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Will the "REAL" MEN Please Respond

posted 1/18/2007 10:43:37 AM |
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Ok...after having just read Dom's blog on the cost of his cock...another fabulous read.....the question occurred to many men really think like that? There are so many of you here who's blogs I read and comments I read and I do these guys come from? They are sweet, genuine, respectful, protective, caring, honest guys.....Who are you? Are you guys really for REAL? Why is it that men like you are found in random hidden places like AMD and not found in our ( well, My) everyday life......

Now...I am a woman who has far more male "friends" than I do female friends.....that is another topic all together....but what I can tell you is that my guy friends are no where near as honest and real as so many of you guys are....WHY????? Why is this....I will honestly say that in some small and odd way...I feel honored that you guys are here......honored that you are willing to be real with so many of us......

So...Gentlmen.......are you the "chosen few" who are here to remind us that "YOU" are still out there.....that "you" are not a figment of our imagination.....and that yes are truly the gentlemen that you portray yourselves to be and that we should not give up?

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Jan 18 @ 10:50AM  
and taken

Jan 18 @ 11:09AM  
You might not get many responses to this blog from the guys you want. Those of us that aren't (They are sweet, genuine, respectful, protective, caring, honest guys.....Who are you?) will write with answers and fake it like we're what you're talking about. The guys that really are (They are sweet, genuine, respectful, protective, caring, honest guys.....Who are you?) usually don't realize it OR they would never believe that they deserve the honor of the title. What a conundrum! OK, that was my two cents on the subject and I probably over charged. LOL

Jan 18 @ 11:40AM  
Sorry but they are a figment of your imagination, they get all there info from a book its on amazon dot com for 19.95 its called how to BS a woman on the net...Sorry....

Jan 18 @ 11:46AM  
While I quite sure I'm not in league with the men you describe... I'm also quite sure that I am 95% real and 5% from concentrate.

Jan 18 @ 11:58AM  
i'm pretty sure i'm real......sure woke up with real PAIN ..soo yeah..i'm real.......yeah for me....

morning sugar!!

Jan 18 @ 12:00PM  
Lets be real here. There are no men on this site like that. This is and ADULT dating website. They might be nice and sweet, but we are all here for one thing and it not to capture you heart.

Jan 18 @ 12:15PM  
Regular dating site=Pressure and crap about relationships
Adult dating site=Let your hair down and have fun.
It comes down to if youre on here you probably have one thing on your mind.And so many ways to go about getting can be nice(yes some girls find this a turn on) can be funny , you can post responses to stuff like this etc. hell you can even whip it out and see who bites(had to say it)...but bein nice sometimes comes down to just not bein an ass, really not a hard thing to do , hehe he said hard...

Jan 18 @ 12:19PM  
I'll disagree a little with that last comment. Everyone on this site values sex, but there are plenty of folks here who appreciate it most in the context of a meaningful connection. It's a recurring theme on the rather crowded forums here. Wanting sex and not being a manipulative a-hole are not mutually exclusive.

Jan 18 @ 12:21PM  
milflover speaks for himself not for all. Sure we are here for sex, and some of us for more than that. Since you are married, milflover, you already have catured someone's heart.

Jan 18 @ 12:32PM  
Hey BIGFLIRT! I need the book! I checked Amazon and it's out of print.
No, really, I think most of the guys that are the worst pricks on here think that they are OK and normal. I think most of the males that are on here for any length of time learn a lot about how to be nice, easy going, open, caring and respectful if they use the blogs and actually read them instead of just trolling for women. The guys that get offended when they're called on the carpet for something they said usually leave after a while and the rest learn something. Besides the entertainment, isn't that the main reason most of us read the blogs?

Jan 18 @ 12:47PM  
Well I'm here luvrgrl. And I am really who I say I am, yes I like sex and would be lying if I said otherwise but if that's all I was interested in why would I waste time talking a young woman out of committing suicide and be grounded as a result?
To anyone who thinks I am not a genuine, caring person let me say you don't know me as well as you think.

Jan 18 @ 12:48PM  
Just to clear one thing up I didn't think it a waste of time talking to that young woman, she needed some one to listen and I happened to be there for her.

Jan 18 @ 12:51PM  
This is a great topic OP!
First of all, The honesty you say ur male friends dont have like u find here. Well i bet those friends are more open/honest when they are online.

And yes this is an adult site and sex is the main interest here. But I have a question for everyone here...If you want to get laid, can you do it today? If you want it, can you do it?

I know that i can. And i would bet that if not everyone here, almost everyone could.
So if that is the case, then why are we here? It must be for more than sex?

Maybe im off base with this, and if so, it was just a thot.
And OP...Dont give up!

Jan 18 @ 1:10PM  
I am a lot like you in that I tend to get along much better with women than guys! I have no idea why! I do get along fine with some guys just not the bad boy types! having been that way from 17 to 38, I did meet and enjoyed many women however, as one gets more mature then for me I mellowed and found that attitude is not manly nor macho but obnoxious and not what most women want in a relationship however, women, mature or not want to have hot sex with a bad boy but want a relationship with not a bad boy! Great! So I have resurrecteed a wee bit of my bad boy self because.....well it just feels right! I am caring and honest and romantic and take my time so don't ask for too much more right off! Ya Hear Me!

