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Questions I have for You peeps.......

posted 6/11/2011 5:37:17 AM |
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I was gone for sometime ....several Months even!!!!
I checked in via cell phone almost daily....trying to keep up with how everyone was doing...and I was also trying to Keep up with/Figure out... Whom was doing whom....... !!!!
The Latter part I still don't have a clue about....
The 1st part......I am a little lost on also!!!(How everyone is doing!)
In this blog...I would like to ask some Questions...If you Peeps don't mind?
The Questions are Personal...and are Open for Other Peeps to comment on also!
OK....Here goes the Questions....Yall ready?

1. Anyone from AMD Fucking anyone else from AMD? (I had to get that one out of the way...cause I'm Nosy like that ... )
2. Did Bunny go Meet her "Family"? BTW Bunny...."If I said you had a Beautiful Body...would you hold it against me"? Just asking...
3. Has WoW Mellowed out in the Past few Months? Or am I seeing things Differently?
4. I am wondering about LBS....has she found the right one yet? I wonder if her Son has made it home from Iraq?
5. Has Borty come up with Cool Panties that Wont freeze my Nutz off yet?
6. Has SoftTouch went down to the "Y" yet? If was it?
7. Has rnj...found that special Lady? or is he still doing all ofem?
8. What Happened to KitKat? Here Kitty kitty!!!!
9. When will CL and Griz Get together stay together?
10. Whats Ynot up too?
11. Did Ewe-Wishes...wish come true?
12. Will Girlcountry let me......Oh never mind... I Love love love your Pic lady!!!
13. I do wonder....Does Lisa's Kitty Purrrr?
14. Is Hog out and about cruising on his Hog?
15. Sugar and Spice.... is Sweet...but I have to wonder what the Spice is? Can I taste ...plz? Just asking...
16. Are Pink Toe Nails....... toe nails Pink? I wonder how Pink her Ummm is also ?
17. Does Chucks Lady come here?
18. Does .....Whispering Comet.... really whisper? I'm betting on her to be a Screamer!!!!
19. Can Straddle my Nose...get any Freakier? Has he found that Special someone? Is she from AMD?
20. Can Fckmhrdtnght....Fuck me hard tonight? Sorry I just couldn't resist!!
21. What happened to RJ from NC? IDK..WTF?
22. Was Linda318....involved in the Tornadoes?
23. If Flavorbuster was a Flavor buster..I wonder what what his fav. Flavor would be?
24. Does Luvrgrl .....Love as good as she Looks? Will she let me...find out?Gotta ask right?
25. Has Luna...found her Special someone?
26. Is Sunshine79 ever gonna come play with us anymore? How about all the other sunshine's?
27. Does Chocolatemilf taste like chocolate? Will she let me Taste? oooops....yeah I'm still a HornyToad!!!
28. Can Som...tell me why the weather is so Extreme?
29. Whats the Revdoclove up too? Say a prayer for me plz Bro!!!!
30. Will aftershox master Squirting? If she does....can I Play?
31. Whats Sawdusters newest Creation? Will he share Pics?
32. Is Shyguy really shy? I use to be shy...but after having a couple of Colonoscopy's..I lost that problem!!!
33. Is texastigress a Tiger ...or a just a little kitty?
34. What does the Skwirl do with all of those Nutz?

Do you have any Questions for anyone here?
I have More....and will be back later on to askem!!!!

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Jun 11 @ 7:21AM  
9. When will CL and Griz Got together stay together?
Remember the old 8 balls? I think if you shook one and ask that question the answer would probably come out, " I don't see this happening anytime soon."

Jun 11 @ 7:38AM  
What Happened to KitKat? Here Kitty kitty!!!!

she's still around,heard from her last night, just doesn't drop in here much these days

good to hear from ya toadie ...from that weird Aussie guy everyone forgets about

Jun 11 @ 7:49AM  
I gave most of my panties to The Panty Relief Program at the United Nations emergency fund. Most of my Tinfoil hats are in Skwirlie Girls closet and the Masturbation Detector I sold to Matchdoctor. Plus I went away fo find out where I came back from. Thankyou for reading my blog....Professor Pan.T.Borty.

Jun 11 @ 8:59AM  
Welcome Back!
As to Question #4, Son not only made it home safe and sound from Iraq, he got married and is now expecting my first grand child (Due June 22nd!!!!) So I've given notice on my job with the State of Mo, my last day is June 30th and I'm moving to Washington State so I can properly spoil her!! As for "the right one" I'm working on that one still, but it's not a speedy desperate search by any means!

Jun 11 @ 9:23AM  
As for question number three I think it is more boredom and apathy than anything else

Jun 11 @ 12:21PM  
Question 15.....

In reality..the "spice" is for the spicy side of my temperament..but...ya know..there are other aspects......................

