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Tongue Piercings

posted 1/17/2007 9:18:49 PM |
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tagged: oral sex, piercings, straddle, kinky

How many of you women have tongue piercings and have given a guy head and he totally enjoyed it more than without your tongue piercing? I hear that makes such a HUGE difference in when giving head to a guy. I have actually never had a woman with a tongue piercing give me head, but had a few women give me head without them. How many of you guys experienced the pleasure of a woman with a tongue piercing? Love to hear all the details and movements with the tongue piercing on what is done to the cock.

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Jan 17 @ 9:49PM  
I've never had a woman give me head before that had her tongue pierced before so i don't have a clue what that is like but I have had it done with pop rock candy and all i can say is "WOW"

Jan 17 @ 9:52PM  
Ouch! That sounds painful.

Jan 17 @ 10:43PM  
pop rocks, never tried that, my ex husband enjoyed my "alka setzer" trick i learned about from a friend

Jan 17 @ 11:13PM  
I gotta throw my 2 cents in....LOL
I've had 2 men with their tongues pierced go down on me....
and it just didn't do a thing for me ....And then again, maybe
they had no clue what they were doin'!!

Jan 17 @ 11:18PM  
Just when I though I had experienced alot, yall come in here with poprocks and alka seltzer, I'll have to learn the secrets for that...... Great blog though Straddle and as A man, I don't mind admitting that I like blow jobs. Big shocker huh.. , but seriously I think this is worth a kudo...

Jan 17 @ 11:19PM  
No tongue piercing here...I have grown rather fond of having enamel on my teeth. Can't say that I've experienced even kissing a guy with a pierced tongue much less anything else.

Jan 17 @ 11:33PM  
sunshine.. I must disagree with you I had a man go down on me with a tongue ring and I almost proposed. Never came so hard in my life. Big thumbs up

Jan 17 @ 11:35PM  
OMG how about altoids, or ice? No piercings here either, i like my teeth just the way they are.

Jan 18 @ 12:01AM  
hot coffee or Creme de menth? or pepermint schnaps?

On tongue piercings: if someone knows what to do it can be great, however if you try to go deep, it presses your cock in a distracting way. If you don't cum quick, it gets irritating too, it is metal after all.

Jan 18 @ 12:29AM  
I have had my toungue peirced twice, however the guy I gave head hated it. He said it was too rough and hard. I also have my labre peirced and once I got told that it feels good. I personally hate a guy who has his toungue peirced...doesn't feel right.

Jan 18 @ 12:32AM  
Ohh and if you girls have never tried it, when a guy eats you out, tell him to try in use a popcicle, that's always fun

Jan 18 @ 2:18AM  
I have been with two women with tongue piercings. It's really not that big a deal when they give you oral. With or without is just about the same.

Jan 18 @ 3:08AM  
Personaly I have never had anything like that. I stay away from piercings. I want skin not metal. But a good blog question straddle.Another kudo from me.

Jan 18 @ 3:14AM  
trying the popsicle really sounds fun though. need to find a willing partner for that one....

Jan 18 @ 3:45AM  
I can't recall ever being given head by a woman with a pierced tongue but I can say that one of my ex girlfriends used to like ice on her clitoris and nipples.

Jan 18 @ 7:48AM  
Never experienced getting head from someone with a piercing, but I can tell ya that when receiving one with Ice or Halls Menthol cough drops, there was nothing better. It works well when giving to the lady as well. I also like to use LifeSavers and play Search and Find. I can only imagine what the Pop Rock Candy felt like.. I am not a big fan of the Alka Seltzer taste but can imagine the sensation must be great. I am sure most anything with a fizz reaction would highted the sensation for the man or woman on the receiving end. Darn it Straddle now I am so hating being Single again..

Jan 18 @ 9:40AM  
hey OMG i volunteer, may even show ya the alka seltzer

Jan 18 @ 10:37AM  
Would love to delve into the merits of tongue piercings, altoids and pop rocks; alas I am somewhat naive on these techniques. What I do know is: There is no such thing as a bad blow job........ some are just better than others. The more the better!
Kudos Straddle

Jan 18 @ 10:50AM  
A little twist to the topic....

I slept with a guy once who had his cock first I was a little freaked out....all I have to say is this: Ladies: If you haven't done it....DO IT!!!!

Unfortunately the guy was a head case.....but he was amazing in the sack!

Jan 18 @ 3:22PM  
Never had a gal with a tongue piercing. But, I've had them with pierced nipples and clits. Those were very fun!
I can't see how it'd make a differance. Either she knows how to do it or not. A lil metal ball can't make much differance. Unless it's vibrating.
A buddy of mine got his tongue pierced. We all gave him hell. Told him we heard it was guys that sucked cock.
I'll hafta look around and try it out so I can give you a proper answer. I know this gal...........

Jan 19 @ 3:32AM  
I've not pierced my tongue. i feel i sound odd enough. but i did recently get a Labret...

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Tongue Piercings