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It really cant be just me...can it?

posted 6/18/2011 7:01:21 AM |
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I keep thinking people are going 2 wake up and realize that our country is broken before the whole fucking mess comes crashing down around us. Dont get me wrong...I love America. I truly believe that this is the greatest country in the world. Unfortunately, I also believe that the suits running shit up in Washington DC are driving us right N2 the fucking ground. These few in power have taken what is a beautiful concept on paper and corrupted it 2 meet their own selfish ends. They have turned the business of running the country N2 a running the country business.

In my opinion, the root of the problem lies in our two-party political system. The Democratic party was founded in 1828 after the old Democratic-Republican party began 2 splinter in 1824, and was finally dissolved in 1825. One of the factions supported Andrew Jackson, who went on 2 become the first Democrat 2 be elected President in 1828, the party's first year of existence. It has gone on 2 become not only the oldest, but also the largest political party in the country.

The modern Republican party, on the other hand, was founded in 1854 by anti-slavery activists from the ashes of what was left of the Democratic-Republican party and first came 2 power in 1860 with the election of Abraham Lincoln. In fact, with the exception of 1864 (the Republicans make a big deal about Lincoln being the first Republican President, but no one wants 2 bring up the fact that he left the party and was re-elected as a member of the National Union Party) every President since 1854 has been either a Democrat or a Republican and since 1904 so has anyone with any kind of legitimate chance of winning the the fucking thing.

And so it goes year after year, with first one party gaining control and then the other, seesawing back and forth now for well over a century. That in of itself shouldn't be a problem, really. Except that whenever one party gains political favor the members of the other party do whatever it takes 2 undermine any possible success! What this inevitably leads 2 is a situation where the only thing ever getting done is the election process itself. Have you ever noticed just how much of the time we are involved in some sort of election campaign? Way more than would be necessary if the shit was working, I assure U.

So what happens is this. Every two, four or six years some cocksucker with an Ivy League education and a $400 suit will start smoozing his way through the neighborhood, shaking hands and kissing babies and saying all the right shit 2 turn the voters against his opponent and get himself elected N2 office. Once he or she is finally elected the focus shifts 2 remaining in office for as long as possible. And why not? The perks are fucking fantastic! Cars, travel, fame...whats not 2 fucking like about that gig? In fact, some of these clowns have been in office since before the fucking Civil Rights Movement! Does anyone really believe that this is really what the framers had in mind when they set the system up in the first place? All of this just so some asshole can send dick pics on the public dime? I dont think so.

But as usual, what I think doesn't really seem 2 amount 2 all that much, does it? I guess thats why Im still...

Keeping U posted,


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Jun 18 @ 7:08AM  
The biggest problem is that people vote for them

Jun 18 @ 12:41PM  
See the response you've gotten in the last 4 hours? It seems that most people either could care less about what's going on in D.C. or... have adopted an attitude of 'well... nothing I can do about it'! Most people here know about what I think of politics and politicians so, I have no problem focusing attention on their abuse of position they were elected to- no matter what party they're affiliated with!

As far as I'm concerned, politicians are the worst forms of low-lifes ever to walk on the face of the Earth! And as you say, it really amounts to nothing but so much rhetoric every election season! And it is true that once elected, everything they do is geared towards staying elected as long as possible! I also agree that each administration has/is geared to the financial ruination of our citizens- why? To be in total control of our society for some stupid reason(s)! I doubt they (politicians) could accomplish that in a face-to-face confrontation, as it would probably end up in a 'Red Dawn' type of scenario or an all out revolution! So, the way to do it is to choke us off financially (busted down to nothing)!

Guns? Well, just make them prohibitively expensive to own through legislation! That's the real scary weapon they have: legislation...
(to try and restrict most anything they want)... not guns 'n ammo!

And so enters 'dick head' I mean Weiner- this just totally pisses me off:

Weiner sits on $1 million pension

The biggest problem is that people vote for them

No- that's way to simplistic:

The biggest problem is that the politicians have absolutely no responsibilities for their actions! These scandals and the way that DS suggests they are running our country, is far in away ample proof of that!

That gets solved buy 'the people' finally demanding that all elected officials be forced by written law, (amendment to our Constitution) to be responsible for their actions during their tenure in office OR, suffer the consequences to include even being expelled from office, (non of this 'impeachment bullshit- just... gone) with no benefits including pensions for the most egregious events- to lessor punishment to fit the crime! You wanna see a bunch of people sit up and take notice real fast and fly straight with the American people? That's all that needs to happen- just that one thing! Poof- fucking bullshit gone!


Jun 18 @ 8:49PM  
Except that whenever one party gains political favor the members of the other party do whatever it takes 2 undermine any possible success! got that right. Doesn't matter which party one is talking about, both parties are equally guilty of this nonsense.


Jun 18 @ 9:29PM  
The biggest problem is that people vote for them

No- that's way to simplistic:

I disagree, voters get them into office, bottom line. My favorite quote, and I have cited many times on here, is from Winston Churchill, "The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter."

Hell, you can look at the political blogs and comments on here and see that the man was right on They form their opinions often by preconceived ideas and imagery that reinforces it without bothering to becoming educated objectively in the issues.

Jun 18 @ 11:04PM  
I thought you'd be writing a blog about Weinergate.

Jun 19 @ 12:03AM  
I disagree, voters get them into office,

What I meant by: "No- that's way to simplistic:" is yes... voters do get them in but the problem I see is, what is their reasoning behind their decision when they cast their vote(s)? I don't think there IS much reasoning... at all!!

Let me borrow a phrase from trading stocks in the markets, that is: 'Do Your Own Due Diligence'- what I mean by that is, people should do their homework on the candidate(s) of interest, rather than simply voting on non-issues such as hair color, male/female, religion practiced, father figure looking- any and all reasons to vote except for the real reasons to cast your vote!

In other words, we end up getting butt-heads voted in, usually for all the wrong reasons! I would venture to say that many people simply vote a straight party ticket of what ever the party they're interested in and then it's- "well, I've done my part" then leave thinking, that takes care of THAT ordeal!

And so it goes- we end up electing people into office with less integrity intact, than a pirate turned used car salesman in Somalia!!


Jun 19 @ 1:47PM  
Nice blog babe...but Really? You are just not on your game.....What happened to that shit you uzed to write that had me fucking ROLLING???

Git ur shit together dude or I will issue a formal petition to brig back that crazy shit! Have I made myself clear? are right on with your assessment of the fact that those morons in office are running this country into the ground. They can tho. Why? Because at the end of the day, the focus is not going to be on the US. It is going to be on Israel....we are on our way to a One World Gov't and we are not going to be the Super Power....and Obama knows why should he give a fuck about how he runs this country? It's just not going to matter anyways!

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It really cant be just me...can it?