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I'm really quite tired of supposedly intelligent adults

posted 4/8/2011 8:54:01 PM |
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in our government, quibbling over $30 billion bucks to the extent of shutting down parts of our government over what amounts to pocket-change, compared to our mushrooming debt!

Here's a thought... I know... you'll think it's simple minded thinking or dreaming- but... THINK about it!

The states collectively should kick the Federal morons out of our lives and relegate them to ONE task and that is to protect our country and our country's interests... period! Maybe not even call them the "Feds"- maybe something like 'The United States Protection Agency- anything- just get rid of the word: Federal!

I don't mean that the states should secede from the union! I mean that each state has it's own tax system already in place- has had for decades obviously, can fix their own social problems, their own roads, their own everything that the federal government is trying to do and is doing OH so poorly- they're simply not good at it but VERY good at wasting our tax dollars and the two underlying reasons are: it's ALL about themselves and they obviously are exempt from being responsible for any of their actions- by design, I might add!

A lot easier for the citizens to keep their state in-line than the feds keeping themselves in-line. A portion of each state's gross income (taxes) goes to the 'protection agency' for our military! The agency does not have complete control over our military however- the states form a 'watchdog' over-seeing personnel, money spent, equipment acquired etc! Perhaps ONE delegate to represent all 57 states - (sorry, couldn't resist!!) to represent the U.S. to deal with the bullshit from other countries!

And one delegate from each state to form the watch-dog committee to watch over what goes on inside and outside our borders- they control the one delegate for our country (he/she reports to the committee) and in fact keep an eye on (not control) of our economic system, banks, corporations, wall street etc. to keep them in-line!

Embarrassment and law suits can be powerful thought provokers! After a few cases like that, I figure people will take the hint and fly straight!

A President and VP? I suppose but strictly tokens with no influence applied from others! That separates the President and VP that we've had for decades as tokens! Socialism- out! Communism- out! If Socialism and Communism is what you want- then leave and go somewhere else where they will embrace you!

Yes, I know we have our Constitution, which by the way, the politicians seem fit to skirt around for their own benefit(s) but, there's no reason each state can't have it's own similarly worded constitution, geared towards the union as a whole!

I could go on- it's just meant to think about things along these lines! The morons simply have to go- that's all there is to it!!! Yes, there's lots and lots of room here for improvements but that's the point of my blog!

Don't be an idiot- add to it if you want- I'm just throwing it out there for discussion for the halibut! Nothing else seems to be going on tonight anyway!

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Apr 8 @ 9:06PM  
All 57 states......Badda Bing....Badda Boom. That was good.

What you propose is not so bad.....unfortunately, 'our' Leaders would make
Gaddafi's fight for his life, look like a 5 year old with his candy taken away.

Those Bureaucrats and Thieves will never go, without a serious fight. Ever try to
pull a seriously embedded Tick out of a dog.......sometimes the head stays in.

Apr 8 @ 9:21PM  

Applying a heated pin on the tick's head solves that problem! So too, would a tremendous amount of heat from enough irate citizens get things done, as has happened in the past, relevant to an 11th hour pay raise they tried to pass years ago! It could be done- they are human after all... or so it seems anyway!


Apr 8 @ 10:26PM  
I have a solution for the moment. Lock the doors to the chamber with all the members of the house inside with no food until they come up with a budget. And dock their pay for every day they don't. What you want to bet we would get a budget real fast.

Apr 8 @ 10:50PM  

I'm really quite tired of supposedly intelligent adults

Me too Don

Apr 8 @ 11:45PM  
I have cited this brilliant quote many times, including recently..."The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter." - Winston Churchill

Apr 8 @ 11:54PM  
I have cited this brilliant quote many times, including recently..."The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter

That is for sure. I wonder if anyone got I was being a smart ass in my former comment.

Apr 9 @ 12:10AM  
Yes, I know we have our Constitution, which by the way, the politicians seem fit to skirt around for their own benefit(s)
and isn't it amazing how many ways they can figure to do this, but they can't work out, or compromise on, a budget.

Let's cut their checks in half for just a month and put towards it, that's a hell of a lot better than taking the paychecks of our military. The ones in screwed up countries, away from their families and loved ones, fighting to save their sorry federal asses. Taking their paychecks pisses me off more than I can put into words.
And in my opinion, very UNAmerican.

