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Moving On

posted 4/17/2011 12:50:10 PM |
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For some time now I've felt that I needed change in my life. While lovers have come and gone, and my friends here have come and gone as well, I felt stagnated. Stuck in place. I go to work, come home, go to work, come home. Occasionally I go out with family or friends to hear a live band (course we all know what 'that' got me!) Most of you also know that my son is stationed in Southern Washington State and my granddaughter is due in just over two short months! It's been bothering me for some time that I wouldn't be there to see her grow and change. I wouldn't be around to properly spoil her or teach her to bake cookies, show her how to fold a championship level paper airplane, what herbs and "weeds" are edible and which are not, or a million other things that I learned from my own grandmother. Not to mention I can't possibly properly spoil her from over 2000 miles away! So a few months ago I started thinking about possibly moving there. I began searching job sites for the Tacoma area, looking at apartments and housing available. I even did a search on another dating site for men in the area just to see what might be available there.

Long story shortened, I've not found my dream job there, oh I have and have applied for several, just no word yet. I sent a great resume and some of the best reference letters I've ever seen for anyone (some of my local attorneys wrote letters that made me cry! They were that touching and to know they think that much of me!)

But one of my Judges gave me something to think about. She said I may never get a position while I'm over 2000 miles away. With todays job market they're not as likely to hire someone that would have to do an online/ telephone interview or arrange for a flight, over someone that could possibly show up the next morning! She and I discussed at length how I have over $5,000.00 worth of vacation and comp time accrued right now, I have close to that much in my deferred comp account that "could be" pulled out if necessary. That if I really want to move, I should just give my notice, cash out and go. That I could always do "any" type of job when I get there and continue to look for my "dream job" while I'm there to walk in and wow them in person!

So after thinking it over, I've decided to go for it! There are a few things to do here first, I want to get all my dental and medical visits out of the way first. Try to talk my Rheumatologist into writing me a script for at least a year on my meds. So with any luck I should be able to head that way just after the birth of the baby! I've thought about changing careers for some time now. If I'm going to do it, I need to do it soon enough to get in enough years to retire before I'm too damn old to work! So while it's scary to think of moving someplace where I'll only know one person, with no job, no insurance and quickly approaching 50......I've not felt this excited about anything in a very long time! I'm looking at it as a great adventure and I'm truly moving on...............

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Apr 17 @ 12:57PM  
Ya know what? I agree with that judge! You go, girl! It may be a bit scary at first, but you can do it....and you're never too old for an adventure!

Apr 17 @ 1:01PM  
Way to go!! Best of luck to you. Enjoy the adventure.

Apr 17 @ 1:06PM  
I admire your gumption and wish you luck!

Apr 17 @ 1:16PM  
I think it sounds like a great adventure, but don't military personel get transfered quite often. What if he moves? I am sure you have thought this all through and maybe he will be staying there permantely. Best Wishes!

Apr 17 @ 1:25PM  
Congratulations Honey! I am thrilled for you! It sounds like great fun! Although, I know scary too...but these are the things that life are made of! Chasing our dreams and seeing them through! Good for you!

Apr 17 @ 2:15PM  
I know some awesome people in Seattle. And the greatest little Irish Bar in Renton where they won't let you be a stranger.

One of my best friends is the chief steward on a NOAA ship and lives in Tacoma. If you needed to find your niche and get introduced to others.. Rick is the man!

Who else cooks with a tin foil viking chef had for crying out loud. One of the funniest peeps I know.

Apr 17 @ 2:41PM  
Thanks ya'll! Yeah I'm really looking forward to it and my son and his wife are so excited! Kind of nice to know that he actually misses his mama! LOL Yes Murphy they do get transferred. But Ft Lewis is his permanent duty station and since all his wife's family is there and he loves that area so much, I figure he would eventually come back there even if he had to move somewhere else.

And I have met a few folks online from that area that I'm really looking forward to meeting in person once I get there. I'll be within short drive distance to our lil skwirly girly......yeah I know that makes some of ya'll just jealous as hell!!! lol So she and I will be getting together just pretty damn soon after I get there! I just feel it's time for the change and I'm more than ready for it! Surprisingly enough my dad is being very supportive of my decision. Mom has been throwing fits over the phone from Texas (where she's been visiting since mid February I might add) but she's slowly coming around! So this morning I've been packing up some of my stuff I'll be taking with me. Culling what I won't be taking and trying to decide what the bare minimum will be. My former stepdaughter manages a Budget Truck rental place and told me she can get me a good discount on a truck when I get ready to head that way. It's all coming together!!!!! I love it when that happens!!!!!

Apr 17 @ 5:21PM  
New places are always and adventure. Enjoy it! I think there comes a time in most people's lives when a change is in their best interest. The best thing to do when that time comes is go for it. Here is hoping you have an uneventful move and a very eventful life once you get there.

Apr 17 @ 6:36PM  
I agree with the judge and with girlcountry, "Go for it!" So you'll only know one person out there...I'll bet it doesn't take long and you will make some new friends out there. And with the resume you and have, and the references you can get...shouldn't take long for you to find the job for you.

Good luck, enjoy your adventure, and stop in to let us know how it's going.