Glad you're back.

Jun 11 @ 12:57PM  
Question 22

I am in the middle. The tornado was in Joplin which is about 100 miles to the South and Sedalia is about 60 miles to the west.

Jun 11 @ 1:24PM  
Has rnj...found that special Lady? or is he still doing all ofem?

Yes he has. Going on 6 months now. She moved in with me almost immediately after we met and I've never been happier

Jun 11 @ 1:48PM  
Yes he has. Going on 6 months now. She moved in with me almost immediately after we met and I've never been happier

Congrats!! Glad to hear/read this. I'm really happy for you rnj.


Jun 11 @ 1:52PM  
...Yeah rnj!!!! Good for you man, good for you! If Toad hadn't asked would you have told us??? That's ok, somethings are just meant to be private.
Casual will get together with griz forever, I just feel it.
I am going to a party tonight and am going to paint my toenails pink, in honor of our own Pink...yeah, I asked off for a Saturday night...why??? The guy who's 50th birthday is one of my best customers and I feel I need to go to show I care. Oh yeah...and to have some fun!
Family??? what family was I supposed to meet? I have been going to see my Mom alot and working on cleaning out her house. I met my birthrite Mom in 1990 and my 2 sisters and go to Minn almost every summer to visit. This year I am going in Sept, I just bought my ticket Wed.
Apparently you are on the net, so I am guessing you got a job and life is going smoothly I right...I hope so!
We never forget you or the aussie 2 are some of our fav's!!!!!

Jun 11 @ 2:17PM  
Has rnj...found that special Lady? or is he still doing all ofem?

Yes he has. Going on 6 months now. She moved in with me almost immediately after we met and I've never been happier

Every good boy deserves favor Congrats, Rich

Jun 11 @ 3:17PM  

No.# 17 --- NO she doesn't.

Jun 11 @ 3:18PM  

I like your blog.

Jun 11 @ 3:37PM  
Master squirting? Me? I dowbt I will ever master anything. Just enjoying thee journey. Sometimes bumbling amateurs have more fun...

as to your second question, do you know what to do with ropes , a flogger and a riding crop?

Jun 11 @ 3:40PM  
#29..No good and if you get a good parking spot next time at Walmart,
thank Hank, the god I pray to

Jun 11 @ 3:44PM  
Can Som...tell me why the weather is so Extreme?

Welllll... ummm, yessss as much as I can anyway! Ya see... you've heard the expression: garbage in, garbage out when inputting data into a PC?... Well- seems I entered the wrong set of coordinates meant for your area into my weather controller PC and what kind of weather conditions to put in those coordinates- and I also inadvertently entered in a fudge factor I call the 'WOW' factor that I shouldn't have and made things way fucking worse than it normally would be.

Now, unfortunately for you and everyone else in your area, my weather PC is down hard and I'm waiting for a part located somewhere in Yemen and it ain't shipping until the unrest is done there!

Sorry man... shit happens- I'll get back to ya!


Jun 11 @ 5:24PM  
17. Does Chucks Lady come here?

not that I have seen.... in fact, Chuck's profile is gone now.....

Jun 11 @ 7:49PM  
Here's a few More..Questions I have for yall Peeps !!!
BTW...Thanks for Playing along!!!! Yall Rock!!!!
You Peep's have made this Very Interesting!!!

OK...on with more questions.......
35. Is "Dickslippery's" dick... all that Slick? The Ladies wanna know I'm sure.... (sorry bro...I just had too ask!!! )
36. Will Lilofval send us Pics anytime soon? I cant wait to see'em!
37. When will Alybai cum Play with us?

...from that weird Aussie guy everyone forgets about

You don't think I forgot about ya.. do ya? Silly man!!!!
38. Will Tassie Post more Jokes ? Can he make us LOL like he use too?
39. Do yall Wanna Fuck or What....


Jun 11 @ 8:48PM  
#31 not much if anything really new, but some of my blogs will give ya small hint of why. i can't get anything to come together around here now, except a bigger mess than i had the day before it seems. oh well, one day i won't have to worry about any of it any more. or anything else, but not looking forward to that day. i hate to think of waking up dead.

Jun 11 @ 11:37PM  
19. Can Straddle my Nose...get any Freakier?

Yes, I think I can certainly try

Has he found that Special someone? Is she from AMD?
Are you kidding me???! I don't think I'm ready to settle down yet.

Please delete my previous comment

Jun 12 @ 10:05AM  
8. What Happened to KitKat? Here Kitty kitty!!!!

Jun 13 @ 9:09AM  
Here's a Couple more Questions......
40. I have been wondering...How Dangerous....."Dangerous Curves" Curves really are?
41. Will Purple Prophet turn" blue" if he hold his breath long enough? Just asking!

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Questions I have for You peeps.......