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Is this better, goddamnit???

posted 7/18/2011 2:38:11 PM |
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tagged: whig

I fucking hate it when I don't have anything 2 write about (apparently not as badly as Luvrgirl does, though). It gets on my nerves something fierce. I mean, there are some days where I sit down 2 write and Thats when I end up eating a handful of mushrooms and hopping in the car. B4 I even know whats happening Im doing 96 mph down I-5, listening 2 my Bobby Sherman 8-track and steering with my knees so I can type this crap on my laptop, all the while hoping like hell I can get the fuck out of Galt B4 these fucking shrooms start kicking in for reals! Fortunately for all of us, this isnt one of those times. Nosireebob...this time I gots opinions 2 share with y'all. So kick back, settle in and get ready 2 go on a journey 2 the dark side. Oh...and if U have any mushrooms, U may want 2 eat them now.

The first thing I wanted 2 talk about is that Casey Anthony fiasco down in Florida. What a fuck up that shit turned out 2 be! I thought they were going 2 convict that bitch for sure (not 2 be confused with thinking she did it, btw. Oddly enough, I never thought she did it). Whereas I will admit that initiating a massive cover-up of what really happened is probably not the average way a parent would respond 2 the accidental death of their kid, even if it was a kid they didnt particularly care for. And I do have trouble believing that most mothers would refrain from reporting said death 2 the authorities for 31 fucking days, mostly so they could party like it was 1999 while the corpse of their only child sat rotting in the trunk of their Camry. And I honestly dont see a whole shitload of logic in lying 2 the police and sending them on some wildf fucking goose chase when she finally does report the kid missing. And when U look at all that shit 2gether it leaves one inescapable conclusion...none of it is proof that she murdered her fucking kid.

The fact is that we dont know wtf happened 2 that little girl and we probably never will. It could be that it happened just the way the bitch said it did. The kid got N2 the pool and fell in and fucking drowned. Or it could be that Casey fucking snapped after Kaley asked 2 watch the same Dora the Explorer dvd for the 1768th time in a row and strangled her right there on the spot. Or for that matter it could be that Kaley herself got tired of watching her mom do coke and blow Cubans (is he talking about cigars? I dont think so...) and fucking committed suicide by throwing herself N2 the deep end of the goddamn pool. I'll bet U that no one even looked for a suicide note written in crayon. The point Im trying 2 make is, WE DONT FUCKING KNOW. We dont even know how this kid died, so how the fuck can we call it murder? This, my friends, is the fucking definition of reasonable doubt!

The second thing I wanted 2 touch on is Jaycee Lee Dugard. What a remarkable fucking woman. I saw her interview with Diane Sawyer and I just started reading her book (check this mom didnt like the book. She said it read like it was written by someone with a 5th grade education, and Im like...yeah, U think?). All I have 2 say is that for someone...anyone...2 endure all the shit that woman had 2 go through in her life and come out on the other end so apparently well adjusted (not 2 mention such nice skin. Who would have expected that?) is just goddamn amazing. I am so happy for her and her girls that they managed 2 escape B4 he went completely mad and fucking killed everyone in that fucking house. Maybe good does triumph over evil on occasion, I dont know. At least it seems 2 have done so in this case, and thats good enough for me. Im betting its good enough for the Dugard family as well. I will have more 2 say about this once I finish the book, Im sure.

Thats all. Now U can begin posting Ur outraged comments at Ur own leisure. If possible, please run Ur comments through a spell-checker B4 posting them. I just hate it when someone calls me a stuped fukking dikhed. Call it a pet peeve.

Keeping U posted,


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Jul 18 @ 8:53PM  
joo stoopid fukking dichead.

dat bitch is guilty.. i dunno what she's guilty of but she's guilty! No way she's not guilty... ok she's guilty of being dumb as a box of hair. She's also guilty of .. I'll get back to ya on that.. they're all guilty of somethin.. specially her lawyer..that fucker is guilty as hell.

right.. where was we? Umm yeah Jaycee Dugard.. what a girl huh? You gotta give her credit for hangin in there.

I'm outta shrooms. . dang it.

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Is this better, goddamnit???