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What to do, what to do............

posted 4/11/2011 11:50:54 AM |
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tagged: rambling

For the first time in about a month..I've finally got a day off to myself! I fully plan on working on homework today, but, for now, I'm just relaxing, kicking back, and checking out how things are going here in Pervia. Quiet, for the most part. Which, after what's been going on, is a good thing. But, then again, it's like..."where is everyone?????". I imagine with spring being here, a lot of us are out of the house and enjoying the lovely weather. Unless you're in some of the areas that have been clobbered with severe thunderstorms and tornadoes. Speaking of which, OMG!! it got up to 83 here yesterday! Of course, this being Michigan, it's cooler today. And WINDY!!! Damn!!! Even has my Spruces in the front yard dancing, and those are some tall trees. Oh well, it's clearing out a lot of junk from my yard. Saving me a little raking. Not helping with the backyard though. Oh yeah, my dogs were busy over the winter in the backyard. When I get that all cleaned up, garbage man will have a lot of "shit"(literally) to pitch in the garbage truck. I figure in the next week or two I can get out in the backyard and get the little pond cleaned out and set up for the summer season. I need a new screen to put over it as one of my "adorable" pooches walked on the damn thing and broke it. I put a screen over the pond for a couple of keep leaves out of it, and to prevent any birds drowning. First summer here, I didn't have a screen over the pond, and the little birds like the sparrows would get caught in the flow of the waterfall and drown. So, now, I have a screen over it to keep that from happening. It is so cute to watch the birds with the waterfall. And I've seen the squirrels get themselves a drink or two out of it also. It's going to be nice to have it up and running again.

Now, the inside of the house...OMG! The shedding season is on!!!! If I'm not sweeping or vacuuming every day or every other day, I'd have wall to wall dog hair! German Shepherds have very thick undercoats, and when they out!! I think next time I get a dog, it will be a bald one. Don't think a lab mix doesn't shed a lot because they do. With the weather being nicer, I've been out in the backyard with the dogs, so, that helps to keep them quieter, somewhat. Yesterday I was out in the backyard with the dogs, and my neighbor was out in his backyard starting his spring cleaning, and Sasha and Buddy started barking at him. And mind you, this is the same neighbor, who, 7 years ago, (wow! I've been here 7 years now! So much has changed!), when all I had was Deifenbacher, my German Shepherd, who told me that he wouldn't put up with a dog barking at him all summer, that he would call the cops. To which my reply at that time was to ask him if I should teach the dog to meow instead. Now, I've got 5 dogs in the backyard, and when I tell them to stop their barking, now this same neighbor tells me, "they're just doing what dogs do, and I like it they do that cause I know it keeps neighborhood kids out of my yard". Well dumbass....why couldn't you realize that 7 years ago when I had only ONE dog! Don't know what brought about this change in attitude..but now he doesn't appear bothered by the dogs barking anymore. Whatever.

Well damn! Gotta continue in comments.

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Apr 11 @ 11:51AM  
With spring on, and summer soon to follow, it's time to pull out the lawnmower, check it's oil, get it a new spark plug. Make sure the blades are cleaned off. But first, got to rake up all the pod shells from the Catulpa tree. Here's a link for those who may not be familiar with this type of tree. Catulpa . The shells from those pods can really hurt ya if they are shot out from under the blades of a lawn mower. I found that out my first summer. So now I rake those up before mowing the lawn. Beautiful tree...I LOVE the huge leaves on it, and I love the white blooms it gets in the late spring. It's a great shade tree. Helps with cooling the house in the summer.

Well, that's my rambling for today. Hope everyone is safe and having a good day.

Apr 11 @ 12:39PM  
...I have Sunday and Mondays off...lucky me! Usually Sundays I am in pain and rest all day to get over my week work and then Monday try to work on the house, run errands and maybe have a plan of something fun to do so I ususally tired starting my work week Tuesday! ....It was in the high 80's all last week and people from Minnesota were complaining about our weather at the bar. That is nothing, but it is hot for April. It rained early this morning and now is cool and gray outside.
I spent Sunday getting my upstairs AC fixed again. I am glad I called for emergency service because I got the older gent and he fixed me up right this time. This is the third time it hasn't worked right in less than a year. All's cool that ends cool, even if it did hurt my pocket.
Let's see...the yard...the house...where to start. I need an overhaul! ...
Have a great day off honey and hope all is well with school!

Apr 11 @ 5:18PM  
Didn't ya'll have snow up there a few days ago or last week sometime? I love the warmer weather! It got to 88 here yesterday. A little cooler today but tomorrow the high is only going to be 56. that's okay too! We do have a storm headed this way and should be here this evening sometime. Hopefully it won't be too bad. 2 weeks ago a tornado hit fairly close to where I used to live. Mom said they had alot of wind there but nothing too bad. We have seen some pretty nasty storms down there.
I understand about the animals shedding and having to vacuum.... I have 4 cats and 3 of them are long haired...
I'm glad you had the day off finally and you got some rest!! Sounds like you had alot of good intentions for the day. I didn't do shit today! I should have but didn't, off tomorrow so I will do things tomorrow.
Have a great evening Dawn!

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What to do, what to do............