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posted 5/19/2011 5:09:32 PM |
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Hi everyone,
Long time no see...Don't come around much anymore. The drama get's to me and I have to take a break. Plus I get bored.

Here is my issue..Where I live there is a HUGE problem with prescription drug abuse. There are(were) pain mangement clinic's around but people of the area got them shut down. There has been people that have OD'd on pill's. Young, Middle Age, Old. These people who died abused them to get high.

What pisses me off is I need to be under pain mangement care. I was told by my family doctor 8 year's ago to go to a pain doctor because he was not one. I needed to be monitored monthly. I had lot's of test's done, physical therepy, shot's in my back, nerosurgeon, chiropractor's, ect. I followed the guidelines of being under PM (pain mangement) care. I didn't abuse my meds. I didn't sell them, I didn't use them to get high. I needed them to daily to be able to go to work, do my job with not being in a ton of pain.
I have a ton of legit records proving what is wrong with me. I find a PM doctor, go for a few months then the DEA, Local Cops, ect come in and shut them down. This has been going on for years now and personally I am so sick of dealing with it. I gave up last Nov. I don't take anything for pain except OTC (don't help).

I feel like I am being judged for taking meds for my back. I hear take motrin. I wish that would help but it don't.
I went from working almost full-time to 20 hours a week. I can't stand for more than that. I can't sit at the computer long, I lay down for a while then get back up. I can't clean my house because I am in pain .
Why should I have to suffer because other people want to abuse them? I didn't tell them to use them to get high. But yet I am the one who has to suffer because of stupid people.
I want to scream everytime I look at the paper and there is another doctor who is shut down.
People need help and I personally can't get it.

I just want to fucking slap some people who judge me and don't know me or what my situation is. I want these people to live with what I have to live with 24/7. They think it is easy.

I have never seen so many hateful people in my life like the one's who live in Scioto County.

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May 19 @ 6:59PM  
JMHO, 99.9% of people that take pain meds, will gladly stop taking them, soon
as the pain is gone. Too many small minded people that have never had serious
pain issues are quick to judge.

And, it's easier than stopping the illegal drugs than come in from the southern borders..... THAT drug war was lost years ago, it's easier to 'win'
the one against the helpless.

May 19 @ 11:14PM  
Don't come around much anymore.

A lot of people don.t

I do hope that you get some relief some how.

May 20 @ 5:06AM  
lifes story darlin, only takes one or two idiots to stuff it up for everyone.

nice to see ya back too

May 20 @ 9:16AM  
Your family doctor can't write you a prescription for this pain? That's different. Never heard of that before.

Yeah, that truly sucks that a few idiots make others like you suffer. I hope you can find a doctor who can help you with this pain.

May 20 @ 9:33AM  
Tammy, I don't understand why your physician won't write you scripts for needed pain medication since it has been proven and documented that you need them.
I think I would look around for another physician.

My doctor is very careful about who he gives pain meds to, and he randomly drug tests to make sure they are taking them and that they aren't taking anything else or too many. But he does give them. Well prescriptions for them.
IF he has proof that they are needed.

Good luck, Sweety.

May 20 @ 9:31PM  
My old doctor is a idiot..He has the worst bedside manor ever..He is a rude asshole. Who thinks he is something else. He will not prescribe me pain meds. I was told by his office to go to a pain doctor. Finding one is like finding Mr. Right.

When I was in Pain Mangement I was drug tested to make sure I was taking what was prescribed to me, and nothing else. I had pill counts done to make sure I was where I should be..It just sucks to be labled as a "pill head" because I need help.
Around here if you take anything for pain you are a pill head even if they belong to you and you take them..

Maybe I should start smoking pot I hear that helps with pain.

May 21 @ 12:10AM  
Sadly, Scioto County is the poster child for Hillbilly Heroin'. This county in the state has receieved a lot of attention here lately with all the drug abuse and pill mills going on here. I believe the network A&E did a documentary called "Hillbilly Heroin" (which aired nationwide) on this county and it's people that were so addicted to these drugs this spring.

It's pretty much an epidemic here to where a lot of people have fallen victim to this. It's very heavily abused.

Tammy, I hope you find some relief for your back.

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