Apr 17 @ 6:43PM  
You go girl Keep the faith

Apr 17 @ 6:44PM  
I like this judge!
There isn't any expiration date on change unless we've stopped living.
I did what you did in 2008 at age 58... moved thousands of miles from my home, got my feet on the ground and now I'm doing something I didn't think was possible. So, it can be d one and the results can be pretty amazing.

I hope your plans come together and you'll be on your way to Washington soon. It's a gorgeous state! A greenie for embracing a new adventure!

Apr 17 @ 6:45PM  
...i want to move out of my house. I really don't need it. Where to go....hmmmmmm. Glad to know you are excited and have thought through your options! you're a smart Cookie!

Apr 17 @ 6:49PM  
Good for you ~ you will love being a "hands on" grandmother !! There is nothing else quite like it. Enjoy the adventure and let us know how it goes !!

Apr 17 @ 7:16PM  
I am going to play devil' advocate here. As we get older, retirement becomes an issue and a pension is part of it. I really feel that your son's plans for the future play in here. Is he planning on making the military a career? What happens when he transfers? Just asking hon. Where will you be financially and geographically when you get to retirement age?

Apr 17 @ 9:40PM  
Bruce I knew you'd ask this question as we've discussed it before. As I told you then I have 11.5 years with the State of Missouri. We've (court clerks) have not gotten a raise in 6 years now and from what the State Courts Administrator says it will be at the very least another 4 before we do. I can retire in 9 years 124 days. So that means it will be nearly half way to my retirement before we get a raise! I'm vested now, I can draw a check at retirement age even if I leave now. With the salary the way it's going I will be drawing nearly as much if I stayed here for the next 9 + years! So I can leave here now, get a job there making more than twice what I make here after all this time and have a decent retirement or I can stay here and make a percentage of zilch point shit!? My son being there is an added bonus to the equation. Sure he's liable to be transferred or deployed and I would be there. But my parents are about the only "close" family I have here now. Sure I have cousins and a few close friends but other than coworkers not that many of my friends here are left! Some have died, others have moved on to greener pastures as well. I figure at my age now if I want to get in a good 20 years somewhere to have an even better retirement I better do it quick or I'll be working til I'm 80 and I sure don't want to do that!

Ft Lewis is my son's permanent duty station. As his wife's family is all there, and he loves it there I figure he'll stay in that area. He's talked in the past about making the Army a career, but that too could change when he sees that baby girl! They are already planning on more children, so he might decide to find something that would keep him home! Either way, I could be here by myself someday while he's there or I can be there and have a chance at a much better life! I choose there!

Apr 18 @ 12:00AM  
Okay, so this is bittersweet for me in a way....
The happier I am for you to be there with your grand daughter, the more my heart hurts knowing how badly I will miss both of mine once---IF ever -- I get moved.

You know I wish nothing but the very, very best for you my friend.
And once she thinks about it, your mom may just pack up, sell the house and move out there too....

From experience, there is nothing like holding that baby girl for the very first time, telling her who you are and that you already love her more than imaginable.
I know that you are not a person to jump into this sort of move without looking at and weighing all angles.
Follow your heart and your shining star, Stormy....all else will follow.
Very best wishes my friend.......

Apr 18 @ 12:59PM  
Congratulations on the new adventure...and WELCOME to WA its an awesome place to live

Apr 18 @ 2:32PM  
New adventures are great and it sounds like you are allready enjoying the thoughts of getting it going! Good for you! Have a great adventure but don't forget your boots or spurs!

Apr 18 @ 3:36PM  
Yeah what CL said! I may not have my dream feller in another state but I have moved a few times. Go for it and you got my heart and prayers going with you

Apr 18 @ 8:36PM  
Thanks ya'll! I broke the news to my boss today. She freaked at first but then wished me good luck. She knows what it's like to have your son that far away as hers just moved back to our area from Spokane! While she doesn't have the grandbaby, she definitely understands 'mama love'! She's freaking a little but I'm giving her plenty of advance notice that I will be trying to leave from here sometime in June at the latest. Now I just have to pack and decide if I'll take a truck this time or if I'll just load up the car with clothes and personal stuff for now and haul my other stuff later after I get settled and get a job.

Apr 19 @ 1:59AM  
your son could hood

Apr 19 @ 8:16PM  
You, me and Chrissy all within a thousand miles of each other.. this could get messy!!!! Hurry up and get over here woman!!!

Apr 19 @ 10:45PM  
Mr. KUW, I just don't see him getting transferred there! LOL and not so sure I'd move back "home" if he did. I don't and won't miss the fire ants one bit, nor the scorpions, and the tornadoes, well lets just say I'm glad to be moving out of the "alley"!

My lil Skwirly Girly, I'm supposed to tell you that we'll be glad to ride down to Medford some weekend, especially if the weather is nice and we can take the bike down! And you and G will be welcome at our place anytime!!

Apr 19 @ 10:50PM  
Oh and to "she who shall not be named" ...........yeah I know you're reading my blog, just as you know I read yours, or I wouldn't be posting this comment. But just so that you and everyone else understands, I deleted not one single comment from this blog. You can't comment on my blogs as I've had you blocked for months now. So you just "move along" your own way, and I'll move on mine. I've left you alone for some time now, I suggest you might try the same strategy.

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