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Well this just sucks!!!

posted 4/25/2011 7:00:31 PM |
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tagged: rambling

Drive into work this morning, gas was $3.84 a gallon, coming home...fucking $4.17! Oh, and the "reason" for the high jump here?

Patrick DeHaan, a senior petroleum analyst with, said refinery problems in Whiting, Ind. are contributing to the gas-price spike in Michigan.

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And I still say that somewhere, someone's wallet is getting fatter with these higher prices.

I'm thinking about maybe a Pinto pony...should I go with an English side saddle or good ole western saddle?

Oh yeah, I saw a Chevette today..I didn't know there were still any of those damn things still running. I used to hate those cars...too damn small. My sister and our friend used to get a chuckle out of me calling them "shovettes". And I saw a car couple of days ago that was the funniest looking damn looked something like this funny car. I actually laughed when I saw this little thing zipping around town the other day. Ain't no way on this Earth I'd drive one of those!! It looks smaller than a Chevette! What I'd like to get my hands on is the Chevy's a nice looking car.

So....who here is going to watch William and Kate's wedding? I got CBS nightly news on and they're talking about the wedding. That William, looks a lot like his mother.

Ok..that's my rambling for tonight. For those who's comments "wait for approval"..sorry, recent events I have set my comment settings so friends can comment without having to wait for approval. Just done dealing with the sludge that won't go away.

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Apr 25 @ 7:10PM  
Good post I had read that the oil prices had spiked and that gas prices should start moving downwards a bit. One thing I am happy for is that I thought all of this as it related to turmoil in the middle east would impact our grocery prices. I haven't seen it here, thankfully.

who here is going to watch William and Kate's wedding?

Not me. A big BFD here. I wish them well and will leave it to others to throw the rice. A couple getting married in England is of little to no concern to me

Apr 25 @ 7:16PM  
And I still say that somewhere, someone's wallet is getting fatter with these
higher prices.
Yeah, my understanding is that oil speculators are driving prices up more than supply
and demand is. Nervousness over the state of affairs in Libya is a factor, as they are
a major oil supplier.

But that's just me; I'm far from an economics expert!

Apr 25 @ 7:32PM  
Rising gas prices is going to make electric cars to go up in sales. And just remember when you use to bitch about someone leaving a light on to save electricity. Welcome to the full circle of bull shit life.

Apr 25 @ 7:33PM  
Libya is an oil producing state but not a major contributor to the US market. The fear is the unrest spreading to countries that are major contributors to the US market.

Apr 25 @ 7:39PM  
Rising gas prices is going to make electric cars to go up in sales.

This may be the kick in the ass that this country needs in moving away from gasoline powered vehicles.

Apr 25 @ 7:40PM  
The fear is the unrest spreading to countries that are major contributors to the US market

One time I hear that Saudi Arabia is one of our "biggest" contributors, then today, I hear it's Canada and Mexico, and then yet another time it's Yemen. I'd like to know...WHO is our actual main supplier? You listen to different news's always a different country. It's enough to make you want to

Apr 25 @ 7:55PM  
And I still say that somewhere, someone's wallet is getting fatter with these higher prices.
Electric car business.
This may be the kick in the ass that this country needs in moving away from gasoline powered vehicles.
I seen it coming a mile away but I doubt gasoline cars will become obsolete in our time. It would be un American.

Apr 25 @ 8:07PM  
It's all good, as you will get IT in the end...

Was looking at a '92 Geo Metro XFI on ebay.....yeah, a car that'll get
EPA est. 58 mpg on the highway would be nice, but I can't see paying
three grand for a 19 year old import. Too bad Gubbernment Motors
does not have the technology to make cars like that.....

As for that wedding.....(sigh)....feel for anyone that whose whole family
is constantly under that big a microscope.

Apr 25 @ 8:17PM  
Now isn't that interesting? 8 comments, yet, 208 views.


Apr 25 @ 8:40PM  
And I remember when Bush was President and gas prices soared. The thinking then was that since Bush and Cheney were "oil guys", they "allowed" the prices to go up. I remember gas hitting over the $4 mark when Bush was in the White House. I also remember it was amazing how it dropped to about $1.87 during the election. And it stayed in the $2 range for the last couple of years, and now, in just a couple of months, it's soared up to over $4 a gallon again.

