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Junk cars

posted 4/12/2011 4:44:07 PM |
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I saw the mention of "junk" cars in Softie's blog and it got me to thinking about the cars I've driven over the years:

Dad's 1976 Jimmy Custom van...very first vehicle I drove after getting my driver's license.
1976 Plymouth Duster
197something Plymouth Satellite
1969 Buick Skylark
1983 Chevy Caprice
1986(?) Pontiac Phoenix
1984 Chevy Chevette
1986 Chevy Cavalier Hatchback
1990 Chevy Cavalier
1997 Chevy S 10
1998 Grand Cherokee
1996 Grand Cherokee
1992 Dodge Intrepid
1998 Chrysler Town and Country (current vehicle)

Damn! That's a few vehicles. I'm sure there are some of you out there who have had more than that. Out of that list, the one that was the biggest headache was the Cavalier Hatchback. Got it for only $300, first venture out to buy my own car, thought I "knew it all", didn't take Dad with me. Test drove it, and bought it. Got it home, Dad got home from work later that day, went to take a look at it..put the key in the ignition, and the damn thing wouldn't start. After opening the hood, Dad discovered a loose battery cable. Problem solved. Right? Wrong! Next thing discovered was while I watched Dad driving off...I noticed no brake lights. Told him when he got back, he put new bulbs in, had me put on the brakes so he could make sure the lights worked...they didn't. He found a loose wire in the hatchback, tightened it down and the brake lights came on. And we thought that was taken care of. Nope, littlest bump shook that wire loose, and I would have no brake lights again. About this time, I'm cussing myself out, vowing from now on when I want to look at a car..I'm taking Dad with me! Dad worked on it yet again, figuring he got it taken care of. Next thing discovered, no freakin' heat! Nothing like a damn car dying on you at work, having to call Dad to jump start the bitch, and drive home in below zero temps with no heat! Up until that point, the heat had been "warm" enough to keep it comfy..but after that..there was no heat at all. I had reached the end of my patience with this car by then, but, didn't have enough money saved up to get another one. Dad tried to replace the thermostat...nope, that didn't do it either. After all was said and done with this car, I had put more into it than what I had paid for it. And to find out later...the damned brake lights had stopped working again. By then, I had a modest savings of a few hundred bucks, found the 1990 Cavalier at a local car dealers, THIS TIME, I took Dad with me to check this one out. He drove it around, tested the brakes, did a few "tight" turns with it, lifted the hood to check belts and hoses, and listen for any sounds to indicate possible problems. We got back to the dealer ship, Dad haggled the price down a little and I got my car! That little Cavalier I had for about 5 years, when I got my S 10.

I'll never forget that little hatchback. It was cute car, but a piece of junk. I don't mind the Town & Country, but I'd rather have a Jeep again. I love Jeeps.

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Apr 12 @ 6:33PM  
the cars I've driven over the years

Some of Detroit's greatest hits Except for the Jeeps and Caravan, the rest are famous for being pieces of shit!!!! How did you miss the Chevy Vega or Pontiac Aztec?

Apr 12 @ 7:57PM  
Ahhhh, memory lane.
My first car was a 1971 Triumph Spitfire. LOADs of fun to drive, really good
on gas. Electrics were from Lord Lucas, Prince of Darkness. Had to use
special Castrol Brake/Clutch fluid, otherwise rebuild the whole system.....
Engines were weak P.O.S., but, dayummm....I loved that car, as any 17 year
old would.
2nd......'69 Mustang, originally with 302W that my brother blew.......put in a 351 C 4V....lots of power, pain in the arse to work on. Pass anything but a gas station.

BEST and most reliable, '95 Saturn SL1 that often got 41 mpg and never, ever left me stranded......sold it when the Odometer hit 285,000 miles.

Apr 12 @ 8:06PM  
How did you miss the Chevy Vega or the Pontiac Aztec?

Because there was NO WAY ON THIS EARTH I was going to drive either one of those!

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention also in that list a 1974 Chevy Malibu, 2 door and a 1977 Buick LeSabre. That damned LeSabre had the SLOWEST pick up!!

Apr 12 @ 8:59PM  
What ? No Corvair ??

