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todays ramblings

posted 7/7/2011 1:02:13 PM |
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More from this neck of the Ozarks. Yesterday my niece and her hubby came out to get that mini-van and the junk boat of my brothers. It went well, and they already know I’m opinionated in many ways, but I can discuss a few things without wanting to shoot someone. We even managed to talk some about my brother and his rapidly deteriorating condition. And some of the likely causes behind it. It isn't all cancer, that was a minor spot on one lung, and even if it had spread, it wouldn't have been this fast.

But, a couple more bits gone from the yard, a little more room to do something around here available, and the rest of this remodel job to finish. Now if I can contact the guy that is buying this utility trailer, and get the rest of the money for it, I’ll be good to go for a couple more months. Finally got the signed title yesterday. Supposedly the niece is going to be sending the money for the mortgage payment every month, bro can barely remember his own name at this point and sleeps damn near 24 hours a day, but she does have his bank log in, so I can hope a little.

I dumped that huge electric bill on him, so this month, my bill was only 20 bucks. Not much usage at all, but next month, welllllllllll. So anticipating a big bill, I paid 100 on it to get ahead at least for now. And since the dish network got turned off for non-payment, and I sent the box back, I haven’t had that bill to think about. Now if I could just find a way to do without my internet and food, I’d save a bundle of money. And smokes. I'm back to over a pack a day. Arrrrrggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh

But, life is going, no way to get away from it, and it is a little more peaceful in some ways around here. So it's not all bad. Now if I can just get my head to straighten out, I could do a lot more than I have been. I'm really running in circles here, I start one thing and forget what it is, and start something else, then on to something else. About all I manage to finish is a few games of hearts or free cell on the computer. And I have a ton of things that need to be done around here.

Anyone looking to move? I could use a roomie, out in the eastern Ozarks, so not much chance of a flood, winters can get a tad cold, but usually don't stay that way long. Hopefully in a month or less I’ll have this place straightened up, but no promises of any kind.

Oh well enough of my rambling for now, maybe I can get something done today other than sit here. I know of 4 things I need to do outside right now, and a half dozen or so in here I need to work on. Including getting something to eat. So, later ya'll.

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Jul 7 @ 1:15PM  
Great news, Mike! I am glad that they stepped up to the plate, that you got closure and a fair shake, and some cash flow. Most importantly, you have peace of mind and your anger is alleviated You can now go forth and enjoy your life. Prayers are answered as every good boy deserves favor

Jul 7 @ 1:20PM  
Mike..As long as you have internet you can get most of the tv shows you like plus
if you add Hulu and Crackle, you can watch some pretty ggod movies..
I have 'em all on my computer..

Jul 7 @ 1:41PM  
Mike I have started rolling my own smokes. I bought a TOPS rolling machine and Gambler cigarette Tubes also Gambler pipe tobacco Cost per carton around $13.00
not bad if you have to have them. Most of the smoke shops are selling the machines for $39.95 ,tubes between $4.00 and $5.00 a carton ttobacco $18.00 a pound{about 2 cartons worth} It's a cheep way to keep smoking if your a hevy smoker!.

Jul 7 @ 1:53PM  
When I did smoke a lot, I don't now I got good quality smokes from the Ukraine for around twenty bucks a carton for Camels including shipping. The companies were very fair, I even had one without qualms replace an order i never received I can give you the links.

It is kind of funny now, but a few years ago my supplier in the Ukraine sent me an email apologizing for not being able to fill my order due to an invasion by the Russians that destroyed their warehouse

Jul 7 @ 3:48PM  
July 15, will be my 4th month without a cigarette! I weaned myself off by stashing them somewhere not easily accessible so if I really had to have one, I knew one was available, just a matter of some effort to get one! Over a period of a few months, that cut my smoking down to well under a pack a day!

While still doing that, I started taking only a couple drags after lighting it and blowing the smoke out right after taking each drag, put the cig out, set it in the ash tray and went back to whatever I was doing! When I wanted a cig, I re-lit the one I smoked maybe 10 min, 15 min, 20 min, up to 30 min or so before, to where it got to be an hour or so! It worked well enough to where I was only going through 3 or 4 packs a week to 10 days!

After a while I figured, if I can do that, then I'll just quit and see what happens- haven't had one for almost 4 months now! Doesn't mean I won't light up again sometime down the road but, the first time I quite in 1995, it lasted for 10 years and I started up again because of a couple of stupid events!

due to an invasion by the Russians that destroyed their warehouse

Uhhh huh- a likely excuse!!


Jul 7 @ 4:40PM  
The Russkaya Mafiya were probably the raiders..

Jul 8 @ 11:35AM  
Sounds like things are looking better for you now.

When I did smoke a lot, I don't now


July 15, will be my 4th month without a cigarette!

Cutting back or quitting all together is a good thing! Congrats to you Bruce and Som!

Looks like everyone is doing good!

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todays ramblings