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posted 1/19/2007 12:15:29 AM |
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tagged: humor, straddle, teeth

I know this 33 year old woman whom I have known for a while now and I have yet to meet her in person. I have talked with her over the phone a lot of times and she seems like a very nice intelligent woman with a good personality and sense of humor. She hasn't had teeth since her early 20's and she told me that they use to hurt a lot and she had the rest of them pulled at that time. She also told me that she wants false teeth because one reason is she's getting that "old woman face look" where her mouth looks like it's sunk in like an elderly woman. She is totally upfront and honest about things and I find that to be another good quality in people. Right now she is involved with some 48 year old guy and I'm feeling like she's somewhat using him for a "sugar daddy" type relationship since he bouth her false teeth. She's still trying to get used to the teeth and is finding it hard to. He also put her on his cell phone plan package with his family, and yes, I still think the guy is married, but getting a divorce. What I would like to know is how many of you out there would actually date a man or woman that had no teeth or very little teeth?

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Jan 19 @ 12:16AM  

Jan 19 @ 12:22AM  
Also, has any guy been given head by a chick without any teeth before, and if so how was it? lol

Jan 19 @ 12:22AM  
there are a lot of reasons for a person to lose teeth early in life the first and most obvious is that they didn't take care of them, secondly Most drugs like cocain, crank, meth, eat the enamel off your teeth, so without protection your teeth will just rot away. Serious gum infections, sensitive teeth where the nerves are exposed in the gumline. Using early versions of tarter removal toothpaste too often could take your enamel off. They didn't used to have toothpastes that helped to rebuild enamel. And a good set of dentures are attractive, easy to care for and should not stand in the way of a relationship. and women can take them out when performing certain oral activities, always a plus.

Jan 19 @ 12:22AM  
Ok I am going to air my laundry here, for all the world to hear (see I guess). I dont think you would know if someone didn't tell you--if they had a good set of false teeth. I have had false teeth since i was in my mid twenties. I have slept with men and they didn't know until I told them. And to be perfectly honest, once they know, they LOVE the as Canu calls it "gum job!"

Jan 19 @ 12:25AM  
canu changing pics again? now i see why sunny likes you....

Jan 19 @ 12:28AM  
So OMG, I take it you're grounded again? Just like the other night when that happened it didn't show you posting a comment over in my inbox.

Jan 19 @ 12:28AM  
We're all fake here, I was told that recently, I decided to play into that stereo type.


But a gum job... just think about it guys use your right hand to think about it lmao!

Jan 19 @ 12:32AM  
That is my favorite pic of CanU...

I was engaged to a Brit, and they're not all that good at the whole dental care thing over there.. he had about 7 teeth left in his head, and it was pretty gross. I told him he had to get dentures before I would even introduce him to my family (especially considering one of my sisters is a dental hygienist and would totally freak out of she saw his mouth). That relationship is over for more reasons than I can type here, but one of them was definately that he had such bad teeth!!

Jan 19 @ 12:32AM  
I really liked all the comments by canu, omg, and str8. I don't see why not as far as dating. If dating and developing a relationship were based only on physical attributes,then I don't think that it would go very far. It is true that "beauty is only skin deep".

Jan 19 @ 12:36AM  
is that what causes it? ok somone asked me earlier.... though I can't email and tell them

Jan 19 @ 12:37AM  
Yes Canu, your last comment. I thought that guy was a pretty descent guy, and for all I know he may still be. But I didn't like that statement he made in Dom's blog about all the people on this site being fake. I lost some respect for him after that night. And knowing his track record, after seeing this he will more than likely address me and/or this problem. lol

Jan 19 @ 12:40AM  
a girl female friend of mine once told me she would not date a guy with dentures that he had to have his own teeth.... I guess her loss if she missed a good one

Jan 19 @ 12:46AM  
I have a minimum requirement of hair & teeth. Teeth make the face. They speak volumes of hygeine.

Jan 19 @ 12:53AM  
What does it really matter if a person has dentures? It shouldn't. As has been stated before there are lots of reasons people have dentures. As for bad dental hygene, that i do have a problem with. It doesn't take much to brush your teeth.

Jan 19 @ 12:55AM  
It wouldn't matter to me if a man had dentures... but yes, Belle is right, it doesn't take much to brush and keep them clean, whether they are originals or replacements.... bad oral hygiene is just ... gross!! Who wants to swap spit with someone with bad breath, rotten teeth or someone with lil fuzzy blankets on their teeth??

Jan 19 @ 1:01AM  
PrincessKissy, that's just gross. lol

Jan 19 @ 1:04AM  
Straddle, he hasn't posted mine either, and it was not negative nor humorous... *shrug* Some people!!!!

Jan 19 @ 1:04AM  
OMG Straddle.... SKIDMARKS isn't gross, but fuzzy teeth is??????

Jan 19 @ 1:08AM  
what do i have to do with skidmarks?

Jan 19 @ 1:08AM  
I have lost 17 teeth in the process of having radiation treatments for my cancer. I have a great Dentist though that does Valplast. They are very expensive and are the most real looking partials I have ever seen. I have had my uppers done, but am still using my old school partials on the bottom. Anyone wanting to help fund my lower dental work and help me get that prom-night smile again will I forever be indebted to. Any women out there ever experience a pussy gumjob? Just a different spin on my dear friends question? Thanks Straddle for provoking me on my toothless rampage.

