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Should all states require you to store your firearm in a container at home?

posted 7/15/2011 6:30:48 PM |
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I was just watching my local news and they were doing an online poll asking their viewers if states should pass a law requiring a gun owner to store his firearm in a locked box or container at home.

I am totally against this. I understand if one doesn't have a permit to carry a firearm out in public, and you need to transport an unloaded firearm in your car, then I see nothing wrong with having it in a container or box as you're driving. But as for forcing people to have a lock box or container for your firearms at home is too much government intrusion in my opinion.

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Jul 15 @ 6:51PM  
Actually, as 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. says they can require you to have health insurance, I think, it should also be mandatory that EVERYONE* over the age of 18 have a rifle, and at 21, also a pistol of some type. Must go through military Basic Training, or Boot Camp....and pass Basic Rifle Marksmanship. Then 4 years mandatory service. Anyone over this age, would be required to complete this same service, pro-bono.
After all........
If they can force you to have health insurance, there is no limit what Congress and the President can MAKE you do.

*any violent criminals, would be open season to everyone else, no bag limit.

(half way in jest....but...think about it...)

Jul 15 @ 7:45PM  
With the fed/state government's logic, they would have you put all your weapons inside a 1000 lb fireproofed safe bolted to the basement floor, so that while in a frantic state trying to get the combination lock to unlock the door... you're dead!!


Jul 15 @ 10:27PM  
I think it's stupid. What's the sense of having the gun if it has to be locked away? Not going to be much help if one's house gets broken into while the owner is sleeping and they have to fiddle with a lock to get to their gun....

Jul 16 @ 2:30AM  
If you do not have it locked up and someone's kid comes in your house, finds it and shoots themselves or someone else you are going to be in a whole lot of trouble. Or the person who breaks into your house finds your gun that is not locked up and then you walk in on them, what do you think is going to happen? r if someone breaks in and finds your gun and uses it to go out and shoot someone because it was left where they could find it, wouldn't it have been better to have left it under lock and key? There are a lot of logical reasons for these proposals and you only have to pick up a newspaper to know why.

A lot of people who own guns have no clue about gun safety. Personally I think they should pass an extensive course, be tested, check on their mental state, and please check out their criminal record before they are allowed to have a gun. Guns don't kill people but people who have the guns and don't know what the hell they are doing sure can.

I grew up hunting and fishing and have owned guns from time to time. When my kids were born I got rid of the guns because of more than a few incidents of kids getting injured or killed with their parent's fire arms. When I was a kid guns were unloaded and locked away when not in use. And we knew if we messed with one when we were not supposed to our butts would not be able to sit down for at least a few weeks.

I really do think people should keep guns locked up for everyone's safety. It is not so much an issue of rights as an issue of common sense.


Jul 16 @ 9:20AM  
There should be "Common Sense Laws!"...this would take the place of a Million other laws!!!
Gun laws included!!!
If you have your an Open area ...of your Home,Car,Truck...etc....and you have children that live there or Visit..........That's prolly not a good thing!!! Ya think?
I keep my Guns in my closet and My BR door closed! I did have a Gun Cabinet...but I let someone Use it....(when I left my X...she made me come get it..though I had no where to put that time!) and he traded it for Dope !(Crack!!!! ) But I will build another one! Gotta love your friends...huh?

Jul 16 @ 11:20AM  
I have mixed emotions on this. If there are kids in the house I would not necessarily oppose it. But if there are not any children living there I would be in opposition to that kind of law. I do think that having a blanket law, one size fits all, is a bad idea in this case. There are simply too many variables involved including what type of neighborhood it is.

Jul 16 @ 2:15PM  
WAY back when I was married, my ex- complained that the kids might find where I hid my pistol, and also the separate place that I kept the loaded clips for it.

I gave her a quick 5 minute demonstration on proper function and handling of a semi-auto. After that, I handed it to her, and asked her to copy my actions. ( Sans magazine, of course ) I got a good giggle, as many people (women included) that think they are 'bad ass', cannot rack the slide of a 1911A1 with a 24# spring.
She shut up.

Jul 17 @ 2:10PM  
We have guns in out house and a few on here know why.....when the grandkids come over, they are all put up before they even get here. Making a "one size" fits all law, is a big mistake in my opinion. But what do I know?

As for racking the slide on a gun, 40DWM, I would have to agree with you on that...that's why I own a revolver!


Jul 18 @ 9:17AM  
Kinda' stupid to lock your "protection/home invasion gun in a box DUH

That's kind of funny..Last time I went to my cancer doc, we spent most of the time talking about what kind of gun he should get to keep in his bedroom for a possible home invasion..I told him a stockless 20 Gauge semi auto with a pistol grip loaded with birdshot..
Less kick, less home damage and a body stopper at 10 '

Jul 18 @ 9:31AM  
Just don't try to take mine.
I don't have any desire to use it on another human but if he's breaking in to my home he's a dead man. I do promise however not to go to his house and break in or shoot him.

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Should all states require you to store your firearm in a container at home?