Apr 9 @ 12:34AM  
Just remember I'm from the firs state to leave the union before and I still have a flag! \
Only got one thing to say to our leaders !

Apr 9 @ 12:48AM  
I'm sorry but I have a different view about whats going on in this country.My views came about by people like Tom Delay saing at a GOP convention that the GOP is about taking all the money from the government because they can only get it back by taking entitlements from the poor,When you have people like Boener lying to us when he speaks.He is the guy who went around passing out 25,000.00 checks to congress just before a important vote on the tobacco industry.The GOP only goal is to make Dems look bad.They don't give a damn about this country.They want industry to run this country.Thats why the rich funds the tea party.Has any budy heard about cutting corp. welfare? The most profitable companies in the USA did not pay a dime in taxes and got a refund.Is that fare? All this stuff about the budget is to make Dems look bad.It looks like we have only a few options.Recall them all,vote them out,or and this is what Thomas Jefferson said we need a armed revolt.I'm just saying.

Apr 9 @ 6:35AM  
97% of Wall Streets campaign contributions went to the Democrats last
Presidential election.
Yeah.....Goldman Sucks and all those types are for the people.

Apr 9 @ 8:11AM  
AMEN to that Gary

Apr 9 @ 8:18AM  
The thing is, when all is said and done, damned little is getting done strategically, just reactionary monthly funding. This is not surprising in a divided congress.

Apr 9 @ 1:33PM  
No wonder the government is so scared of wikileaks exposing all their little shell games to the average american citizen.

If there was legislation that all financial transactions and deals were transparent and public and subject to independant audit at any time things may improve.

I don't believe security, regarding the nation should be as transparent, but hell the public needs to be kept in the loop with accurate information from an official source. Especially when they take foreign actions that cause the world to look down on what "we Americans" are doing instead of what the "government monkeys" are up to against our wishes.

Change begins in small towns with a united voice on a single issue. If you tackle the whole monster you lose your steam. The public needs a sniper approach. One small town on one course, then convince the surrounding towns to join that single issue course. Before long you have whole regions of support, then a state, then surrounding states. Those voices count when backed by the masses!

The only way it can happen is for ALL to get up and DO something instead of waiting around for someone else to do it.

Elected officials are just that. They work for the people and by their job definition they are supposed to represent the peoples wishes ot their own agenda's. It's time the people leashed their local politicians and taught them to HEEL! Hold them accountable, Make it clear what course of action you want them to take. If they don't do the job ... FIRE THEM and elect someone who will do the job well.

If you have the right representatives from the ground up, the bigger government will take care of itself.

OK I am off my soapbox now.

Apr 9 @ 5:31PM  
Yep Som, I'm tired of it all too.

Hey...Curves has some pretty good ideas!

Apr 11 @ 1:11PM  
Thanks Sugar. I don't believe i being a sheeple!

Have an interesting election coming up in my town on Wednesday when there is a 3 way run for President of our Lions club. I am the VP now and Acting President as our elected President has been in jail for a few months after being indicted on felony hit and run, then plea bargained it down to a misdemeanor so Lions International did not kick her out.

Here is the rub, our club is an old boys club with the president having her own bunch of cronies currently holding board positions. One of them nominated here to run against me while she was still in jail. Of course I have objected loudly to her nomination so they have also nominated the 3rd vice to run against me too (another of the clique crew).

All of the club members they have driven away with their BS have had enough. They are turning out in force to vote on Wed to take the club back. If I get elected it's going to be cleing house this year th getting back to basics and rebuilding a respectable reputation for this club. Getting rid of the trashy rep a few have given this club will certainly help us grow and do more in our community.

I originally ran because no one knew how to or wasn't willing to stand up to the old guard for fear of repercussions. It's a small town. have told them that if they have done nothing wrong, they have nothing to fear. Change has to start somewhere and actions speak louder than words.


Apr 14 @ 6:23PM  
BTW... I won the election by club members wo came out of the woodwork to make a difference.

There were some shocked faces yesterday... Now for positive change.

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I'm really quite tired of supposedly intelligent adults