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So What to YOU think?

posted 7/9/2011 11:54:00 AM |
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Since I stay home a lot I DVR programs that come on after I'm in bed. Has anyone been watching the new show Suits? Well I have and so far I am in shock at the profanity that is used. I mean G******m is used I've even heard the F**k word. Do you think I'm being a prude for wanting to watch a show that is entertaining instead of just hearing the words that shouldn't be on TV?

What do you think? Come on tell me

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Jul 9 @ 12:23PM  
When you and I were growing up watching was unheard of to hear "G** D****t* on tv. I remember sometime back in the late 80's, maybe early 90's, watching Days Of Our Lives with my Mom, and one of the characters said S.O.B, and "you're p*****g me off!!", and I was shocked! Not offended, just surprised.

Lately, I've noticed a lot of cursing is the "norm" on tv..unless you're watching the Disney Channel. They come so close to what I call the "last two taboo words", f***k, and s**t. I'm thinking it isn't going to be too long before those two words cease to be taboo on regular television also.

In my own opinion, they are "just words", but, a comedy skit that is nothing but use of those words comes off as lame, boring, and doesn't show creativity. Same with action adventure/horror/dramas. In other words, used sparingly, they don't bother me. When the script has 99.9% of "those" words and very little else..then it's a bore.

Basically, you're not a "prude" by any means by wanting to see a show that is entertaining.

Jul 9 @ 12:31PM  
If you include movies this is nothing new. On Comedy Central, they bleep out words in stand up routines before 10:00 but they are uncensored after that. It doesn't bother me.

Jul 9 @ 12:44PM  
IMHO, when people in real life talk like that, it demonstrates poor upbringing, being low class, not having respect for themselves and others. I also think it demonstrates how poorly educated they are, if they are limited by that type of vocabulary.

Or a typical Liberal/Progressive writer in Hollywood, wanting to appear hip and cool in their quest to dumb down the American citizen.

Jul 9 @ 3:15PM  
I personally don't like to hear anything sacrilegious about the Almighty in moviies or on television but in an action film where someone is angry & out for revenge because someone just killed a family member right in front of them I don't think anyone would be a saint & have a vocabulary such as on the show Leave it to Beaver. Generally speaking of the topic of profanity on programs some movies are good without cursing like The Longest Day but in actual real life combat you know they cursed like a sailor. In a manner of speaking if it had profanity it could have drawn more viewers. Basically saying for example if a CGI film is good but the graphics are not convincing enough to make it seem realistic although we know it's fantasy it doesn't get much attention. Normal cursing either doesn't bother me or I'm used to it. Damn !!!! This is the most attention I've put into blogland in weeks.

Jul 9 @ 10:26PM  
Do you think I'm being a prude for wanting to watch a show that is entertaining

For a buck and a duck and a little luck, I'll give you a truck! HA!!! Bet you thought I was going to insert the word phuck in there somewhere... huh??

I got the word phuck (actually... phucked) from someone holding a PhD- meaning if you're having to deal with someone holding a PhD... you're PhuckeD!

Jul 9 @ 10:28PM  
That's... PhuckeD!


Jul 10 @ 4:02AM  
Ok So I did manage to resist the urge to post George Carlin's 7 words you can't say on tv.

I am sure I have heard worse than anything on these shows and have probably been guilty of using some of it myself a few times. I don't have a problem with colorful language as long as their is a point to it and a reason the person is using it. I see no reason to use it in general conversation and think some shows just use it for shock value for the ratings. However I am not a big fan of censorship to take it off the air. Give the censors an inch and they will take half your vocabulary.

If someone is watching a show and does not like the language perhaps the answer is picking up the remote and changing the channel to a show that is not as offensive to them.

Jul 10 @ 7:15AM  
I really appreciate all the comments you guys.

If someone is watching a show and does not like the language perhaps the answer is picking up the remote and changing the channel to a show that is not as offensive to them.

I have a colorful vocabulary myself I am refering to using the lords name in vain and the F word on TV. This is summer kids are out of school. IF you watch the show and someone says these words. I just think it is wrong. Yeah I'm use to the other words I mean heck we hear them all the time. But those two words shouldn't be on national TV. HBO, Showtime etc. yeah but not regular TV. IMO

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So What to YOU think?