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posted 7/30/2011 11:42:55 AM |
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Let me preface this by saying that this is not a commentary about our AMD colleagues who are significantly to the left or the right of center on the political spectrum. It is much more about the power of unifying people who may be minorities on the fringes of the political spectrum through social media. This article serves as a good back drop for this discussion.

Social media, and the AMD blog feature represents social media, enables people to communicate at a common point of interaction. The irony is that it is a dating site but people, myself included, rarely discuss dating or relationship issues. It becomes a forum of free speech on any subject. These subjects often have little to do with the thrust of the site supporting it, dating and relationships. I don't see this really as a problem. But it does make for an interesting set of circumstances for discussion.

Social media is considered to be a major driver in the uprisings of Egypt and to some extent Tunisia. It facilitates like minded people to network and establish relationships with one another. As we have seen in events this year, this empowerment can be a very powerful and dynamic force.

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Jul 30 @ 2:00PM  
It just helps the word spread faster. In the old days it was the meeting in someone's home today it is online. The concept is the same the capacity of the information that can be exported just got larger.

Jul 30 @ 4:09PM  
Reminds me of "Cheers" where everybody knows your name

Jul 31 @ 2:13AM  
I know very little about facebook or twitter. I only dabble in facebook and refuse to accept friends that I don't personally know. Therefore my friends list is very short an obviously, so in my social networking there. As for twitter? I tried it very briefly, didn't like it and removed my profile.

Yet I know these two sites are extremely popular with thousands of members who posts with enthusiasm and at great lengths...and too often without kicking their brains in gear...if they can think it, they say it.

I will always believe social networking in the written form is motivated by one's ability to be faceless...a venue where one feels incognito and beyond the laws of common sense, common courtesy or common decency. It's like the old wild west of legend...fastest draw gets the attention and whoever gets killed in the process is just outta luck.

Networking is a huge game of words and like AMD blogging...perception counts for everything. Among millions of participants in social networking, there are just as many perceptions and a clash is inevitable even with the most well-meaning of postings.

Add to the mix, those who are shit-stirrers (we know them well, huh?) and multiply that into a networking that is huge and these shit-stirrers or crazies or mentally disturbed are egged on by being hidden behind a monitor and they run rampant.

Even those who are personally good and nice people can get caught up in controversial subjects and become raving maniacs. Why? Because they are safe in their little computer space, unknown and hidden and they take unthinkable liberties against whatever target they deem needs their intellectual input. Why not? They can "draw faster" than the other guy and kill him dead with one click of the mouse and aim at the next before the smoke clears.

It's a new world today...computers are awesome things but to me, they're like and of themselves, used properly, they are good things. But recklessness abounds and people get "killed". Maybe only verbally but when evil travels at the speed of light, so does dangers and when it reaches those who are subject to erupting into flames then bad shit happens. Just take a peek at the vanilla side..."My gaud" one has to think..."People can be crazy!" And these sites are peanuts compared to facebook and twitter.

(now I take a breath and say..."JMHO")

Jul 31 @ 3:05AM  
I was just looking at my friend's list over on that site tonight and thought I sure do have a strange friend's list. People I know from here, family, and half the Philippines including my ex-husband's girlfriend from there. (That makes him very nervous ) Then there are the people I only know from playing the games on there. I might be slightly more politically outspoken over there than here. I am sure none of that comes as a surprise to anyone on my friend's list by now.

You just can't take anything online too serious. I do find it somewhat amusing that people on there forget everyone on their friend's list can read everything they post on their wall. Sometimes it is better than a Spanish soap opera for drama.


Jul 31 @ 3:13AM  
Reminds me of "Cheers" where everybody knows your name

yeah that right isn't it Cheryl

Jul 31 @ 6:44AM  
I love my FB page talk about an odd diversity of people! I have co-workers from long ago/grade school/high school friends. People from AMD/MD and of course my famous friends/ folks I've met at the cons I know do Yep I love my page and I know almost everyone there except for maybe 25 in person

Jul 31 @ 8:54AM  
I have a FB page...I use it to keep up with my grandchildren. My kids will post pics of them and that way, I get to see them "grow"up. I don't post about what is going on in my life...ain't nobody's business, but mine.

Jul 31 @ 9:53AM  
I am not on FB, nor do I want to be. I am on some sites related to my profession.

Jul 31 @ 5:43PM  
I am not on FB, nor do I want to be

Oh come on over to the dark side you might just enjoy it.

Actually I have picked up quite a bit of work from being on Facebook. I can post photos of what I do and have on my friend's list other vendors like places that sell cake decorations and make bridal jewelry and we throw business each other's way. The great thing is that it does not cost me anything to be on there.

It is all how you use the site.

Jul 31 @ 5:59PM  
There's a revolution brewing on Facebook. A lot of angry people, myself included, are contemplating taking our second amendments to DC and declaring war on the United Corporate States of Amerikkka. We're done with poverty, we've had enough.. and now they wanna jeopardize what little we do get?

anyway.. not gonna bring all that over here.. just sayin.. yes social networking is interesting in how people get together and form opinions and plans.

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