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A week in the life of a DarkKnight...

posted 1/19/2007 3:06:22 PM |
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tagged: personal journal

*Disclaimer....this blog is all about me, and for the benefits of those who know me or wish to get to know me. It is not a whine blog, a self promotion blog, an advertising for sex blog or of any sexual nature whatsoever. If you have any motivation to read this other than already knowing me or wishing to get to know what makes me ME, you will most likely be bored by the reading. So don't waste my time or yours by making any comments about it having been boring or you "want your time back" bullshit. Having been warned, you will be tried, you will be found wanting, and you will be made to look like the ass you are.*

Greetings, Salutations, Hello, Hi, Huggz and BiteyBITEYS to all who know me here or wish to, take your pick of the assorted acknowledgements previously mentioned....*Wicked Smile*
Yes I have not been around much lately, life has me by the short hairs ( if I had any) and been busybusyBUSY...
Just no rest for the Wicked...*Stops, ponders that, then lets out a booming wicked laugh*
Also those who know already are aware of the complete and utter destruction and reforming of what is termed as "my life" in the past 3-4 months and the resultant chaos, so I wont retell all the sordid details, rather I will just set the ol wayback machine for the past week...

And what a week it was...
After 2 months of hassling with the college student aid office, I managed to get approved for aid the last day before official registrations in person began. I had been trying for two months previously to "git er done" so I would have plenty of time to pick classes online, get books, etc and just be ready for when the semester started....but Hell no, last minute for last day of last week, I get approved and hit the orientation meeting.....woo hoo, all the available classes are in the morning starting at 8 AM.....*growl* I work nights now. LATE nights, don't get home till around anywhere from 12:45 to 1:45 AM, and back up at 6, after 2 hrs of trying to make some sort of chronological sense of a class schedule vs work, I finally came up with Mon-Thursdays, all starting at 8 AM...

*Side Note* My High School Transcript finally came in and my College Placement Test results about the same partner took a look at them and promptly titled me a "Stepford Child"...*Evil Smile* Yes, I'm bragging...being my transcript was a solid A- avg. and my placement scores were double that of just graduating high school students and I have not been in school for 26 yrs...I feel I have a right to...*Sly Wink*

So my classes are looking like this...
8-11:30 AM

Social Science....will be interesting, since its mainly globalization with a heavy emphasis on politics...nice enough teacher but politics is something I rarely discuss, since my views often start intense discussions and occasionally heavy wars of debate...suppose I will get an A for participation, though.....*wicked smile* Time will tell...

Algebra and Geometry...while this should be a breeze since I love math...the teacher is of foreign descent, talks very fast and in general is an ASS....will be interesting as well. And what I mean about being an ass are things like she was chewing people out for being 2 minutes late the FIRST day and her syllabus states anyone missing two classes will get an F, when in comparison all others in general allow 4-5...and those are just minor in nature, I wont list all of her requirements. We shall see...

8 AM-1:30PM, then BACK at 5:30 PM to 9 PM.

English Composition..nice enough instructor, but requires two subscriptions for magazines I wouldn't read if they were FREE, and 40 dollars that I dont have anyway...again mostly political, YARGH. Clearly obvious I could write about ANY other subject on the planet, but I am seeing a heavy political emphasis, at least in this college. Must keep a journal and write about a minimum of two topics from said magazines which she will just spot check from time to time...boy is she in for a suprise when she reads mine....*evil laugh* Dumb part is she wants a paper journal, but wants a printed hard copy from time to time...why not just require online blogs she can access....? Doh.

Environmental Biology...excellent course. The instructor is from Nepal, has a Doctorate degree and is totally immersed in his work. Quizzes will be online and extra credit available. The way he offers the course, it's obvious that anyone who simply puts forth effort and is there to learn will easily get an A. Sweet.

Then back home for a couple hours before the last class of the day:
World of the Cinema...Fine Arts class, required credit type. Only two choices here. This or architecture...blehhh.
At first glance, sounds like a total breeze. No homework, only two grades, midterm and finals, mainly class discussions. Watch a movie in class, discuss it afterwards. Now here's the kicker: all the movies are foreign. Most are subtitled. YICK. I dont care for those at all. Don't get me wrong, I love movies and even work in the video field, but please, please give me mine in english or english dubbed. I feel having to read the subtitles distracts me from the action on screen. Not knocking it for anyone else, that's just me. Should be interesting, IF I can stay awake....

