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Nothing like setting a good example

posted 4/21/2011 11:58:58 AM |
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So often I read or hear this phrase, "what is wrong with today's kids". Well, I'd say a big part of it is parenting. I remember very well when I was a kid growing up, my parents were not afraid of disciplining my sisters or me..whether at home or in public. If we threw the infamous tantrum in the store, you all know the one, lay down on the floor kicking and screaming because Mom wouldn't get that Mom...she would just walk away. Very effective actually. What kid wants to think that Mom just "left them"? Not too many. Also, it taught us that Mom wasn't going to give in. Oh, and if we got lippy, she wasn't afraid to give a swat on the rear end either. Hurt the pride more than anything. And now, last but not least, getting in trouble at school. Yep, I'll admit to being sent to the principals office a few times. I've never claimed to be an angel. And, in those days, when the principal called and reported to Mom why we were in the office, it was a long wait in the office till Mom got there. Actually, about a 20 minute wait, Mom doesn't drive, and she would have to walk to the school. But, when she got there, and depending on how bad her kid was, it was either walk home with her and listen to a scolding the whole way, or, sent back to class and knowing that when we got home, we were grounded. But NEVER did either parent think they had the right to just casually walk into a classroom and sucker punch a teacher!

I just read this article on the local news site. Parent punches substitute teacher

Yeah, nice example to set for the kids. I don't care how angry/frustrated a parent is...that is no way to solve a problem. At least, not in front of a classroom of kids. Isn't it any wonder kids think it's ok to go ahead and act out? How many other incidents like this have gone on? Ok, so, if the parent is pissed off over how their child was disciplined, then WAIT till there are no kids present, and TALK IT OVER! If that doesn't get the desired results...then go to the school board. Don't walk into a classroom full of kids and punch the teacher!

Whatever happened to good old fashioned parenting these days? Don't get me wrong, I know there are parents out there doing their best....this is more about those who seem to let the kids rule more so than the adult, who think the best way to get results is through violence...and then wonder why their kids are "out of control".

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Apr 21 @ 12:15PM  
That is definitely weird and uncalled for, but you make sound like it is commonplace when it is an isolated incident. Where we hear of parents showing their ass is at sporting events. There is a story about that every month or so.

Apr 21 @ 12:26PM  
You don't live in this area....this isn't an isolated incident. It's happened before. It isn't just sporting events. Most likely things are different in Texas. Around here, kids are know to be punching the teachers also. No my friend, not isolated around here.

Apr 21 @ 12:54PM  
Around here it is not just punching teachers. There have been parents who walked into the classroom with a gun and pulled it on a teacher. Unfortunately that is not that isolated either.

The only time I could understand that was the one where a teacher had beat a mentally handicapped child for wetting her pants at school. But there would have been better ways to handle it like filing an assult charge against the teacher. As it turned out the teacher was fired and the parent was in jail. A case where two adults had acted like an idiot.

I see a lot of so called adults out there with hair trigger tempers and no self dicipline at all. Put those two things together and it makes for a bad parent whose kids will probably turn out just like them.

Apr 21 @ 1:10PM  
Shit my mom & dad got a kick out of seeing me rubbing my ass when I got home meaning they let the teachers hit me for cutting up. That fucking one inch thick board with holes all in it that the coach had lifted my feet off the ground. Hey !!!! Hey !!!!! I know I strayed off but I'm getting to it. It's probably a father that got a lot of ass busting when he was a boy & couldn't take it like a pussy ... Now he's trying to get his revenge. Fuck I don't know just talking.

Apr 21 @ 3:04PM  
teachers, cops, parents, army members, gangsters, get set up and killed or
robbed and raped and ripped many times many time times times seventy seven.
set him up an knock 'em down...go to a motel 6, call some men with money
to come on over and fuck and fuck and fuck, they are killed by her 'friends' lying
in wait, all their cash, cars etc. stolen, and they are ready and raunchy to
have more fun fun fun playing set him up and knock them down, and run
with the money...gee honey, i love real money.. not funny money..porno approved.
xxx approved..the government let it happen. whaddya gonna do about it? protest?
why americans have gun rights..the wild wild wild let's play
mr. toad's wild wild wild ride...down highway 5 with gas tankers gone wild..will they crash thru the border at calexico or tecate or tijuana to have a major
media event, paid a fortune by the media to do the deed, their kids and wives
set up for life with major they 'the men' driving, sacrifice their
lives for kids ma and money...the media has got to have a major story every
ten minutes or so. or they will have no ratings at all.. no ranting no panting
no ads no nothing no income just zip. and today my neighbors lawn grew
three microns. exciting news eh?? too long of a sermon i admit. sorry..

Apr 21 @ 5:08PM  
Replace father with mother & he with she .... Like I said I was just talking.

Apr 21 @ 5:14PM  
It reminded me of the woman who punched out Chuck E. Cheese a year or two ago for refusing to allow a picture with her kid.

Apr 21 @ 5:24PM  
People are crazy and it seems to be getting worse. No ya shouldnt go hitting teachers but good ol fashioned parenting dont work either anymore.

Couple months ago we went bowling. My son was acting up a bit so we sat him down and told him if he didnt behave he could go sit in the car. Well he shed a few tears an decided he was gonna be good an stay. Some crazy bitch bowling next to us decided to try an tell Rob he was being to mean. Well being mom I told her to mind her own business in not so polite words. After that I sat down to continue watching our group. This bitch ran over and punched me. After I was peeled off her and the cops were called she is now facing 2 assault charges one for me an one for my son who got hit by a thrown beer bottle.

I will still scold my child when needed but here is great example of the shit parents have to take because everyone else cant mind their own damn business. Things like this are why kids are "Out of Control" these days. Parents are damned if they do an damned if they dont.

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Nothing like setting a good example