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Two events you might want to know about..... OR, not!

posted 7/26/2011 9:45:44 AM |
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I have mixed emotions about this one- I do see them fading to almost insignificance as time goes on due to the internet email service, including of course- your favorite and mine... junk advertising! Package delivery, is a separate issue, that will change too but, that's a separate issue anyway!

Post office looking to close offices to save money

This second event screams out one of the basic knuckle headed thinking of an elected official which defies common sense in my mind! I could make a partisan political statement but you all [with the exception of one person I can think of anyway] know where I stand with politicians and politics! No... this is an egregious act against what should be a state assistance program for CA residents, to enter into "the state's public colleges and universities" FIRST, before even considering assisting ILLEGAL immigrants, which shouldn't happen in the first place! There's a reason why they're called ILLEGALS!!

When the HELL did our country start becoming so backasswards as it is, in the way our elected officials pass laws THEY think is good for America?? Meh... don't answer, I know this type of BS has been going on for many decades, that just happens to include both parties! So THERE, political hacker wannabies, this isn't a political statement- it's about common sense- of which, politicians HAVE none!

Personally, I think they [politicians] continually test us, like sticking a wet finger in the air to test for wind direction for our reaction(s), to come up even more egregious things to do in the future- and yet we continue to let them get away with it!!

California "Dream Act" approved for illegal immigrants

Just my 2½ cents worth and even then, I probably have change coming back!

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Two events you might want to know about..... OR, not!
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Jul 26 @ 10:15AM  
I'm sending you a 5 cents so you can state youeself twice as much!

Jul 26 @ 10:20AM  
Illegal...I'd ask if politicians know the definition of that, they don't.

I'm all for people making their lives better. I fully support those who need aid for school getting the aid...but when one is in ANY country ILLEGALLY..NO. Become a legal citizen of that country first! It does take away from those who are legal/natural born citizens when aid is given to those who are in the country illegally.

For anyone who is going to tell me "it takes time to become a legal citizen", I know that. I work hard for what I have, and as much as I would LOVE to not have to pay on a mortgage for the next 20 years, I'm still paying it. What I'm getting at is this: yeah, it does take time to become a legal citizen, but, if one really wants to be a citizen in this country, then they will do like the rest of us do and WORK for what it is we want. Instead of sneaking in, getting assistance, and living their lives on assistance. Don't tell me that doesn't happen because it does. There are those who come here illegally, get on assistance, and stay on assistance indefinitely. That needs to stop. We have enough natural born citizens who get on assistance and try to stay on it indefinitely.

Like I said, they want to be in this country, great. I welcome them. But become a citizen legally, don't sneak in and then leech off of us.

Jul 26 @ 10:30AM  
^^^^^ The people that come to this country illegally, already know that their lives will be much improved from what it was from whatever poor country they came from!^^^^^

So, if they can somehow manage to stay here and sponge off of us- that's what they'll do, with no hard feelings about it at all!

This has to stop... period!!!


Jul 26 @ 12:03PM  
I read that about the post office. There has been a debate about ways to cut costs for years, mostly around reducing the number of mail delivery days.

Jul 26 @ 12:18PM  
mostly around reducing the number of mail delivery days.

Yep... I'm aware of that so but now, instead of easing back on delivery to maybe lesson the losses, they have decided that probably the best way to 'fix' the problem, is to 'slash and burn.' Hey... that seems to be the theme for many of our corporations and small businesses these days- those clever postal folks... what a concept eh??


Jul 26 @ 1:12PM  
It's just like fuckin' taxes. Tax the mother fucking' rich bastards that can afford to pay more and leave the rest of us the hell alone. I don't mind paying my FAIR share but when these SOB's pay more for lawyers to get them out of paying taxes than what the taxes would be then it is definitely time for a change. I say line all the politicians up againt a wall and blow them away with elephant guns so there isn't to much of a mess to clean up. Goes right back to what I've said all along...the only good politician is a DEAD politician.

Jul 26 @ 1:27PM  
Well, in some ways the plan on the post office goes back to the old days. I remember visiting relatives in a small town as a kid and the "post office" was in the general store. The staff at the little store (the only business in town) would weigh and take the funds for packages as well as sell stamps. There was a mail box in the store.

If you go to most post offices today there is an automated area where you can do just about everything anyway, except buy a book of stamps I wonder, if this comes to be, if we will see mail boxes start popping back up. They had kind of gone the way of the pay phone.

Jul 26 @ 6:37PM  
There are mini post offices here in a couple of stores. You can buy stamps just about everywhere.And we have 3 large post offices in town. As for Californa thats why they are broke.Trying to take care of the needs of the illegals .

Jul 26 @ 9:24PM  
It no longer matters to me if the Postal Service cuts back. It's a new day and time anymore...

Jul 26 @ 10:15PM  
Perhaps the post office is going the way of the pony express and other outdated delivery methods.


Jul 27 @ 6:22AM  
another thing i've noticed around here is the way public phone boxs are fading away. i guess they're working on the theory they don't need them anymore when most ppl have cell phones

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Two events you might want to know about..... OR, not!