Jan 19 @ 1:09AM  
Yes, skidmarks is gross on underwear. I challenge you to show me where I state that I would love a woman to straddle my face with skidmark panties. What I had stated on that blog was that I would have to think about it really hard even if there was even a mild skidmark stain on it. Now, Wtxman on the other hand with his comment stated that he would love it.

Jan 19 @ 1:11AM  
Smitty, no problem! Hope you're doing better.

Jan 19 @ 1:11AM  
Fair enough, Straddle, and WHERE did I state that I wanted to be with someone who had fuzzy teeth either????? I'm stating that NO ONE wants that!!!!

Jan 19 @ 1:16AM  
No, I was referring to that little face vomit emoticon you used as gross. Well, that and fuzzy teeth. lol

Jan 19 @ 1:17AM  
Well, I would vomit if someone kissed me with fuzzy teeth, LMAO

Jan 19 @ 1:21AM  
I'm still puzzled as to why Wtxman would let a woman straddle his face with skidmark panties.

Jan 19 @ 1:28AM  
Has anyone seen those Billy Bob teeth? I got a pair of those back in 2003 and went around fooling people with them in. Those were so gross looking.

Jan 19 @ 1:40AM  
hell what was the question? After all the comments i got lost and kinda stuck on the gumjob...wahoooo.... ...but then lost it on the skidmarks....

Jan 19 @ 2:27AM  
My husband's first wife lost most of her teeth in an automobile accident and had the rest pulled for ease of getting full dentures. He states she gave the best ever blow jobs when her teeth were out. Thats his take on it. I told him this is a one time post on his behalf now he has to get his own account. Btw Straddle I see you changed your mind on blogging today

Jan 19 @ 3:53AM  
There are other reasons that people lose teeth than simply poor oral hygeine.

How many people know that if they take blood thinners (including asprin) they are headed for serious problems with their teeth? Probably there aren't many who know and yet there are millions of people who take blood thinners.

How many know that AVN (avascular necrosis) will kill not only your bones but also your teeth and any other tissue in your body?

There are medications, tetracycline comes instantly to mind, that harm your teeth. As a matter of fact, tetracycline isn't given to anyone who doesn't have all of their permenent teeth because it is so harmful to teeth.

Would I date someone with no teeth? Why wouldn't I?


Jan 19 @ 4:11AM  
S. Angel, I didn't know all that you mentioned could be that harmful to your teeth and bones. I guess ya learn something new everyday.

Jan 19 @ 6:10AM  
Regardless of whether or not your teeth are you own, oral hygiene is an absolute must! As someone said, it's not rocket science! If you expect for your mouth to be near mine, take care of your mouth. I personally think it says alot about a person and how they think of themselves. Sure, people may not like their smile, have crooked teeth or have lost them for some reason...doesn't mean you can't still take care of your mouth. It's like personal hygiene. It just is a must!

Jan 19 @ 10:54AM  
Prepare to be bored to tears, but I just can't help myself:

1) the type of AVN mentioned--osteonecrosis of the jaw--is very rare and usually seen in patients taking drugs called bisphosphonates in the setting of maligancy;

2) People who take blood thinners will experience prolonged bleeding of the gums if they brush their teeth too heavily. You will not LOSE your teeth on a blood thinner unless you CHEW aspirin, which has been shown to erode teeth. So don't chew your aspirin--sit down at the table and make a point of swallowing it outright.

3) Tetracycline causes permanent staining of developing teeth; hence, we no longer prescribe it in young children or pregnant women. In fact, we really don't use it much at all anymore.

Finally, to answer your question: in a woman within 10 years of my own age, I expect a full, or nearly full, complement of teeth. Prosthesis or real, it doesn't matter, and they don't have to be perfect, but they should be presentable and not foul smelling. I myself had two congenitally missing lower premolars, but I have permanent bridges now!

Jan 19 @ 3:05PM  
Other wonder reasons a person to have poor teeth.

1) Spent several years homeless before dragging themselves out of the gutter. When you are trying to scrape up change for a bite to eat, tooth paste seems moot

2) Genetics, some people are just born with weak enamel not all insurance plans cover the extra florid treatments and special tooth paste dentists prescribe. Not all dentists even bother to tell people they have a problem

3)Ever been a traveling musician? Travel in a "rock-n-roll sexy van"? Not much chance to brush trust me.

4)fuck I forgot the rest... sue me.
5) Car wrecks, bike wrecks and bar fights knock your teeth slap out.

Don't get me wromg I wouldn't change the happines I have with Sunny but, there was a time when had I said gum jobs I would have gotten e-mails telling me which ladies had or were planning to go get dentures lmao..... like the scooter crunch bar gag.

Jan 19 @ 7:41PM  
I've been poor; I've been homeless, I've been a vagabond, but where there's a will, there's a way! Gas stations have sinks. If you can't come up with a dollar for a toothbrush, I'm sure they are easy enough to steal. We get but one set of permanent teeth! I've sold my furniture and used my tax checks to pay for dental care! Beg, borrow or steal, I'm going to keep my teeth.

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