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Arright you Fuckers... I'm Back..

posted 6/9/2011 9:47:03 PM |
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You missed me, din'tcha? Oh come on.. admit it.. someone already told me y'all were bemoaning the Skwirl's extended vacay from Pervia. Yeah, I know some of yas saw me over on that other social networking site playin' games and postin one liners.. but now... now you've gone and done it.. I'm back!

Let's see.. when did we last talk.. hmmm it has been a while. Well, got the other knee worked on. That was a horror story in itself. Oodles of stuff wrong with this one.. they hadda take Cthulhu out of it and banish him to perdition etc.. and it felt for a long time like they had left some blades all up in there. Yup.. every time I moved it I took someone's name in vain. Sometimes I made up words the likes of which you've never been subjected to.

Weather.. yeah it rained for 42 days straight.. then we had two days of sunshine, then it rained for another 39 damned days straight. Thus proving the old adage that Oregonians don't tan, they rust. The webbing between my toes was starting to get kinda firm and well formed til the sun came out two days ago and burned it away.

Y'all know I've generally got my garden looking like a jungle by now, not so much this year. Here it is June already and I'm just getting seeds in the ground. They'd have drowned any earlier. Plus I didn't feel like swimming around planting.

Once spring finally hit Southern Oregon this year, it did it with a vengeance! It smells so goooood out there. There's a big old Elm tree outside my bedroom window.. it's COVERED with pink climbing roses and the scent comes blowing into my bedroom whenever the breeze blows. Mmmmm.

I'm fixing to empty nest again tomorrow. My daughter and her Husband have finally found an apartment of their own and I can wander around nekkid again. Just in time!

Let's see... anything else? Nope, not that I can think of.. same day new shit..

Thanks Bruce, for calling and checking on me.. that was sweet.. and why he is one of my true friends.. cuz he really does care.

So, what the fuck you Pervs been up to? Anything fun going on? Anyone gettin laid???

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Jun 9 @ 10:04PM  
Ok, I'll be brave enough to say it...yeppers...I missed my favorite bushy tailed Skwirl here raising all sorts of hell.

(btw...thanks, now I'm hooked on Hearts! ) Just haven't had much time to be over there last couple of weeks. Story of my life...busy with homework, yard work, and it's picking back up at work right I'm busy, busy, busy!

Summer was hitting us with a vengeance, and today it nose dived. Yesterday we had heat advisories, temps at 96 with a heat index of!!! High today was a whole whopping 68 degrees. One good thing about it...a/c gets a break. All this rain and heat has the grass growing like crazy, along with weeds..(been a BITCH keeping up with those darn things!), my catalpa tree has "little sprouts" growing where I don't want the foundation of my house! But, I'd rather have this than a foot of......not gonna say that word! Don't wanna think of that nasty stuff for at least another 8 months. ( Yeah, I know, that takes it into February..that's what I counted on )

And now, back to some more homework. Break time is about up. And here is a welcome back kudo for you.

Jun 9 @ 10:09PM  
Woo hoo! Welcome back!! Seen you a few times on the other site but I don't reply or comment much there....

Me... yeah I have gotten laid lately!!! My man friend bought a new 4 post bed and tied my ass to it the other night!! and then!! had his way with me!!! I just love toys!!

You just don't know how important your knees are to you until they are fucked up and hurting!!!!!! I'm glad you're feeling better!! And you're gonna get better and even better!!

every time I moved it I took someone's name in vain. Sometimes I made up words the likes of which you've never been subjected to.

LMAO!! that's fucking hilarious!!

Weather has just been hotter than dammit here and no rain in sight, although it's rained about a mile up the road but not here....

There's a big old Elm tree outside my bedroom window.. it's COVERED with pink climbing roses and the scent comes blowing into my bedroom whenever the breeze blows. Mmmmm.

Please take a picture of this!!!!!!

Happy to see you back in these parts! Keep coming!!


Jun 9 @ 10:10PM  
Good to see you back. In Texas the forecast is for the high nineties to low hundreds from now until late September. For AMD the forecast is for continued boredom with scattered stale jokes with a mix of failed humor attempts.

Jun 9 @ 10:11PM  
Roundup sugar!!! Roundup!!! Pretty tree.. but nasty residue... kinda like the mimosa's here... they are pretty but reseed everywhere and a pain in the ass!!!

Jun 9 @ 10:26PM  
Is that short for Catahoula Hound ???
Glad to see you back Skwirly girly

Jun 9 @ 11:01PM  
Welcome back Skwirly Girl!!! I have missed your home grown tales of growing up and telling it straight without giving a rat's arse about politically correct feelers.

Hopefully you are on the mend and with stop taking names in vain and start screaming names in pleasure and extasy instead.

