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posted 4/23/2011 1:05:32 PM |
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After a great amount of research online, talking to friends and trying out a disposable, I've gone electric! With electric cigarettes that is! I bought the disposable version first. Just to see if it would be satisfying enough to invest in the kit. I was pleasantly surprised! Smooth taste, very similar to a Camel Smooth. I smoked it over the weekend and by Monday I was convinced. I went back to the smoke shop and purchased a kit. Now, the sales lady I spoke to the first time advised against the Gamucci brand. But when I went in to get the kit, I tried to save some money. Since the Gamucci kit was $20.00 less I went with it. Big mistake! Absolutely horrible! Tasted like jet fuel smells! After one night of those it was back to the smoke shop! So I splurged and bought the No7 kit. After I got it all home I discovered that the Gamucci kit wasn't a total waste of money as all the parts interchange! So now I have three batteries, two atomizers, two wall chargers, two USB chargers and 10 cartridges. I also invested in a bottle of the nicotine oil so I can refill my cartridges.

Long story short, I've not had a "real smoke" since Tuesday morning! I wouldn't have smoked it then but had some left and at the price I wasn't going to just throw them away! I'm loving this new system! I can smoke in my house, which I've not done in over nine years! I can even smoke in my office at work! Has helped me cut back on those trips to the vending machine when that three o'clock wall slams into me every afternoon! I found the oil online for the same price but in many different flavors as well! I'm considering chocolate next time! I figure kill two birds with one stone so to speak! Kill off my chocolate cravings with my smoke cravings!

I'm hoping to eventually wean off them and quit completely. But until I do, at least I'm not smelling like a dirty ashtray anymore! My car is smelling nice and clean again and my nose is working alot better too! There's the added bonus of saving money! While it was fairly expensive to get started, I shouldn't have to buy anything else for a very long time! Several of my smoking coworkers have been so impressed they are considering purchasing the kits as well!

I was just wondering if anyone else in Pervia has tried them? If so, how was your experience?

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Apr 23 @ 3:15PM  
First off, CONGRATS, Stormy... I am very proud of you.

I'm not smelling like a dirty ashtray anymore!
I hate being around people who smell like that, especially with allergies and asthma. It about kills me.
Maybe my daughter should give this a try. Going to tell her about it.

Keep up the great work!!!

Apr 23 @ 3:58PM  
Somebody, Softie perhaps, posted a blog about this a year ago. The electric cigarettes got mixed reviews but mostly ineffective as I recall. Good luck with it!

Apr 23 @ 4:14PM  
I tried them and they didn't work for me. Maybe it was just my mindset at the time.

Apr 23 @ 6:37PM  
I quite smoking about 6 or 7 years ago. They didn't have those electric cigarettes yet. I've asked Mom to give them a try as she still smokes. She says she will, but I've to see her do it.

Congrats on moving on from cigarettes and onto this. Hang in there and someday you will wake up and decide you just don't need this stuff anymore.

Apr 23 @ 6:40PM  
I figure kill two birds with one stone so to speak! Kill off my chocolate cravings with my smoke cravings!

You forgot the most important one..Your health will improve..

Apr 23 @ 7:29PM  
i got a electric G/F.....i found them to be cheaper than the real thing........and they only smoke......after sex

Apr 23 @ 8:52PM  
Treas: Thanks! I'm just taking it one day at a time!

Bruce: mine have been very effective for me. Even while drinking a cold beer! Only the habit of going to the porch to smoke them is hard to break! That and trying to 'flick" off the ashes that don't exist!

GirlCountry: I think you have to be in the mindset for it to work. That goes for quitting any habits.

Sugar: you might try getting her one of the disposables to try out! Go with the No7, it comes in Regular, Light or Menthol. Tastes more like a real smoke than the others I tried!

RevDoc: I meant get the chocolate oil so I'm not eating the real chocolate either! lol That in itself would get me healthier!

Mr. KUW: Gotta be careful what you plug those electric girlfriends into! The wrong outlet has some hair curling results!!


Apr 23 @ 9:13PM  
Good for you! Anything that helps keep the smoke of of your lungs has to be better... and if it helps you to quit even better. wishing you continued good luck with this and preparing to move. This is an exciting time for you to enjoy!

Apr 24 @ 6:34AM  
by the time i buy my wifes smokes, i can't afford to smoke

never heard of electric smokes but i might look into them for her.
a packet of 50 cigarettes here will set you back $25

Apr 24 @ 7:50AM  
Tassie, I don't know if you can find them there or not, but here's the online link. Most of the prices are in line with what they are in the shop here.
No7 E Cigarettes- Click Here

I DO NOT recommend the Gamucci brand. They not only taste horrible but also have a skull and crossbones in tiny print on the back of the box!! Yes, everyone, I know smoking is bad for you. But that's just scary as hell! The E-Liquid (that you refill the cartridges with) comes in 9 different flavors. They vary in strength of nicotine as well so you can 'step down'.

I look at it this way. I quit before using the nicotine gum. It was nasty tasting, would sometimes blister my mouth and had a tendency to stick to dental work. Not to mention it gave me nothing to do with my hands! This seems to be going much better and alot more satisfying!

Apr 24 @ 2:07PM  
The electric cigarettes got mixed reviews but mostly ineffective as I recall. Good luck with it!
Just very recently on the news it was said that even those will not be allowed in public businesses for image purposes.

Apr 24 @ 2:14PM  
Even if they are banned from public places, they will still have so many benefits for me over regular smokes that it's worth it!

Apr 24 @ 8:05PM  
Keep buying the electric ones!!! My Mom is best friends with the guys wife who came up with the concept.....they owe my folks a shit ton of money!!!! I want them to succeed!!! It's been a tough road......even funnier yet??? My dad i spres of the ALA!!!!! Hows that for fuckin hillarious!!!!

Apr 24 @ 8:29PM  
Sorry Luvrgirl, you're gonna have to be a little more specific on the ALA part......googled it, and damn that stands for a lot of different organizations! LOL

Now as for buying more, I've got enough supplies and stuff on them now I won't have to buy anything for quite some time! Then will just need more E-Liquid! Sorry! But they may not make that much more money off me!

Apr 26 @ 8:23PM  
Just a quick little week down, smoke free! Woohoo! No cravings, no nervousness, no crazy fits, no nausea, nothing! I'm satisfied with my smokeless electric cigs! They're awesome! I don't even miss "real" cigs! My nose is working much better and I'm not constantly snacking like I did before when I quit! I'm hoping the weather will hold this weekend so I can detail my car and get rid of that nasty smell! It's bothering me worse than ever now! Kind of nice having my hair and clothes always smelling fresh and clean!

I highly recommend them to anyone that wants to quit but can't quite go cold turkey!

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