Apr 12 @ 9:05PM  
I've only owned 4 cars. And I couldn't tell you what year cars they were but I had a chrysler laser... loved it til I ran it up on a tree stump!
Then I got a (oh wait, make that 5 cars) a tempo.. it was butt ugly but ran good til I started having front end troubles. It almost put my daughter and I in a creek and I called the finance company and told them they could come get it! I'd spent almost 1000 bucks trying to get that front end fixed!
Then I had a Cutlass Supreme... that thing would get up and go until it decided to start leaving me on the side of the road! I sold it for cheap.
Then I got a Nissan truck.. my family was pissed that I bought it with 85,000 miles on it but I put another 80,000 on it and finally traded it in for the 2002 Accord that I'm still driving.... I love my car!!

Apr 12 @ 9:26PM  
I got a 1969 Chevy Malibu in the military in 1973. It looked cool but was the biggest pice of crap I ever owned. Water leaked from the back window seal down into the trunk and wells on each side of the fender behind the tires, filling up with rusty, rank water. I finally powered through the wells from underneath with a sixteen penny nail so they would drain. You could close the door and the windows rattled three to four times. Those are just the major highlights!

What ? No Corvair ??

Those pieces of shit were largely off the road before she was in elementary school. I had a friend who had one and some girls would not go out with him when he was driving THAT

If I had a down night as I was working as a bus boy in high school on weekend nights, I would pick him up in my 1965 GTO and let him take them to the drive movies in my car in exchange for filling it with gas in exchange if he picked me up at 11:00 when I got off work after he dropped the girl off.

Apr 12 @ 9:37PM  
What ? No Corvair ??

Oh hell no!

Those pieces of shit were largely off the road before she was in elementary school

I remember a childhood friend of mine whose parents had a Corvair. I always thought they were the ugliest things. It never ran. The whole time her parents had it, it never ran. I never gave it much thought..hell, I was kid then, only care about cars I had at that time was when Dad took the family to visit at relatives, go up north, or just go for a ride.

Apr 12 @ 11:02PM  
I miss my old '79 Camaro Berlinetta

Apr 12 @ 11:30PM  
The whole time her parents had it, it never ran. I never gave it much thought

In my world as a teen, if you didn't have a cool ride, there was no one in the back seat with nobody in the front If you had the ride, you had the chicks and they were the ticket to beer, booze, weed/drugs and apartments along with the free love. I had all of that down and life was good

Apr 12 @ 11:31PM  
The whole time her parents had it, it never ran. I never gave it much thought

In my world as a teen, if you didn't have a cool ride, there was no one in the back seat with nobody in the front If you had the ride, you had the chicks and they were the ticket to beer, booze, weed/drugs and apartments along with the free love. I had all of that down and life was good

Apr 12 @ 11:34PM  
used yo have a lot of fun in my ford Pinto it went really fast down hill but I rolled it .Sugarn is there room in the trunk for me to ride

Apr 13 @ 1:57PM  
I certainly don't remember all of the cars I've had, but I do remember the first four..
First, my 48 Buick Drop Top, second a super fast '52 Olds 88 two door hardtop in high school..
And my first new car a new '54 Caddy Convertible, Royal Blue the same as my band's guitars..
Then a '57 Caddy Eldorado Biarritz Convertible

Apr 13 @ 6:27PM  
Ohhh to many cars to list I think I average a different one every 2 yrs or so. I learned to drive automatic in a 70's Datsun wagon and stick in a Chev Luv. Drove a 78 Chev Suburban in high school and am currently driving the 3rd Ford Escort Wagon that I have owned. Not fancy but cheap and has room for my dogs.

Apr 13 @ 7:34PM  
What the hell...the cars (and my experience with them)...the good, the bad and the ugly! (when married and occasionally when single, I owned more than one vehicle...I have had some spare cars in the drive way)
58 Ford Skyliner
65 Pontiac GTO
64 Pontiac LeMans
69 Chevy Malibu
66 Ford Econline (van)
67 Austin America
75 Ford Garanada (surprisingly)
82 Ford Escort
84 Ford Ranger
84 Ford Escort (diesel)
84 Dodge Mini Van
84 Dodge Charger
80 Honda Accord
95 Eagle Vision (Intrepid)
76 Honda Civic
89 Mercury Cougar
81 Plymouth Town & Country (Mini Van)
99 Ford Taurus

Apr 13 @ 9:13PM  
Opps, that is a 2000 Mercury Cougar

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Junk cars