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posted 6/20/2011 4:14:43 PM |
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I have have a story to tell, and then a few things to say.....
I was at a diner with my cousin the other day. In that same diner the was a woman talking to her child.... She had grabbed him by the arm, and was jerking him around, saying in a very low voice "... you little shit, just wait till I get you home! Don't get brave just because we are in public! I'll still beat your ass black and blue!" .... If she had done this anywhere else I would have not been able to hear her, however she was doing this in front of my table....
The kid broke free of his mom and ran screaming from the diner... As he ran outside my cousin ran to follow him, and I stood up to confront the mother.... I did to her what she had just done to the child.
I grabbed her by the arm digging my nails into her, and shook her real hard. Talking real low I told her..." listen you little shit! We live in a small town, and the first time I see you or your son in town and he has bruises on him I will beat you down... Don't think that because we are in public that I won't beat your ass black and blue!" ... After that I let her go, and simply asked her...." it doesn't feel good to be treated like that does it?"
Now on to what I have to say... I was lucky... My cousin is a cop. The childs Mom was later arrested after my cousin found severe bruising on the childs back and ribs.... However, most of the time abuse is never cought, and nothing is ever done to protect the child being abused.
So if you see something like that happening, do something about it. Most bully's will stop if someone stands up to them.... It is not in their nature to beat on someone that can defend themself.
When a child grows up to be an adult, he/she takes with him/her the treatment they received as a child. Alot of them grow up never knowing that the abuse was wrong at all, and as an adult repeat that abuse to their own kids, or the people around them..... Remember...The children you see today will someday be in control. If you want to be treated well by them in the future, you need to treat them well today.

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Jun 20 @ 4:32PM  
I am opposed to abuse. But a child acting up and getting corporal punishment is fine by me. I did it to my daughter, she does to her son. No one is abused. I didn't have the balls to act up in public as my mom, or worse, old man would take my ass out back and discuss it in no uncertain terms.

I busted my daughter's as in public when conversation did not work. She recalls it and not only understands why it happened, but as an adult, supports my actions thirty years ago.

There is too damned much conversation, enablement, and ass kissing. When they become adults and hit the workforce they will discover that they are not special or entitled. After a few times of getting canned, they figure it out. My daughter did.

As a result of no accountability, too many kids act up in public IMO. Now, if corporate punishment is administered, mind your own business. If a child is being abused, jump in. I wasn't there so I can't say.

Jun 20 @ 5:11PM  
Good- glad she got arrested and gets everything she has coming to her!


Jun 20 @ 6:26PM  
And when that little shit of a kid grows up, thinking he's above the law,
comes into your room, slits your throat, I hope the last thing you see, is
his smile, knowing you enabled him to not know, right from wrong.

Jun 20 @ 6:51PM  
I agree with you. abuse is horrendous. I got my ass beat by old man, a PE teacher/coach. I was never abused. He knew where the line was and stopped short. I only got one ass whupping I didn't deserve... I was falsely convicted on circumstantial evidence. Every meeting with the belt beyond that, I deserved and made me a better person down the road. In hindsight, that was the only way that you could keep this smart assed rebel in line,

BTW, I did convey this to him. It turned out that he was the same way and my grandfather employed the same tactics resulting in a fine man who retired with five masters degrees

Jun 20 @ 7:42PM  
after a certain response I got for this blog, I made a call to my cousin to find out what all had happened with this kid...mind you this is 4 days later.... After x-ray's it was proven that this kid had at one time or another gotten his bones broke. His mother never took him to have them taken care of.... The police know this because there are no hospital records, no private doctor records, and no insurance records. I can support punishing a kid that is acting up.... i can not and will not support a woman that let her anger get the better of her with a 6 year old child, and broke his bones. If on the off chance that the child broke his bones on his own, i can not and will not support a mother that could not take the time out of her life and have those broken bones taken care of in the hospital.

Jun 20 @ 9:35PM  
My apologies, you must really be an Alpha Chick to assault the woman
that attempted to traumatize her kid even more. The redneck women I know,
THAT would be an invitation to a hairball flyin throwdown. You must have
scared her shitless....
KUDOs to the cops, Child Protective Services, and Courts.....for finding all
THAT information in a couple of, our lazy fekkers....take weeks.
Your people sound better than CSI. Although, those that I've heard, aren't
too fond of Monica Smith over at the Jail there ....some even think she's 'unprofessional'. I've heard that 'Barnes' at the jail, is pretty good.
And that 'WRAY was an awesome deputy......but he's gone.
I'd think that woman, would be more in the news, than that Michelle McCutchan.
BUT...she's old news, huh?
Although, Carrie Underwood does rock.

Sorry, my BS detector goes off, WAY to quickly and easily.

Once again, I'm sorry...and you must 'rock'.

Jun 20 @ 10:01PM  
This is a Touchy Subject.....for many reasons....!
Who knows what Really Happened to cause the bruises!!
I have seen my children all bruised up... from Playing...and from lil accidents!!!
saying in a very low voice "... you little shit, just wait till I get you home! Don't get brave just because we are in public! I'll still beat your ass black and blue!" ....
But..... with that being Said............................... Way To Go Girl!!!!!!!
I gave my children Spankings....when their Will... was one way....(they wouldn't listen!)
BUT...I would NEVER take Pride in Bruising them!!! It would have killed me..if I did that!!!
My Dad...Wore my ass out when needed....and trust me....I needed!!!! I would be dead by now iffin he hadn't...I'm sure!
But I don't think he ever Bruised me!

Jun 20 @ 10:18PM  
knowing you enabled him to not know, right from wrong.

I'm not sure if you're relating to my comment or not but, I meant that since the kid was severely bruised about his back and ribs, his mother apparently was abusing him so, it stands... I hope she gets everything coming to her!


Jun 20 @ 10:38PM  
first of all i would not say that i rock lol.... but i can be scary when i need to be....I learned from the best i guess you could say...i am not proud of it but i will tell you so you can understand.... i did 5 and 1/2 years in a high max prison in Goodyear AZ. I was from Tucson AZ before i moved out here, and in Tucson this would not even make a 5 second comment on the news. out here i know that it made the paper on the arrest sheet, but that was about it that i saw. that was one of the reasons this made me so mad. as for how fast they worked.... i don't really know about all that either, just what my cousin told me. in Tucson you can commit murder and maybe never get caught, out here.... half the time you get arrested before you even get to commit the crime..... then again maybe it is easier with only one hospital, and three private practice

Jun 20 @ 11:06PM  
Good for you and your cousin standing up for that kid. It's hard to really get a "feel" for the tone when reading words. My Dad used to always tell my sisters and me when we acted like brats that he was going to "blister" our asses if we didn't straighten up. And he didn't talk low either. And I will be the first to admit there were a few times Dad had to whoop our butts. But, he never left bruises. It was more hurt pride than actually hurting that had us cry.

There is discipline, then there is abuse. I feel that when an adult hits a kid so hard as to leave bruises, that is abuse. It's a touchy subject, and there are those who have had success with the "time out" method of discipline, and there are those who have tried that method and their kids are out of control.

Again...good for you and your cousin for standing up for that kid.

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