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Is This Really Earth's First Attempt With Intelligent Life?

posted 6/22/2011 6:01:35 PM |
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Not being sarcastic- just a theory of mine!

This is a concept I've been toying with over the years- I've never heard it or read it anywhere- although, I may have flung it out there in my previous AMD life before leaving, then coming back- just throwing it out here to see what y'all think!

Okay... here it goes:

The general consensus of the age of Earth seems to be 4.54 billion years old! The land masses as they are today, used to be all one mass of land, (supercontinent) about 250 million years ago and was called: Pangaea! At that time, Pangaea began to break up because of several fractured crustal segments (called plates (Plate Tectonics)) sitting on top of the magma deeper into the Earth, that began to drift apart, eventually breaking up Pangaea into several continental land masses for millions of years, into what we have now!

Fact is, some if not most researchers, believe that all of the land masses will eventually drift back, forming a new singular land mass again! That's right nothing will exist as we know it but I believe that what we see today, will eventually be erased from volcanic and quake upheavals and especially- many ice ages, obliterating buildings, bridges, causing new rivers, lakes. mountain ranges and oceans to be formed!

So, Earth literally starts with a clean slate!

Which brings me to my theory:

Since the Earth is 4.54 billion years old and took maybe a few hundred million years (lets round it off to 540 million years) to settle down from its once 'plastic' state (melted rock state) to where life finally took hold- I'm thinking the rest of its developmental stage (lets say 4.0 billion years) has been forming and reforming all this time!

So for the sake of argument, let's take this a step further and consider that if Pangaea broke up 250 million years ago- wouldn't it have been possible that perhaps in 4.0 billion years, there could have been say approximately 8 complete 'Pangaea' formed then break up and reformed cycles?

And here is what I'm really getting at- if there were several 'Pangaea's' over billions of years, is it not possible that perhaps life may have began during each new 'Pangaea' cycle... even intelligent life as we have today (well... all except Congress, but that's another story).

With the Earth constantly being reformed, land masses being renewed after being remelted (about 2 inches a year) and erased by volcanoes, quakes and ice ages, how would we know? I know, people have found rocks dated to about 3.5 to almost 4.0 billion years old (there's always exceptions to any rules) but that doesn't mean features as we know them today, still can't be totally wiped clean off the land masses!

Well, that's about it... Earth may have had intelligent life several times before us and we'll probably never know for sure- just thought I'd throw that out there!

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Jun 22 @ 7:13PM  
Only da' Shadow know

Jun 22 @ 8:09PM  
There was a 'later' Star Trek episode, that the 'crew' met a reptilian race, that came from an earlier Pangaea Earth, who escaped the cataclysm by venturing to the stars.

I'm not so arrogant, to not admit that anything is possible, even if I can't comprehend it.

Jun 22 @ 9:27PM  

Jun 23 @ 12:36AM  
You never know...could be possible.

Now, I wonder, is there any in the scientific field out there looking into that same type of theory?

Jun 23 @ 1:19AM  
I don't think we'll ever know this for sure

Jun 23 @ 11:11AM  
That's a little deep for a broken down old biker don't you think?

Jun 25 @ 6:16PM  
I guess I missed this blog earlier.

It is simplest to believe that this is the first go around on Earth, It wouldn;t surprise me in the least if there really were several cycles.. and perhaps they did not all start on Earth, perhaps the 1st cycle of intelligent life on Earth was a colony escaping some catastrophe on Mars.

I have similar issues with the Big Bang theory of the universe. We are sure quick to draw conclusins from light that is billions of years old.

Leaving you a green cookie -- a recipe that was handed down to me through the epochs from my little green Martian great-great-great etc great-great etc etc grandmother.

Jun 26 @ 7:44AM  
Good read as always Som.
Kudos for the effort.

Jul 11 @ 2:08PM  
I often wonder, who can really define intelligence?
Who is to say, was Robinson Crusoe more intelligent than Friday?
Friday, had to adapt, learn a new language and protect the less capable creature.
Is it the animal whose genitalia hangs outside his body... and is just 1 step from letting it go in the pond, regardless of the outcome?
Or the creature with more convolutions to its larger brain , but whose language and ideology we don't understand?
It appears, that whether humans are involved or not, all life forms here, so far, seem to verge, can tip over into extinction or evolve into a new and adaptive creature.
I am not so delusional to believe that humans, alone are above all, or will survive the evolution of our Planet, our fault or not.
Is the dying of large numbers of Bees, their fault? For choosing not to adapt to new plagues and poisons?

I handed out my favorite After The Rapturemint's... for all of those left behind!
And, finally on 5/22/11, at least 50% of those who accepted them, got it!

Hell is where you make it!
And intelligence can exist in many forms.


Jul 11 @ 2:37PM  
Is This Really Earth's First Attempt With Intelligent Life?
People have been calling others morons for years as if they are the smartest ones on the block. I guess they have attempted many times.

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Is This Really Earth's First Attempt With Intelligent Life?