Jan 18 @ 1:29PM  
Has it occurred to you that maybe the reason all these guys are your friends is that they think they may "have a shot at you"? Or at the very least, they are hoping that hanging out with you may make them appear more desireable to other women in your "pal environments" (bars, beaches, coffee shops, excetera). They lie and are dishonest because if they told you the truth, it may knock them off the list of possibilities.

If you told these male friends flat out that you were never ever going to have sex with them, how many of them would still hang around and remain friends?

I am always honest with my friends. My female friends know that I am only interested in women for sexual reasons. As a result, if they aren't interested in me sexually, then they at least help me look appealing to other potential women. My female friends have made the best wingmen.

Jan 18 @ 1:51PM  
Maybe i should also state for the record that several of my male friends are that eliminates the "waiting to see if they can bag me" theory....and I do have a few guy friends that I have NOT had sex with and they are well aware that I am not interested in that type of relationship with fact one of my very closest male friends is married with three kids....he's like my big brother...I knew him years before he even got for the rest of my male buddies.....I try not to think I am "all that" as to automatically assume that that's all I am good for to me stupid....but.....I think I am a little smarter than that!

Jan 18 @ 2:12PM  
I have to disagree totally with {Dodetect and Milflower} I think most of us on here
{ at least the ones I've talked with } are for real. I know I am I am NOT on here just looking for sex. Sex is great and I love it,but what I want more then anything is A long term comitment or long term friends. If the benefits happen ? So be it.
I spent 18 years raising my two boys alone.Devoting my time to it and making sure they graduated hight school.They DID.My father died and I spent the next
13 years taking care of my mother who had Alzhiemer.24/7 by my self with no help. It has been only the last year that I have been alone and able to think of me.
To answer your Question; Most women only want the Bad Boys,leaving most of us good guys out here looking and hoping.I have nothing in my heart but love and respect for women.Along with that love goes caring, you can not love without caring,and you can not respect them without being honest.My sisters have always told me, that I am the kind every woman wants.But I have been to busy with my
kids and mother 'til now.My Ex was quite young and a drunk and only wanted her freedom.So She gave me the kids and left. They were 6 months and 18 months
old when I got custody.


Jan 18 @ 2:19PM  
Hmm,,an adult dating site does not give you the right to cut loose and be an utter pig..and does not mean that we are only for sex,,it only imposes that we are more in touch with ourselves and we admit loud and proud that sexuality is an ongoing factor in our lifestyle. I prefer to keep it real, and anyone who knows me, knows I am the same person on here as I am in person but,,heres the catch, most that are real arent really looking only window shopping.

Jan 18 @ 2:26PM  
Nice guys finish last! When, in the 'real' world, us guys notice that the women we crave always tend to gravitate towards the assholes.
Why? Because the assholes have game! Women "say" they want a nice, sweet, sensitive, nuturing guy. But, be that..........they find you too sensitive or too clingy.
Put a bad boy in the picture............look out! I was a total DICK when I met my wife. Her dad pulled a gun on me to chase me off. And, over the years, I've found that, when I AM what she says she wants, she likes me less.
"REAL" is only in the perception. Look for sensitive? You'll be trying to find the Man inside of the wimp. Find a prick? You'll be looking for the under-lying feelings, the sensitivity.
The "real" men are still out there. Most are just scared of exposing too much. At some point, it'll bite us in the ass.

Jan 18 @ 2:27PM  
Well, one of my favorite research studies to quote is the one from the Journal of
Personality and Social Psychology, December 1999 Vol. 77, No. 6, 1121-1134, entitled Unskilled and Unaware of It: How Difficulties in Recognizing One's Own Incompetence Lead to Inflated Self-Assessments.

As the title implies, the higher the degree of incompetence, the more likely an individual is to shout loudly about their skills. I'm not talking about the way someone can provide data when called upon or cite a resource or even show you a skill.

What I mean is that just like the old addage where the person who wants to govern most is probably the one least suited for government...the same applies to people in general.

So the ones you have to be most wary of are the guys who say "I can satisfy all the ladies", and try to prove it by simply blowing their own horn.

Jan 18 @ 2:59PM  
I personally think, that the "Good Ones" on this site are those men and women who are comfortable enough in their lives to be real in sexuality as well.

If you aren't, then you have insecure feelings and therefore have something to hide, such as your sexual inhibitions. AMD is a place for us comfortable with ourselves to explore sexuality & be happy with it. We can blog here about anything and everything (save the rules & common sense), and we do! Those uncomfortable on this site, I feel, would be inclined to -not- post a blog. To reveal your feelings to the community is an open action and usually ya have to be comfortable to do that.

Case being, welcome to AMD, a place where sex and all other things compliment each other, and is openly accepted as so.