Good juob on the kids moving out so they are no longer cramping your style and ya can run around nekkid again.

I haven't been around much as life is kicking my arse with busyness. The salmon derby started again for the next 2 months so I am am a fish weighing fool. Feels good when I give away that $40,000 though.

Other than that sewing until 3am to keep up with that other 4 letter word... work.

Love ya and have missed you girl!

Jun 9 @ 11:19PM  
Welcome back, missed you

Jun 10 @ 12:34AM  
I thought you went mental...wherever mental is....I've been there more than a few times, but can't remember what it is....

I won second place in a photo contest with two hundred entries, bought a new Nikon with all the bells and whistles and have been communing with Mother nature. Got some fabulous Osprey shots of them building their nest and they dropped me a large I have two raptor feathers for my medicine bundle....

Got some shots of a muskrat today. I've been out every day for about a month....

I must say I've neglected my panty collection with all this photo stuff and my panty bushes are looking somewhat tepid.

Jun 10 @ 1:30AM  
...I missed you!

Jun 10 @ 7:22AM  
Although I do get to see you on other site, welcome back, Sam.
Continue to keep healing. Maybe running around your house nekkid will help speed the process.
Well that or help it get stronger as G chases you around til you let him catch you.

Jun 10 @ 8:13AM  
pfft , talk is cheap.........
i don't believe that ya run around nekkid at home,

we'll be needing photo graphix proof and what this i hear ?
borty gots him a new beaut camera and i'm pretty sure he'd volunteer to take the pix

Jun 10 @ 8:39AM  
Hey Skwirl....missed ya!!

Jun 10 @ 9:23AM  
glad to see ya back skwirly, missed ya.

still not getting anything here, and to see what has been going on in general, you can find some of it in my blogs. nothing good except i didn't get flooded out, and now the temps are hitting mid to high 90's.


Jun 10 @ 10:01AM  
Heyyyy... nice to see ya back Skwirl!!

I haven't been on much lately- been busy packing and repacking stuff (try'n to compact more stuff in the same space) get'n ready to move a few miles from here this month or maybe next- depends on how lazy I am I guess!

Other than that, nut'n much new here!

Anyway, glad to see ya back and btw, why is a skwirl's tail shaped like a '?' when sit'n... does that mean all skwirls have dubious and/or questionable characters?


Jun 10 @ 11:41AM  
Welcome back..... Lady!!!!!
Oh yeah...I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack also!!!!!!
Oh Ummmmm...Do ya ...Wanna Fuck?

Jun 10 @ 2:26PM  
i wonder naked sometimes too

Jun 10 @ 8:32PM  
Good ta see ya back Sammy!!! An lookie....OHT, PP, Linda, Borty...oh gaud, just like old home week...sigh.....

Sorry ya had such a tough time with those knees but it sounds like you're doin' better...'n I do hope you stick around here...please???

Yeah, the rain. OMG will it ever leave us alone so the farmers have a smidget of a chance at gettin' in their crops??? I has stormed all afternoon and came down in buckets.

Anyhoo...glad to see ya back and ornery as ever...

Jun 11 @ 12:53AM  
Hold the hell on! WTF? 5 cookies? What's a Skwirl gotta do round here to get a plateful? Sing and dance?

Truth be told, while I didn't miss the bullshit I did miss you Pervs a whole bunch. Just yanno when all you can do is whine... you don't really need to share it with everyone and I was so totally there. Wrote some specktackular poemtree though.. full of cuzz words and swears and loads and loads of punk chew ashun .

Drugs'll do that for ya.

My gosh it's been a long time.. where to start..

Hi.. hearts has kinda lost it's gloss since Miss Mary Helen left for the Summerlands..but i still enjoy it. . yay for gettin laid... hi... hi.. Cthulhu... painful bastid. DC... mmmm salmon.. mmmm $40k. Hi Linda ... raptor feathers??? is that legal up there in Canadadia? We can get in trouble for any raptor parts down here. Maybe you could invent some raptor panties? BTW.. what are you doing out of your closet? Missed you too miss powder puff tail! Hi.. hi some more.. Howdy, how ya doin ... yup missed you too.. you wanna see me nekkid.. come find me.. missed you too... Duster, real sorry to hear about your Bro and issues.. I hope things clear up for ya... No, Som we question authority and almost everything else.. but our characters are always upstanding. .. Yes! Yes I do! I know I saw you wondering naked.. Sooooooooooooofty! sigh.. I missed you too.

phweeew... I think that's everything..

Jun 11 @ 12:54AM  
PS: Borty, congratulations on your win! Now then.. where can we see your photos???

Jun 12 @ 10:07AM  

Jun 12 @ 2:03PM  
Hey Skwirrly!! Hell yeahhhh I missed ya!!

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Arright you Fuckers... I'm Back..