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Sexcapade Files #33: The Ultimate Ruler King Cock

posted 4/8/2011 5:45:54 PM |
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This week has definitely been a week of surprises, and this past Saturday night/Sunday morning's sexcapade fits perfectly with the trend of surprises – a nice end to the week and a perfect beginning for the week to come (and with this sexcapade, I really mean COOMMMMMMMMMMMMMEEEEEE).

My close friend Cedric was with me this past Saturday night after the broadcast, and I was telling him about my disappointment about this week's show. For some reason, I couldn't bring up the sexual energy, and the fact that I couldn't get myself off before and during the show made me very concerned about what had happened. He wrapped me in his arms and gave me a kiss (our first kiss), that I felt something else besides his tongue and lips softly tickling my tongue (was it sparks?). He told me that he couldn't leave me tonight, seeing that I was in such distress, so he followed me home.

We got to my house, and he and I cuddled in bed, softly kissing each others' lips. His lips were surprisingly gentle and and soft, while he held me in his arms. I felt comfortable in his embrace, but then he said that he wanted to get under the covers because it was getting pretty cold in the room (which was definitely understandable, I'm not sure why my roommates have the air conditioning on all the time when it's freezing). We pulled the covers down, and as we got settled in, Cedric gave me a bit of a shock:

Cedric: “Oh, what have we here?” he smirked.

Me: “Um...that's my vibrator,” I shyly said.

Cedric: “Oh really?” he smirked again.

I heard him click on the vibrator, and as I lay on my back, still fully clothed, I felt the vibrator traveling up and down the top of my hips and thighs, the vibrations going through my jeans like skimming waves. I felt myself relaxed and somewhat – horny.

Cedric: “Does that feel good?”

Me: “Very, I like the vibrations.”

Cedric: “You know that this would feel a lot better with your clothes off.”

And without skipping a beat, I unzipped my jeans and shoved them off with my feet. The vibrator traveled between my legs, softly and slowly, moving first from the inside of my thigh to the outer part of my pussy lips. He bent his head to kiss my lips, and our kisses first went from soft to more urgent, but still gentle. His long fingers brushed against my clit, and I could feel my pussy wet from his touch. He pulled off his clothes and threw him on the floor, and my hands instinctively went to his cock, and WOW was I in for a surprise.

His cock was MASSIVE – it was almost as thick as my wrist, and about as long as my arm. It was HUGE – most likely the largest cock I had ever seen in person. It was enticing, but at the same time, I felt a surge of fear in me – that thing could rip me apart to shreds!

I moved my hand to rub his cock, slowly stroking it with my fist, feeling his anaconda cock from top to bottom. From what he told me, he actually has a 12-inch cock, and I didn't believe it at first, until now. It made me worry, how was I going to be able to be fucked by that? How would I be able to shove that down my throat? Would it be possible? Would I falter and fail with this cock? The doubts nagged my brain.

He lay on top of me, and he edged himself between my legs, missionary style. He wanted to take care of me, so he was being as gentle as possible, as my emotionally-vulnerable self was being taken care of by a 12-inch cock-man. His mouth engulfed my left breast, sucking and licking my breasts into submission, while suddenly, I feel a large force rubbing my clit. It was his cock!! His cock was rubbing my clit, in slow strokes, but the more he stroked, the more I felt his massively large cock inching itself into my me, getting deeper and deeper...

It took him at least 15 minutes to get it in me, mainly because he was massively large, and also because my pussy muscles were so tight, he had to work his way into me. It felt really nice, but I had also warned him to be gentle, for fear that he could break me in half with that thing. With that being said, he was still very gentle, although it had hurt a few times as he thrust into me (I was at my limit, he could only put in 10 inches in), but as I got used to the size, he started to develop a quicker rhythm, gentle like he promised. As he made his quick and shallow thrusts, I could feel myself coming so intensely, it was coming in large waves, like multiple tsunamis coming after one after another. I hung on to his back, clutching him, sweat broke from my forehead and started to stream from my face, and the orgasms came so intensely, I couldn't help myself. It felt like a 10-minute orgasm, one after another after another, my pussy squeezing so tight that I felt like I was going to heaven and went back down again. I hadn't felt that type of orgasm in four years – it was completely exhilarating.

I guess my orgasms were so intense that he came – he slipped himself out of me and came on my leg, as I tried to calm myself down from that 10-minute long intense orgasm. According to him, it was 3 orgasms in a matter of minutes, but it felt like one drawn-out 10-minute long intense orgasm to me. I didn't care – it was absolutely divine, and I definitely will want to sleep with him again if he can make me come as intensely the next time.

Unfortunately, we couldn't do a Round 2, since he had to go, but as he was about to walk out the door, he lay on the bed for a moment and ended up sleeping on my shoulder for about 15 minutes before I could wake him up again. It was finally around 6:30 am until he left my place and I could go to sleep.

When the next time comes that Cedric and I end up in this very same sexual position, I will try to see what I can do to deep throat that monster – it would most likely be a challenge. But what can I say, does it seem like my sex life has gotten a little more frequent lately now that I'm on the radio show? :-)

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May 12 @ 10:08AM  
very hot...cedric is a lucky guy a number of ways

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Sexcapade Files #33: The Ultimate Ruler King Cock