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So. Does history really repeat itself?

posted 7/14/2011 1:11:19 PM |
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tagged: rant

Texas Governor Rick Perry has been known to call for Texas to secede from the United States, and now, some politicians in California want to "form a 51st state". And why? Political differences, economical disagreements, and moral differences to name a few. Kind of sounds familiar, doesn't it? Or did anyone not pass their history classes in school and then onto college?

The ensuing U.S. Civil War was really not as much about slavery as it was about Constitutional principle, sectional differences, moral righteousness, economic self-interest, and state rights. For four long and bloody years, brother fought brother, father fought son, and neighbor fought neighbor. Over 600,000 Americans died in the war.

The above paragraph is from this site: Civil War

Constitutional principle? hmmmm....seems I've been hearing a lot of argument about the Constitution between our politicians. Moral righteousness, been hearing a lot of grumbling about that lately also. Economic self-interest...enough to make ones head spin, not to mention the major league migraine of the endless, childish bickering of those in D.C. right now. Oh, and now states rights. Matches that above paragraph a little too much....doesn't it? Yet, everyone is so caught up in the whole "my party is right and yours is wrong" argument that they aren't seeing those parallels.

Let's talk about the nation's debt now. I'm sure all have heard how we will probably default on some bills in the next couple of weeks. Why? Cause Congress can't seem to mature out of their diaper wearing mentality. Which, in return, has citizens out here running the same damned arguments, with the same results. No one wants to come together and exchange ideas for a way to get out of this mess...both sides have the "my way or the highway" attitude and it really sucks!

Who, besides the Federal Reserve, is the biggest debt holder of U.S. assets? Do you really want to know? China. Yes, a communist country holds a big portion of U.S. debt. What happens in August when our Congress cannot grow up and come to an agreement and China decides to demand payment? And in case anyone out there doesn't believe's a link: China U.S. biggest creditor

Instead of us sitting out here with the whole "evil liberal/conservative" arguments among each other....maybe we should focus more on telling our elected officials to grow the hell up and start acting in the best interest of OUR country rather than in the best interest of the special interest and others who have lined their pockets!!!!!

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Jul 14 @ 1:23PM  
So. Does history really repeat itself?

I don't know about that, but blogs do. Straddle posted on this subject five hours ago

Jul 14 @ 1:30PM  
And that is where the idea of this came from. If honestly read, one would see it is actually different from Straddles and not exactly the same thing.

Jul 14 @ 1:40PM  
Arnold helped ruin Cali. Now it didn't start out this way. He tried to do what was right with his state's budget, but then he was met with every resistance possible from the left. Unfortunely, he became one of them. I guess he figured if ya can't beat 'em, join 'em.

He was not a very good govenator, errr, governor.

As for splitting Cali, they can certainly try, but I'm not sure they would be better off.

Jul 14 @ 1:48PM  
We need to get rid of the whole damn bunch of them. The only good politician is a DEAD politician. They all talk a big game but not one damn one of them can produce. They all have that palyground mentality that if you don't want to play by MY rules I'll take my ball on go home then no one can play or as for politicians there balls id they have any which I truely doubt. They are out to suck us dry while they get rich no matter what the cost. I say close all of out boarders down and say fuck the rest of the world. Let's take care of the U.S.A. for a change and to hell with foreign countries. If it's not made here we don't fucking need it of course most of the general public would do that kind of work anyway. That's why the fucking foreigners are getting so rich off of what use to be made in the U.S.A. Make the fucking rich people and companies pay there fair share of taxes. To hell with tax breaks for the rich. Those SOB's are the ones that can afford to pay their fair share and look dor every God damn loop hole they can find so they don't have to. So where do the funds come from to keep all these rich mother fuckers, businesses and foreign companys with their little tax breaks going? All the middle class and elderly people that's who. Take away their Medicaid and Social Security and let them rot while the rich keep getting richer and foreign countries taking over OUR country. For instance look at Japan. They couldn't beat us in an all out war but they have sure put one hell of a dent in our economy. Without an economy a country has nothing and ours is sure in the toilet right now because of all of our endearing politicians. They don't give a fuck about this country just lining their pockets and look. Those SOB's retire and have full pay and benefits as if they were still fucking the country. Put those SOB's on Social Security and Medicad when they retire just like everyone else and it would save a big chunk of change. Let the ones that are fucking the country live like the rest of the country is living and they won't like it. ALL politicians are liars and crooks and the only good ones are dead ones.

Jul 14 @ 2:59PM  
The only good politician is a DEAD politician.
They all talk a big game but not one damn one of them can produce.
We will have no leader.

Jul 14 @ 3:13PM  
The only good politician is a DEAD politician.
They all talk a big game but not one damn one of them can produce.
We will have no leader.
. I do wish a leader could be an average Joe but the system doesn't work that way.
So. Does history really repeat itself?
I guess so because the solar system constantly spins around non stop. The last comment wasn't finished.

Jul 14 @ 4:37PM  
Well, so far, looks like Max was the only who got what this blog was about.

Jul 14 @ 5:00PM  
Civil War?? 'round these parts, we call it, "The War on Northern Aggression"

Jul 14 @ 5:15PM  
Civil War?? 'round these parts, we call it, "The War on Northern Aggression"

Hey! I live in the North and I'm not aggressive!

Jul 14 @ 5:55PM  
Down here we just cal it res neck LOL.

Jul 14 @ 5:56PM  
Ooops red neck.

Jul 14 @ 7:13PM  
.both sides have the "my way or the highway"

'Division of the Populace', is alive and well- (two party system, keeping people divided on the issues)- then an administration can, behind closed doors, (transparency... yeah... so is a 1" thick sheet of lead) sneak into written law, whatever is on its agenda to further its objective(s) and no one is the wiser, until it's too late!

It's an excellent system the politicians have going for themselves and is proven time-after-time-after-time, no matter what media you choose to get your info from! Even here on AMD, there is division on issues- I'm telling ya, it works! But of course... nothing gets resolved because neither side is willing to sit down like adults and truly put the proper effort needed into working things out- it's all about us (the two parties) is their rational. The more experience politicians get, the more childish they become, IMO! They keep testing and testing us, to see just what they can and probably shouldn't try to get away with!

Think of it, has anything ever really changed over the decades through common sense negotiations between the two parties on really important issues for the good of the citizens in general? Apparently not or, I really doubt we would be in the economic mess we're in now! I don't blame Obama's administration for causing this mess we're in- this took decades to get where we're at but, he certainly isn't helping it either! IMO, his administration has no idea how to fix this and is simply delaying the inevitable pile up!

Well... like I've said before- the government needs to be reformed but... only one thing needs to happen really: insist on- no... DEMAND that the politicians by law, be made responsible for their actions- they are not and haven't been! Until they finally realize that they in fact can suffer very serious consequences for any action(s) deemed inappropriate for their so-called 'professional' position they hold, makes me think they'll change their ways of 'serving' the citizens of our country, like they're elected to do in the first place!

We all know the 'shock value' that comes with some of the most stupid antics politicians do, while under the impression of what one might say 'Diplomatic Immunity' or at least, I'm thinking that, that's how they think about it! Time to put an end to their sick style of how to run a government!

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So. Does history really repeat itself?