Politics? or Greed? What was the reason last time? Bush lining his pockets because of being an "oil man"? What is the reason today? Because Obama wants everyone to buy an electric car?

Seriously...what is the real reason for this? Government has been taxing gas for years, well before Bush or Obama was President. Maybe it's the Saudi's wanting more money for more gold toilets. Oh yeah, I hear the old "supply and demand" excuse floating out there. Since the last time prices soared like this...there hasn't been a lot of driving on the roads..I've noticed around where I live. When gas was still under $2 a gallon, the expressways were insane on Friday evenings during the summer months. Not anymore. least around here, that "demand" has not risen. So..what's the real reason? For YEARS gas hovered under $1 to a little over $1..then it started to creep up, and Clinton threatened to not buy anymore, and it stopped, and dropped a little. Bush won...and it stayed pretty much under $2 a gallon, then in the last year and a half of Bush's presidency, it flew up, fast. Why? Speculators? OPEC greed? How many refineries blew up or burned while Bush was President? Then, the election comes around, gas nose dives to just under $2 for a little while..then creeps back up to the $2, and then, in the last couple of months flies up over $3 to now $4 a gallon.....same thing that it did when Bush was in the White House.

So....what is the real reason? From where I'm sitting, it isn't a Republican nor a Democrat plot...not when this same scenario played out with Bush in the White House.

Apr 25 @ 10:08PM  
Gas prices suck and they are only going to continue to rise.....

I'll watch the wedding if I'm awake but I'm not setting my alarm for it... But knowing me, I'll be awake!

Apr 25 @ 11:16PM  
Canada is America's largest supplier of oil, electricity and natural gas..

Apr 25 @ 11:43PM  
And we're pretty much paying for what's going on in the middle east.... nice!

Apr 25 @ 11:44PM  
This may be the kick in the ass that this country needs in moving away from gasoline powered vehicles.
Doing a little more thinking on this it might just be a way to shorten the profit of outsiders & get us back to par or normal meaning affordable gas prices.

Apr 25 @ 11:48PM  
It is $4.45/gal here now and rising weekly. I walk to the store a little over a mile away now that the weather is better. Glad I work at home and don't have to deal with traffic or a commute like big cities.

But these gas prices are still affecting my business as the cost of freight to Alaska is INSANE! I still have suppliers that think I am on the moon and will not ship to me with USPS flat rate boxes as they think they need to fill out a customs form. Sheesh all they gotta do is put a different zip code on it and it is the same rate as anywhere else in the lower 48.

Fmy big orders the barge, UPS and fedex are alltacking on fuel surcharges. Bring back sailing ships.... yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.

Heating oil is about the same so it is far cheaper for me to turn on my electric wall heaters as the new windmills have made electric relatively cheaper. Love that $60 increasen my monthly power bill over a $220 monthly oil bill anyday too.

The next improvement I make will be to change out the propane water heater tank to an on demand propane unit. Then I will no longer be paying to heat water I am not using.

Apr 26 @ 12:00AM  
But who in the Hell wants to spend money buying a fucking electric car when all they have to do is keep the gas prices at a reasonable rate. Damned if you do ... Damned if you don't I tell you.

Apr 26 @ 10:01AM  
I got a vehicle that works for me and it gets 140 MPG.

Apr 27 @ 6:10AM  
Yes, prices are on the rise sugar, but it isn't from shortages. If you listen to the oil guys closely and OPEC, they all say there is an oversupply. Exxon is going for record profits again because of the prices ... brought on by speculators and futures traders. Sort of like what the banks did to the mortgage mess. If oil was sold as a commodity, like it really is, then the price would be controlled and way lower than it is now.

If I'm going to be fucked, I would at least like to enjoy it .....

Apr 27 @ 9:27AM  
propane water heater tank to an on demand propane unit
Smart move..I had four of 'em om my boat for showers and cooking..
Work great and that was 25 years ago..Probably much better engineered by now..

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Well this just sucks!!!