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I'm Kind Of Grey...

posted 6/12/2011 9:02:32 AM |
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tagged: opinion, life, thoughts

When I last left Pervia...there seemed to be a lot of drama. Oh hell...what am I talking about?! Pervia ALWAYS has drama. That's probably what makes it Pervia. But for some me...the drama seemed way more intense...and the comments seemed way meaner than they needed to ever be.

It's interesting though...when you put two humans together...whether in-person...or in always get a mish-mash of different opinions and varying points of view. It's those varying POV that will sometimes clash and cause us to lose our temper. It's called being human. And since we're all humans in Pervia...(and yes...this includes bunnies...toads...sheep...and squirrels )...I guess it's only natural that sometimes when tempers flare...lingering frictions will result.

I was feeling this friction...I am human after all...but where I think I differ from some people is I don't view the world in black and white. My world is kind of grey...and I've just never been an all or nothing kind of person. It's simply not in my nature.

I also don't view people as either good or bad...because I feel we all have both of these traits inside us...and since we all have differing POV...and we all interpret things differently...everyone's definition of good or bad would never be the same anyway.

I guess the reason this topic is on my mind today is because I hate when people sit in judgement of other people. We are all multifaceted...but we don't always see all the different sides of someone else right away. I think we should all remember that everyone is entitled to their own opinions and beliefs...and it does not make anyone less of a person...or wrong or bad...if their opinion differs from yours. No one is perfect...and we all screw up and have really bad days. We're also not all going to love each other every day...but we can choose to see people through the eyes of compassion...and this is certainly something I aspire to do daily...although I admit I don't always manage it successfully or very gracefully.

I think life is so much more enjoyable when we when we show compassion towards others ...and work from a place of logic and reason. If we all showed mutual respect for one another...I feel that would make a huge difference in the long run. What's really important is to understand and accept that we are all different in some ways...and the same in other ways. We don't have to feel threatened when someone has a different opinion. It's those differences that make life so interesting IMHO.

With that being said...I'm no different than anyone else. I flounder and fall on a regular basis. When this happens...I can choose to lay there and pout...slug the first person I see...or I can get up and dust myself off...and choose to rejoin the human race.

It's called choices...and we all make choices each and every day. I just think adding some shades of grey in between the black and white is a really good thing to do. I think it gives one a more objective opinion...and I also think grey is kind of purdy.

Not trying to tell you HOW to think...just trying to MAKE you think.

That's all...

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Jun 12 @ 9:22AM  
and I also think grey is kind of purdy.
I'm getting ready to paint my bedroom grey... it's a soft, yet lots of brightness and not white or dull, inviting shade of grey, that will go with just about anything I decide to put in there.
So, I like grey too.
Although I do tend to add quite a bit of white to

Welcome back Kit.
Yes , the drama goes too extreme here sometimes. I just do my best to ignore it, or leave until it feels comfy and friendly again.


Jun 12 @ 9:47AM  
Not trying to tell you HOW to think...just trying to MAKE you think.

WHAT???........ ME... THINK??? Well doing that, would put some order in my life- I don't need no stinking order- I'm happy careening from one wall of life to another! Makes things much more interesting that way! ()

Welcome back Kit (HA!! Like I'm here every day)


Jun 12 @ 9:52AM  
You must be mistaking me for being someone with basic intelligence

Nice to see you posting again Kat

Jun 12 @ 10:14AM  
Interesting read! Greenie for the Kitty!!!
I agree 100%
I "Try" not too let the BS,..... out weigh the Good Shit!!!

The only thing that matters to me right now is......
Do ya... Wanna Fuck?

Good to see ya sweetie!!!! Missed ya!!!

Jun 12 @ 10:18AM  
Good to see you back I hope that you are doing well

Jun 12 @ 10:22AM  
Welcome back on here!

Jun 12 @ 11:02AM  
good to see you are alive and kicking kit. yes the bs do get deep around here at times, but, what do ya expect of a group of .... wait a minute, i'm trying to find a suitable term for them....................... well i guess pervians will have to do. but ain't that more fun than being "normal"?


Jun 12 @ 3:20PM  
Life must be very dark and flat for those who only view things on sided. It isn't good to think only 2 dimensionally. I am a 3D thinker and definately see the grey. Hugs to you yummy KitKat! I am so glad you decided to open your arms and surround us with your genuine thinking!

Jun 12 @ 7:12PM  
Welcome back!!!

Yes, I will agree totally, we are entitled to our opinions, our own individual thoughts and feelings. We are not "perfect" by any means..but, I'd say we all fit here pretty darned good! And there is always room for more to join us.

Drama? Hmmmmm.....does that happen here?

Jun 13 @ 12:09AM  
Well first I think I should say that even tho I am new here "welcome back".... As for the drama, don't let it get you down.... There is more to life then black and white, there are a whole bunch of colors in between..... including grey.... So more power to you girl! And remember.... Joke them if they can't take a That is what makes life go around right? lol

Jun 26 @ 8:00AM  
Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. I appreciate you peeps a lot.

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I'm Kind Of Grey...