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Just Keeping You Updated...

posted 4/18/2011 9:11:44 PM |
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tagged: family, update, life

I thought I would pop in and see what's up in Pervia this evening...and to say howdy to all my favorite peeps. No...I haven't forgotten about you. If I'm being honest...I've just been in a bit of a funk lately.

Tomorrow is the 16th anniversary of the Oklahoma City Bombing...and I tend to get a bit melancholy during this time of year. I've attached a link to the story I posted this time last year. It tells of how this tragedy personally affected my life...and the people I knew in Oklahoma City at the time of this horrible event.

I Remember...

But this is really just the tip of the iceberg. NightofOld's passing really hit me hard. He was the first person to friend me back when I first started blogging here in 2009. He and I would talk through emails late a night...since we both seemed to be night owls. I really enjoyed those moments...and I find I really miss them a lot right now.

On the same day Pervia was first mourning Chuck...I found out one of my chinchillas was in grave condition. He had not been feeling well for about a week...and then I received the horrible news that one of his teeth had somehow grown upwards into one of his sinuses. What started out as a minor eye infection...turned into a scary weekend...where the little guy was basically sent home to see if he could make it through the weekend on antibiotics...before going in the following Monday morning for emergency surgery.

I'm happy to say he's doing better now...but he's still not completely out of the woods. I have to wait and see if the tooth that grew up into his upper sinuses will drop down on it's own. During this "wait and see period"...he has to be syringe fed to keep his weight up...since his teeth are too sore for him to chew food right now. If his tooth doesn't drop down...or I find he's in severe pain...or he keeps getting infections...I may have to consider other options. Hopefully...these other options aren't necessary. I'm keeping my fingers crossed...and thinking positive thoughts.

What I've come to discover since rescuing my first two chinchillas in that the male had a hereditary tooth condition that can be passed onto his off-springs. The two originally rescued chinchillas quickly become a foursome within their first month with me...because I did not know the female was pregnant at the time I rescued her. Since she gave birth...I've kept their foursome together. Out of these four chinchillas...three have had ongoing or occasional tooth problems. My vet bill has been over $800 this month because of two of the chinchillas having surgery. One surgery was routine...the other emergency. With the third one...I simply keep an eye on him...and hopefully he won't have to have surgery too often in the future.

I also just recently found out that my mom had taken a very nasty fall when she went outside on her icy patio back in late February. My mom has a very bad back and basically had to crawl across the icy patio...trying to find something she could lean on to help her up. She ended up hitting her nose very hard when she fell face first onto the icy patio. She broke her glasses in fall...and scrapped up and bruised her hands...knees...and legs as well. Of course...she didn't want to worry me when it first happened...because I was going in for surgery that she waited a bit before finally telling me about it.

Now I'm worried for my mom...since she is almost 70-years-old...and is alone for long periods of time when her husband is at work. Telling her to be careful is like telling the ocean to stop moving. Plus she lives all the way in freakin' Oklahoma. How the hell am I suppose to get to her quickly when she's 5,000 miles away?!?!

And then there's my ongoing health which I'm incredibly sick of talking about it. It is what it is. Nuff said.

Continued in the comments...

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Apr 18 @ 9:12PM  
On a positive note...I've lost weight in the middle of winter...sitting on my arse re-cooperating. So...neener...neener...neener.

So peeps...that's what's been going on in my exciting life over the past month. I know it hasn't been a very entertaining blog this evening...but these are the things that have been heavy on my mind over the past few I decided to blog about them.

Please know that I've continued to check into Pervia on a semi-regular basis...and read most of your blogs. I've simply felt a bit disconnected from the world...and because of this...have opted for keeping a low profile until I find myself in a more cheerful mood.

I hope all is well in your little parts of the world...and I wish you all a wonderful evening.

Apr 18 @ 9:19PM  

It just sounds like you've got so much going on right now... Thanks for letting us know. We'll all be thinking of you and hoping things get better! I hope your little chinchy does get better! Can they not pull his tooth? I hate to think about him in pain! And you in pain although congrats on your weight loss!!
Sorry to hear about your Mom too... . is there no one in the family that lives close to her? It sounds like she's having it pretty rough right now too! Bless her heart!

Hugs to you Kat!! Take care of yourself!

Apr 18 @ 9:26PM  
Hi Sweet-pea...funny you should pop in like this. I was going to drop you an e-mail, as I had noticed that you were not around. I'm kind of experiencing the same kind of funk. I know it will pass...but just isn't any fun right now!

I'm sorry to hear about your Mom. That has got to be tough. I am not in relationship with my Mom right now, but miss her deeply.....I can imagine how hard it must be for you to be so far away.

Keep on keepin on beautiful girl! Your presence is greatly appreciated! This I know is true! Big hugs to you!

Apr 18 @ 9:30PM  
Thanks Ms. Pink and Ms. Luvrgrl. Your hugs are very much appreciated.

Apr 18 @ 11:53PM  
This is a very nice touching blog. I do believe in guardian angels, and I do feel that your guardian angel was looking out for you that day. I would like to be able to go visit that memorial some day in person.

I have watched some of the live memorial over the years. It was very very nice, and makes me even more want to go visit those memorials. They honestly had really pretty memorials built to honor those people that lost their lives in this tragedy.

As for Chuck, he is very much missed and will always hold a special place in our hearts.

I hope that you start feeling better soon!

Apr 19 @ 5:00AM  
I've simply felt a bit disconnected from the world...

weeeeeeeell, when ya live waaaay up in the sticks like that ...

Apr 19 @ 5:49AM  
One more for you Kat. Feel better !!

Apr 19 @ 8:01AM  
Always remember sweetie..
You're a winner..
Keep the faith, in whatever, and know that things always
turn out for the best,even if you don't think so at the time !!

Apr 19 @ 9:04AM  
Hi Kit, missed you being here. I hope your little chinchilla pulls through. It's always so hard emotionally when someone or something you love is sick or injured. And, I hope your mom is more careful!!! I too worry about my Mom when she's home by herself with the dogs while Dad is at work. There are 4 dogs at their house, two are my parents dog, the other two are my sisters, and all 4 are lab mix. And the 3 younger ones are very active. To let them out, Mom has to go from the kitchen to the utility room, and when she opens the door, the 3 younger brats barge through that door, and Mom has almost been knocked down the steps a few times. She has osteoporosis, so, a fall down those two steps could have serious consequences for her. I finally got it through to her that when she opens that damned door, to be standing BEHIND it and just let the dogs barge out, and when they are in the utility room, THEN go ahead and go down the steps. I'll call her or catch her on messenger daily and chat with her.

Here's a hug for you... And best wishes to your Mom and your little chinchilla...hope both do well.

Oh yeah, I know ALL about being in a "funk", happens to me every March.

Apr 19 @ 9:27AM  
Geez... and I'm bitch'n 'cause once again I'll be moving again around August! Compared to what you just posted, I guess I'll quit complaining and continue to re-pack to keep the box count low!

Good to hear from you again- I hope things do get better for you!

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