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Dr's Orders...Spend Time With A Good Friend....

posted 5/29/2011 7:32:40 AM |
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Sometimes it's so much easier to give advice than to take it, isn't it?
I have a friend that I am always telling to go do something and get out of the house, you'll feel better. But....

Lately there's been a lot going on personally or with those I care the most about.
My daughter, Griz, and one of my very best friends.
And there is nothing I can do to help any of them. And truthfully it infuriates me. I am used to being able to figure out a way to help...some how.
There's not even anything I can do to fix things going on with me.

Although this is usually the time when I am in Minnesota or getting ready to go, it's not happening any time in the near future. My car is messed up and unsafe to make the drive. And even if it were reliable, money is the next issue.
You remember money... it's that stuff most of us used to have a little bit of and now when we reach in our pockets we find lint. and if we are lucky enough to find any, it goes in the gas tank.

The darn injections in my knees didn't help at all this time, (6 months til the next ones) and the weather isn't helping matters.
My depression and I are fighting a major battle lately with it winning more days than usual. And it's all left me feeling pretty much useless.

So yesterday when one of my best friends.... yes, I have more than one of them. How lucky am I... came over for the third weekend in a row and said we should go to the green house and find some flowers to fill my pots out front,and she was paying for them. I declined.
Without realizing it, I chose to just sit around here feeling bad. One of the very first day in weeks and weeks there hasn't been rain, or lately storms, and I was just going to sit indoors all day.
Usually I would be pulling someone else out......but lately I can't seem to take my own advice.

Eventually I gave much as I hate to admit it, she's as hard headed as I am. And she finally got tired of being told no and a million excuses.

So we went to a little greenhouse in the country. Plants looked pretty pitiful, so nothing there. Looked another place, still nothing. Did I mention I worked in a greenhouse for 9 years and am really picky? As is she.
Then we drove around out where she grew up in the country and she shared a bit of her childhood with me.
That was fun. But sad as so many of the fields are completely under water and those farmers and amish don't stand a chance of planting this year.

We went to the grocey store and grabbed a few things that were on sale for a really good price, including ballpark franks for $.98 when they are usually $2.99. Limit of 6 so I had her grab some too. My grand daughters would live on hot dogs and it is grilling season.
And we found flowers there in their huge summer gardening section. So I picked out some flowers to plant in my pots.
She was going to grab a frozen pizza for dinner but decided we should go to Red Lobster instead, her treat. Again, I've been turning her down on this offer for over a year, and finally said yes. By then I was starving.
OMGosh, it was wonderfully delicious.

To make sure the hotdogs were okay, we grabbed a well frozen cheesecake that was on sale for half price and put in the bag with them. It needed to thaw and they needed to stay cold. Problem solved...

We are not supposed to have any rain until next Thursday, but 15 minutes after we got home,and I watered the plants, it poured and I could hear thunder in the distance. surprise, surprise, surprise. So nothing got planted yet.
But I had a really good day.......and felt so much better last night.

The best part of the day? Enjoying the sunshine and time with my friend while we drove around and she spoke of her childhood with lots of love and fond memories. We haven't gotten to spend time together for quite a while and this was just what the doctor would order.

Now, hopefully the rain will stop later today and I can get my flowers planted... Stupid rain!!! And I think I'm having clams and ice tea for breakfast.

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May 29 @ 9:35AM  
I'm glad that you got out and about
Always helps when you're feeling blue

May 29 @ 10:07AM  
Staying in the house all day can become a bad habit.

May 29 @ 6:36PM  
Staying in the house all day when the weather is beautiful is a bad thing! On the few nice days we've had up here, I was out in the backyard with my dogs enjoying the warmth of the sun and listening to the birds, other dogs in the neighborhood barking, and on occasion I could hear kids playing. It felt GOOD to be out of the house. I love my house, but, winter months, I can't stand being inside. Even when we get a mild day in the winter, I'll go out in the backyard with the dogs and throw snow balls for them.

Thanks to facebook, I've reconnected with 3 of my childhood friends who I've lost touch with over the years. We've been having a blast reminiscing about things we had done as kids, and of course catching up with what we've been doing in our lives. It's been fun.

May 29 @ 9:06PM  
Staying in the house all day can become a bad habit.
True in a lot of cases.

May 30 @ 11:19AM  
Sorry to hear your so down but sitting in the house is sure not the cure. I find any thing I do outdoors makes me feel better and if I get the bike out for a ride it changes my whole additude.Hope your days get brighter and things become fun and full of adventure for you!

May 30 @ 1:13PM  
As we know, depression can kill you or you can let it kill you or you don't have the strength to not let it kill you. Unfortunate for many the one who dies is the one who is less likely to know how much they are loved and needed in this world. If you can look to the light at the end of the tunnel you will find that your depression is manageable, you are a lucky one.
Unlucky are those that can't get out from under the heavyness of the depression. A very important person that has made a hugh difference in my neighborhood comitted suicide last Tuesday morning. He was a wonderful person, full of energy and let's get it done attitude.
As many times as we had talked I never had an incling that he had depression. I am very intuitive, but this time had no clue. It is a sad day when you wake up and find out you lost a very special person. I am sad and so hurt that I didn't know his plight. I am more hurt that he left a beautiful family, friends, and a neighborhood of people that truly admired him for his ethics. I am devestated for his feeling of emptyness and found he couldn't find the light at the end of the tunnel.
It's over and done. There is no life for this one. If you are on of the people that suffer deep depression then take it as a clue, you need help. If you always pull yourself out of the fog and live then you are lucky even if it doesn't seek like luck, the alternative will hurt you and all those that love you and were meant to love you later in your lifre.
Please save yourself and stay to love those who love you.

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Dr's Orders...Spend Time With A Good Friend....