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Sexcapade Files #31: The Illicit Office Affair – Part III

posted 4/7/2011 7:01:52 PM |
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tagged: story

Yesterday, I arrived to work soaked from the rain during my usual 30-minute scooter drive to work – my jeans, work jacket, and my red knit blouse all had blotches of wetness from the rain, so my boss had commented that I should just take off my top so I could dry off. Not hesitating for a moment, I pulled off each layer with ease, first my blouse, then my bra, until my breasts were hanging freely for my boss to touch. As I stood before him sitting in a chair behind the front desk, his mouth surrounded my right nipple, licking and nipping at them until I whimpered with pleasure, while his hand rolled my left nipple until it became wrinkled and hard. He kneaded my breasts in his deft hands, squeezing them with just enough weight, as his tongue licked the cleavage area of my right breast, then proceeded to suck and bite the left breast, while I hung onto his shoulders, my head turned back, whimpering from the pleasure he was giving me.

One of his hands ended up between my legs, and he was rubbing me from the outside of my jeans. He ordered me to turn back and lean over against the desk, to where my ass was pointed outward towards my boss's face. He pulled down my pants and underwear enough to expose my ass crack, and soon I felt his tongue softly stroking my ass crack, feeling the tip of his tongue, wet and smooth, sliding up and down my chubby ass cheeks. I moaned in pleasure, enjoying the sensation of his very skilled tongue tickling my ass, making me want him more.

We then stopped and proceeded back to work, but it wasn't long until he came knocking on my door asking if he could “play” again. I was sitting behind my desk, still topless, when he came around and reached over to grab my breasts. He got on his hands and knees, edging himself between my legs, and I felt his mouth sucking my breasts again, his hand squeezing one breast, as his left hand started to pry underneath my panties. His fingers started to rub my very eager clit, feeling the wetness (and the blood, unfortunately), and I moaned loudly, feeling his rough fingers rubbing my pulsing clit up and down, as his mouth sucked my nipple, over and over again. Then, he raised his head up and said, “I want you to touch yourself as I rub you.”

I couldn't resist such a request. I reached underneath my panties, and I rubbed my clit in circles, in the spots that I loved to touch the most, while he rubbed my clit as well. It was so hot, pleasuring myself while he was pleasuring me at the same time, two different hands on my clit, one was mine, and was was his. He then moved his hand away, while I was still rubbing myself, and he dug a finger into my pussy, sliding it in an out, feeling the tightness and the strength of my pussy.

“Oh my god, you're so tight!” he said with sexual fervor.

I couldn't help myself, I wanted to suck his cock SO BAD. I wanted to taste his cock in my mouth that I wanted to beg for it, and I didn't care.

“Please let me suck your dick,” I begged.

“Remember our rule, I won't let you suck my cock until you come,” he said.

This was getting too much for me to a good way.

As I continued to rub my clit with my left hand, his finger dug into the hollow of my pussy, first with just one finger, and then with two. His thick fingers swirled and dug to find my G-spot, and as we continued with our foreplay, I felt my pussy gradually tense, my back arched, and my moans got louder, as he thrust his fingers into me, I felt my pussy getting tighter and tighter, feeling sexual ecstasy getting closer, until he stopped and saw the blood on his fingers (he was afraid that he had hurt me down there), and we took a breather to get some work done. I sat at my desk, trying to catch my breath and get some work done, and for about an hour, everything was okay. I somehow decided to not put my clothes on, so I sat at my desk doing work with nothing on except my panties.

About an hour later, he knocks on my door, peers in, and notices that I didn't have any clothes on. I told him that I felt most comfortable in the nude, since even at home I rarely put clothes on except when I have to go to a communal area in the house. He told me to stop by his office so “we can play” some more. I couldn't resist another “play time”, especially with the pleasure he gave me an hour before.

I wait another half hour in order to finish more work. He's at his desk, working on the computer, when I walk in, naked except for some panties, to talk about something he wanted to show me. He was explaining something about the business, when he stopped and said, “Your tits are so fucking hot,” and decided to engulf his favorite breast (the right one) into his mouth. As he sucked, I again couldn't contain myself and started to whimper softly from his touch.

He raised his head and we kissed, our lips and tongues wrestled as our heads swayed from side to side, back and forth, our passion rising. Our lips released and I started to lick his neck, my limber tongue licking him in long strokes, then the tip of my tongue flicking his salty skin, and I could hear him groaning, “Oh god, you have a skillful tongue!” over and over again. His hands touching my back, but while I licked and nipped at his neck, his body froze for a while, and all I could hear was his hard breathing and his groans.

He suggested that I lay on the mattress in his office (yes, he has a mattress – he sometimes needs to lie down because of the headaches he gets in the middle of the day), and so he pulled it out, covered it with a sheet, and told me to lay on it, face down. I obliged, and I felt his rough hands stroking my back lightly, across my shoulders, then down my back, lightly pressing the muscles of my hands, feeling the heat from his palms. He then pulled off my panties halfway, so my ass cheeks were exposed, and I felt his tongue licking my ass crack again, ever so gently, probing that sensitive indentation.

I flipped myself over, lying on my back, and I straddled my legs around his waist, as he dry humped me for a bit, before proceeding to peel back a portion of my panties, to thrust two fingers into my pussy. As he dug his nimble fingers in my pussy, my arms and hands bracing myself, feeling my pussy tighten around his fingers, he unzipped his shorts and pulled out his uncut cock for me to rub. His cock was still soft, and according to him, he had learned how to control his erections very well, but the feeling of his uncut cock in my hands felt sublime. I loved the softness of it, and although I wasn't sure as to how big he was hard, I couldn't wait to get my mouth around his head and suck it, which may take a while before he allowed me to do so.

A few minutes later, he took his fingers out from my pussy, and I caught my breath from our little pussy play. We tried to get back to work, but obviously we had one thing on our mind – we definitely needed to get this sexual tension into fruition. Hopefully in a day or so this period

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Sexcapade Files #31: The Illicit Office Affair – Part III