I wish you the best of luck with AMD, I hope you find one you're looking for... because if the "IRL" world is not getting you much luck, then I hope somewhere, AMD can give you results and become your "IRL", too.


Jan 18 @ 3:15PM  
Lets be real here. There are no men on this site like that. This is and ADULT dating website. They might be nice and sweet, but we are all here for one thing and it not to capture you heart.

Milflover...speak for yourself, PLEASE!!! Making broad statements like that and attempting to speak for every man on this site is not only conceited as hell but insulting to the men who are here to capture someone's heart.

Jan 18 @ 3:22PM  
after a few of the comments to your blog,first off,i am not fake,i dont say things to get into someones pants,you either like a guy like me or you dont,i am upfront with women on what i am looking for,i love sex and i am just looking for a rel and honest women,i do believe in my partners pleasure,i like to see the smile on my female partners face and hear her moan with pleasure,when i meet someone,i am a gentleman,i am upfront and honest,yes,i agree there are alot of jerks and assholes on here,some have big egos,and yes most guys are out just for a piece of ass,as for myself,i am for real,i am looking for a local female friend that loves sex,i am nice and honest,yes there is onley a small number of guys here that would be nice to you,but like they say,everyone is differant,i have talked to women that were rude and liers,one of your comments that you got by a fella said,nice guys always finish last and the asshole gets the girl .he is pretty much right,us guys here that are for real and treat a woman nice,its harder to meet someone because they have met some of the assholes on here and are kinda gun shy about meeting anyone else,i admit i am here looking for a friend for adult fun,but it doesnt mean i am going to treat them like shit and that i want them just so i can bust a nut,i think sex should be fun for both people,pleasing,and i like my partner to want more of me,i dont know if some women like being treated like shit and just used,but i am not like that,sex is so much better if you are comfortable with who you are with,if there is atleast some trust,even if you dont become friends you should atleast treat your partner nice

Jan 18 @ 3:44PM  
The trouble is, (ahem) if I might throw my $0.02 in to the debate. Mind you, I'm the thread killer these days.

The problem is the mythos of the real man. Bys are taught not to act this way, do these things, "it's not manly" Factor in the such factors as peer pressure. I know for certain that even I would be teased and called "puusy whipped" just by the way I talk to and treat Sunny, by my friends. I just have enough balls to tell people to go fuck themselves. Holley perpetuates a stereotype of manliness, an arch type for young men to strive to be like. While these heroes are seen for their testosterone fueled toughness, they rarely are shown having an honest, forthright, tender side. Why, it goes back to my first point, boys don't ask that way.

Anyway, to be a real man means you have to buck the system, to be a bottom dwelling sub-creatin just buckle and cave in to the norm. So to the real men raise your glasses, because the douchebags can kiss your asses.


Jan 18 @ 3:55PM  
Hey plenty of real men in the world. It is just that is too easy to be confused and lied too by the douchebags. but hey I think most guys here active in the forums and blogs show more of themselves than they know. And It is really easier to be yourself when you are talking to a computer screen. I know there are hundreds of people who read stuff I write. But Really I am only telling to one person. The computer. Most of us would maybe be a bit more reserved in public.. Lets hope anyway.

Jan 18 @ 4:04PM  
When I came here, the place was a different world. I started blogging not knowing others were reading it, I was doing it for me, little did I realize I was putting so much of myself out there I'd garnered a following lol... I can't be someone different now if I tried.

Jan 18 @ 5:22PM  
a lot of good points , here. thing is , no one is really getting any sex here, right. so in frustration , you just say what you feel, cuz u doubt any one real is going to read it.

Jan 18 @ 5:50PM  

Jan 18 @ 6:03PM  
I am a normal respectful, smart , funny guy! and most certainly not imaginary

Jan 18 @ 6:29PM  
wow..hell of a list of answers....well you KNOW why i'm here.....for the fun...ANYTHING after like icing on a cake....not NEEDED but nice to have....and tetons IF Your not gettin what you want here.....reflect on maybe your doing it wrong.......someone else mentiond not being able to get laid out side...well...IF i understood that (pain meds bear with me) thats just dumb...shit face to face is WAY easier to be nice n charming then via keyboard......or maybe it's just me? course that person would have to ASSUME ..just getting laid was the now i wonder if he's anohter not getting what he wants here?

ever notice people complain bout not gettin what they want but keep doing the same dumb shit expecting the results to just magicly CHANGE?? well THAT is dopy ....anyway...i'm just rambling..but got lots to ponder...

Jan 19 @ 12:11AM  

6 hrs 48 mins ago
a lot of good points , here. thing is , no one is really getting any sex here, right. so in frustration , you just say what you feel, cuz u doubt any one real is going to read it

I'm begging to differ.... I don't mean to brag but ask Sundance64 if I'm a real man...

Jan 20 @ 6:50AM  
real guy here. with my real pics. adult site so i am gonna post my naughty ones.

didnt read Doms blog - just tellin u real guy here.

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