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TGIF...still can't think of a title

posted 1/19/2007 12:42:46 PM |
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Perusing thru the blogs today...I notice there are a whole lot of new bloggers! We have jokes and poems and all kinds of new stuff! It's soooo cool!

We also have the usual old bullshit! Ok folks...I have done rants on all the crap we have to put up with on this site. The dicpics...the wannafuck emails...the oneliner "I'm bored and horny" blogs. It doesn't do any fucking good!! I even did a blog about people stompin off and leaving the site...and then writing a blog a few weeks later about how much this site sucks! OMFG!!!
Let's go over this again. This is an "Adult" site. Adult meaning adult oriented content...not maturity level. While we do have some very mature and intelligent individuals here...we also have people who are only here to cyber/cam/hook-up/blahblahblah. Some of them even fall into both catagories! I'm not dissing those people...really! I'm not trying to diss anyone who's here...
If you don't like looking at dickpics...delete them. If you don't want the wannafuck emails...send a polite no thanks. This site is set up to meet the needs of many people...not just the ones who are looking for a one-nighter...and not just the ones who are looking for a lasting relationship. I for one am looking for neither...I've found what I'm looking for (and didn't even know I was looking!) and am here to keep up with my friends and write blogs. But this site suits me as well.
If you really, truly don't like what you see here, and just can't seem to find what you have two choices. A: You can leave. If you think you can find another site that is FREE...that you can say and do pretty much whatever you want including send and receive email, chat, and trade pics and write blogs...go for it. or B: You can write blogs bitching about how much you can't stand this site and how it doesn't work and everyone is fake...blahblahblah. Just know this: If you choose option B, you will be pretty much ignored not only by the people you are targeting in your blog...but most likely by the ones you may be looking to hook up with.

About the only complaint I really have here is this...why can't we get some better emoticons?? I mean really...these are pretty damn tame compared to some I've seen...after all, this is an Adult site...right??

Oh yea...the argument about whether or not there are polarbears and perma-frost in Michigan has been settled. There is perma-frost in Michigan and it may never thaw...and the polar-bears have settled into downtown Detroit...and may never migrate. At least hopefully they won't. No...I'm not losing my mind...and yes, sexual favors where involved...or at least will be.
What can I say...the man is just that good! **sigh**

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Jan 19 @ 12:49PM  
Once again Sunny, you've made me smile!

Jan 19 @ 12:54PM  

Hi sunny --- U and c**U ROC!
Love reading your insights...
Have fun and smile!


Jan 19 @ 12:56PM  
We shall require detailed descriptions of the sexual favors involved in settling this dispute.

After as hot as it was last summer, I disagree that there is permafrost in Michigan, but hey, if you're gonna get an orgasm or two from it, I'll agree to it... for a while anyways, LOL

As for the polarbears downtown... Where are they living, so I can keep a wide berth!?!

Jan 19 @ 1:14PM  
Well said sunny! Nice Blog.

Jan 19 @ 1:21PM  
A Kudos To You Sunny! Damn Right On! I just don't get it! We can all be here having a great time with one another and yet still seek what it is we would hope to achieve! There ARE some of the nicest, funniest and sexiest people here and all it takes is to be courteous! You can be brash! You can be outspoken! Please leave an opinion! Leave a joke! Leave some nude photos but there is little room here for being RUDE! Rude is BAD! Anything else is GOOD! See how easy that is! You see Rude hurts someone on purpose for little or no reason!

Jan 19 @ 1:23PM  
Hahaha...... you let him win huh?

Jan 19 @ 1:45PM  
Well I see someone is feeling better!!!!

Jan 19 @ 2:08PM  
I agree with you on ignoring people who target other people in their blogs. Sometimes it's hard to do and going back and forth with a person like that usually doesn't do any good for the most part. Another good blog, SunnyD!

Jan 19 @ 2:22PM  
Yeah TLC but just a little better..Maybe the incident was very fresh yesterday that i was feeling that low. Its still not erased. It is one of the worst to ever happen to someone because it is a blow to your soul not heart or body. But thanks for celebrating..should i get my own glass?

Jan 19 @ 2:30PM  
...Until the permafrost melts baby..

As for the fresh round of stale crappola, I am enjoying reading some of my very own words uttered by folks to new to have read them... *sniff sniff* they grow up so fast.


Jan 19 @ 7:38PM  

Well I guess having moved from Detroit to
Oregon Makes me a Black Bear. And no
one has been sleeping in my bed or eat-ing
my pourage.

Jan 19 @ 7:48PM  
Sunny... snot snot cough cough sniff.. i love you.

Jan 20 @ 2:36AM  
Ponme, girl are you sick again? I can't seem to get rid of this shit either.

Sunny...I wuffs you Hope you're feeling better too!

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TGIF...still can't think of a title