 @ 12:40AM  
Here's a little story I'd like to tell...

A single Japanese female friend of mine asked me to house sit for her, and I agreed. She's a little bit older than I am - I don't think she's ever considered that I could be more than a younger friend. I had the house to myself for a few weeks.

One day, my curiosity and horniness got the better of me. I wandered into her bedroom, with the intention looking for anything like panties or bras, etc. I got hard just thinking about it as I entered her room. I started looking around for where she kept her underwear. I went to a dresser, and looked through the drawers. I found the typical clothes - then I found something - a drawer filled with her underwear. For the most part, her panties were the typical mundane "unfancy/unsexy" type. Then I found a blue thong, and a pair or sexy lacey white panties that had a lace crotch. That was nice... then I looked at her bras. I found out she had some 38Cs sed pantiesfor tits, which was kind of nice to know - because in my mind, I now had a cup size and bra size to go with her tits.

In her closet floor I found some dirty cloths, and a used bra and some used panties. I took the used bra back to the room I was staying in and placed the cool, smooth fabric of the inside bra cups (the fabric that had touched her tits and more importantly, her nipples) against my nut sack - it felt sooo good! After a while, I couldn't take any more used the bra cups to catch my massive and messy ejaculation. Gob after gooey gob of my thick man-seed spurted from my cock and splattered onto the inside of her bra. My sperm was now all over her bra and soaking into the fabric. And I was unbelievably satisfied! Her bra was quite a sticky, gooey mess... I'm getting hard just thinking about it. So I took her bra and let it marinade in my cum while it hung from the bedroom door. A few days later, I went back into her room and put on her used panties. After wearing those for a few moments, I took them off, went into her underwear drawer, put on her lacy panties, and felt the lace crotch part against my freshly shorn scrotum. (I bought some KY and a shaver kit so I could use some KY while I masturbated with her stuff and have the clean up made easier.) I liked it - I was soo turned on. So I went back into the room I was staying in and came into those as well as the thong too...

Later I also found a "Doc Johnson" cream colored 7" vibrator and some condoms in her night stand after snooping around a bit more. Finding the vibrator was pretty cool. But that was the pinnacle of my achievement. I masturbated while wearing the thong and using the vibrator by pushing against the spot between my genitals and anus... and I wiped my pre-cum on the vibrator.

I also did something else with her thong, lacey white panties and used bra: I got a plastic container, put them in it, and then pissed all over them. Then I submersed them in my piss... and I drank some tea and lots of water so I could keep pissing on them... and I let those soak in my pee for a while.

I also masturbated naked in her bed - her sheets felt nice and smooth - they might be silk.

I eventually washed everything and wiped the vibrator before she came home - except for the last time I wore her lacy panties - those still had my musky man-scent when I put those back in her drawer. (I don't think she's noticed a single thing!)

I've sometimes thought about giving her a hug and thanking her for letting me cum in her bras and panties... while reaching around and grabbing her ass, and then asking her to let me see her wearing nothing but that blue thong, or that pair of white lacey panties, and sucking on those Japanese jubblies. I've also thought about squirting a nice thick, heavy load while she's on her knees, into her waiting mouth and her swallowing it all down - all while she's wearing nothing but that sexy white lacey panties, or that blue thong that she has that highlights her asian ass.

I wouldn't have done any of this if she wasn't single and if she didn't ask me to house sit for her, and in combination with a few other details. Like we have a martial arts class together - and one class she picked me as her sparring partner because she knows I am somewhat uncomfortable sparring with women because of their anatomy. It was like her actions were telling me: "I want your hands near my breasts."

Later I did feel guilty about not respecting her though... I know what I did is absolutely disgusting, and I surprised myself. I know I misused her trust and invaded her privacy.

Jan 24 @ 3:07AM  
wtf different do clothes make... I like pussy... and midgets too....

I have a dick... a real big one....

Its a funny that so many people jump up and say "oh hell no" to so many things that are of little consequence anyway...

That being said, I have never cross dressed... not out of fear it means I'm gay... just simply never had the desire, nor need....

You really brought people outta da wood work here St raddle

Jan 24 @ 3:27AM  
Yeah, I can see that, Canu.

But hey, it makes for interesting reading.

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