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So, what about George Bush?

posted 1/18/2007 4:13:12 PM |
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A nation for the people, by the people, etc.,. Yet, he says, regardless of public opinion, he's stead-fast in his idiocracy. In other words.....Fuck the people!
So, this is our options come voting time? You get the choice between 2 dumb-fucks to represent us. Both extremists. Totally left, or totally right?
For the people, by the people, etc.,? Yes, I feel them oozing feelings for the normal, average guy that only has 1 house, 1 job and simple taxes. Like they ever had that issue.
Clinton was going to be impeached for a blow-job! Not like he was a rep for America either.
Here we are, tryin to "fix" other nations that actually have integrity, values and religion. Yet, we shit on our own people on a daily basis. Mostly, the veterans that risked their lives to support other countries, fighting for oil.
What ever happened to the voice of the people? The vast majority? The poor, weak and disheartened? The people that actually pay so these stupid bastards can get educated? Educated on what is another question.
Who are they gonna elect next time? Osama? George Clooney? Pee Wee Herman?
The whole idea of democracy sickens me.

Just my thoughts.

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Jan 18 @ 4:22PM  
I know the country is just about split on bush, but i don't share your opinion on this blog. i have learned not to discuss politics with friends, along with religion, and i'm going to continue doing this.

Jan 18 @ 4:24PM  
I had heard that Mayor Rudy may run on the republican ticket, Don't know if he can run a country but he has my respect for running NY city through a bad disaster and keeping it together. Lady Clinton on the Democratic ticket, well she already has eight years experience, lets be honest she had more to do with his term than he did. And She isn't the first, Nancy Reagan did a lot with Ronalds time in Office. I think it is time for a new party, a serious party and a possible look at trying new things. I have found new intrest in a straight tax system designed around sales tax. If we can't tax everyone on money they make tax on money they spend. And how about a social medicine program it works in some countries and we are the best country. we can do it. just a few thoughts.

Jan 18 @ 4:25PM  
who's george bush?

Jan 18 @ 4:26PM  
I nominate Ricky Martin. Why? Well he has to be better.

Jan 18 @ 4:33PM  
I've always wished we could vote "NO" and if no got the majority both parties would have to put up new candidates. I am one of the people that believe everything they say when they run for election. So one guy says the other guy screwed his daughter, and the other guy responds that the other guy screwed his dog, I think they both told me the truth. That means I have to elect either a guy that molest little girls or a guy that molest dogs. Hell of a choice.

Jan 18 @ 4:40PM  

Bush Senior

Bush junior

Jan 18 @ 4:42PM  
Zippy it does no good.

Every election I vote No on Yes.

Jan 18 @ 5:17PM  
normaly i'd not do politics either BUT....this one is so easy....your right for the most part ....but then again ...ANYONE who thinks GOD told him to be president??? OMG

Brewsters Millions....NONE OF THE ABOVE!!!!!!

Jan 18 @ 5:43PM  
People seem to forget about what democracy is. It's not a popularity contest. It's not as if we're choosing contestants for American Idol or Last Comic Standing. Regardless of how comedic the joker running for office is.

The popularity contest is based on rhetoric. The person in question will say all sorts of thing to try to get your attention. They will perform publicity stunts to get you to believe they are a nice guy. But democracy isn't a popularity contest.

It's a job interview.

Think about it. If you were the exec sitting behind a desk, you'd have to be a goober looking for brown nosers if all you did was hire the guy in front of you becuase you liked his suit and thought the way he spoke was amusing.

No, what you really should be doing is looking at the resume. What has this guy done. Can it be confirmed he did it? Is it something that will help him in his potential position? What does it say about his personality?

Let's take a look at some credentials: Clint Eastwood. Actor, but also was a sucessful director and producer. Philanthropist and businessman. He ran, successfully, as a Mayor and did a great job. Well of course he did. Do you know the management and people skills it takes to be a producer and director? The diplomatic skills it takes to be a writer? Of course he was going to be a great mayor.

In comparison, Gov'nah Ah'nold. Experience: Actor (moderately talented), Producer (unsuccessful, for Last Action Hero), Director (poor, for "Tales from the Crypt" episode). So was it any stretch that he'd cock it up? He's used to publicity and watching money roll in, but that's about it.

But let's use Knight's comparison: George Herbert Walker Bush Sr. Credentials include a successful oil business, service as vice president for two consecutive terms, and being director of the CIA. Okay, so the guy was a bit conservative for my likeing, but he was a good prez.

However, Baby Bush is another story. He has records of AWOL and disorderly conduct in the National Guard. His positions in the oil business were only ones that he gained through nepotism, and those routinely lost money. In fact, there's almost no job he ever had that he didn't get bored with and walk away from. So is it any surprise that he's dropped the ball?

Next time it comes time to dimple your chads, do everyone a favor. Don't vote for a guy based on how bright his smile is and if he has something clever to say. Look at his resume. After all, he's supposed to be working for you, right?

Jan 18 @ 5:54PM  
Damn right Dominus! BTW, why can't I find the little red dot to follow a thread anymore?

Jan 18 @ 7:15PM  
U know...I don't agree with Bush most of the time and I am convinced that this war in Iraq is more about oil than it has ever been about WMDs or terrorism.


Jan 18 @ 7:56PM  
Once again...Dominus is right on the money....

The problem is....the vast majority of the american public believe what they hear from the MEDIA...this in and of itself is very scary and Dominus said....know who you are your homework....watching the local news and reading your local paper does not constitute doing your homework....

Research the sources from which your information comes....we have who we have in office because we have bought into the LIES that come from the MEDIA.....

Has anyone ever heard of the movie: OBSESSION
It is a documentary on Radical Islam.....ever wonder why we don't hear much about that from the Bush administration????

I disagree with you on this one DS...I believe this war IS about terrorism and the vast majority of americans have no idea what is going on behind the scenes....all we hear about is Al Qieda.....a few words here and there about Hmaas and Hezbolla......Wake UP People.....we are about to get our asses handed to us and it ain't gonna be by Al fucking Qieda......mark my words.....I would put money on the idea that Iran will be the first to attempt to bomb the US and I predict it will be inside 3 years......

So....anyways back to the original issue.... no Bush has failed us all over the place.....but.....maybe if the american public understood the importance of their vote....maybe things would be different now.......

Jan 18 @ 8:27PM  
Seems to me some people are forgetting we are really lucky we even have the RIGHT to vote!

Jan 18 @ 8:54PM  
Before we invaded Iraq, (Al Qieda sic) hated Sadam. Women were allowed to go to school, work, dress as they wished, and people were allowed to worship as they pleased. All of this was blasphamy to them. Please, PLEASE, don't take this as saying Sadam was a good guy but don't think for a second that (Al Qieda sic) was the strong force in Iraq that they are now. We haven't stopped terrorism or slowed it. We are creating it now. Imagine how much safer we'd be if all those troops in Iraq were searching cargo containers and patroling our borders here instead of being there.
(Chas steps off his soap box and says, I do respect your opinion though. At least you are informed and know how to think for yourself.)

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So, what about George Bush?