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Jan 19 @ 3:06PM  
Now, add that into a meandering nonset schedule of working late with the early rising I have to do, just enough time between the two to either do homework or simply fall down before redressing for work, toss in a couple community meetings and you have a busy little schedule. And I work weekends too, so definitely I wont have any FULL days off for a very long time to come.
Oh, and I haven't found a new affordable monitor to crank up my full speed adrenaline pounding PC still yet, so I am doing online work, college work and play with a gateway with 128 meg of RAM and an 8 meg video card...slow does not quite cover it...*wink*

Again, apologies to those who found this boring or dry or dull...just opening a window in DK's world...and setting the stage for a few blogs to come, which I hope will be a bit more amusing...Ones such as "DK's advice for Students," "DK's advice for instructors," and perhaps "DK's advice for colleges." *Wicked Smile*

Much Love, Huggz and a few Gnaws for all of those I have come to know on here and the ones I am honored to consider friends. Know that while I am away often, you are all still missed and I drop in from time to time to make a comment or two, lurk about to check on how you are all doing and try to make my presence known in small ways so that you will definitely know you are all far from forgotten. I wish for each and every one of you the best of life and its ups and downs, and put forth congratulations, applause, huggz, sympathies, Love, tears, a hearty handshake or a big shoulder. Whichever needs to apply. And if I perhaps make a few swoon or visualize in the process....well, thats fine, too.....*Wicked Laugh*
Miss you all....*Sweeping Bow*

Jan 19 @ 3:12PM  
It is so good to hear from you my friend. Trust me when I say this to those who know you hear, just hearing you are alive and kicking, is good news, hearing you are bettering yourself through schooling, is awesome.

And besides you are one of the rare cats out there that can write about the mundane day to day chores of life and make it a worth while read!

As always my friend take care!

Jan 19 @ 3:14PM  
**makes a running leap into DK's arms and razzes his neck for good measure!**

Good ta hear from ya hunny!! I'm so glad things are working out for you!!


Jan 19 @ 3:14PM  
Good to see you blogging again!

Jan 19 @ 3:28PM  
I Miss You DK! But, Canu right, you can make the mundane interesting! Keep writing!

Jan 19 @ 3:33PM  
Glad to see you. Now go put "Nobody Does it Better" on the stereo and strut around the room.

Jan 19 @ 4:16PM  
what is this? AMD reunion night?? Now all we need is Sxze, Ponme and Belle...I know Sxze is on the road with car trouble, but what about the other two?

Jan 19 @ 4:16PM  
Although I do not know you, good luck in your endeavor. I have been in college for 5 yrs now and am still only half way toward a double bachelors. Once again good luck!

Jan 19 @ 6:29PM  
Pomne has the flu and is feeling icky, talked to her on MSN earlier. Belle, I don't know but no doubt she will be making a comment soon as she was online last night, well was night over here in the UK. Good to see you back DK, carry on blogging bro.

Jan 19 @ 8:06PM  
Oh sure... you sneak through while I'm too sick to care.. couldn't be when im whole and ready to chase ya or anything.. I see how it's gonna be.

Best wishes on your new endeavor m'dear.. now splain algebra to me!

Jan 19 @ 9:27PM  
I tell you, it is so nice to see your name on the front page again! I know you stroll through...lurk...drop a note here and there, or a blog comment or two (thanks, sweetie!), and move on. I know you're busy. I know you love and miss all of us. And the feeling is mutual! I'm sorry I missed you today!!!

*blows a kiss*

Hope to see you next time, you sexy thing you!

Jan 20 @ 12:20AM  
Hey Baybee, damn i'm sorry i missed you today too! Are you going to ICC or Blackhawk? I'm glad to know you're doing well, and know you're busy with life. I miss you!

Hey everyone, glad to see the gang's all here!

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A week in the life of a DarkKnight...