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Sexcapade Files #30: The Illicit Office Affair - Part II

posted 4/7/2011 7:01:20 PM |
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This past week has been a whirlwind of sexual buildup and tension, so strong that it actually makes me horny walking into the office. It hits me as I drive to work, and the feeling gets stronger and stronger the closer I get to the office.

Sometimes I see my boss standing outside the office smoking a cigarette, as if he were waiting for me to arrive. I walk in with him, and the wave of sexual tension washes over me like a tsunami, so overpowering that it's hard to ignore what's going on. We chit chat, he sometimes sits inside my office or I sit in his, and as we talk, he mentions in passing that he would love to suck on my tits.

The first time we did something sexual was when he had told me that he would love to see my tits. I was wearing a T-shirt, a sports bra, and track pants that day, so I walked over to where he was sitting (which was at the front desk area), and asked him, "Do you want to see my tits?" and raised my shirt and bra to where my large brown breasts were exposed, hanging like two large water balloons on my chest.

He said, "Oh, I can't resist, they're so fucking hot," and he reached out and touched the right nipple, then the other, first lightly stroking them in circles, then he buried his face into my right breast and consumed it with his mouth.

The feeling was electric - his mouth sucked on them with such skill and finesse that it had been so long since my breasts were sucked that way. The feeling shot through my whole body, sexual ecstasy shooting from my breast to the rest of my body, and he clung on as I felt my chest fall forward into his face, my head and back slightly arched back as I moaned and whimpered louder and louder as he ravaged my sex-hungry breasts. He then licked my breasts in long and slow strokes with his experienced tongue, then flicked my nipples quickly with the tip, and then he did the most surprising thing - he pressed my breasts together with both of his hands until the nipples were almost touching, pointing towards each other, and then consumed both nipples in his mouth, sucking them in that rough way that I enjoyed the most, but hadn't been done since others weren't as skilled or had wanted to rough house them the way I wanted to.

My legs straddled his right leg, and his hand easily reached under me and started to rub my clit from the outside of my track pants. Regardless of having my period at this time, I wasn't willing to go beyond second base for fear of not enjoying it as thoroughly (plus, I don't enjoy having sex on my has been done before in my past, and it wasn't fun seeing a murder scene everywhere after the fact), but it was very pleasurable, feeling his fingers on my clit from the outside of my pants, rubbing it while he ravaged my sex hungry breasts. He released my breasts from his mouth's grasp, and ordered me to kiss him - our lips and tongues wrestled with each other, his moist mouth tasted of cigarettes, and he asked me to spit in his mouth. While kissing, I gathered enough spit to pour into his hungry mouth, and that made his mouth move faster and more urgent, whispering between kisses how much my spit tasted delicious, and my arms cradled his head, my hands rubbing his smooth, bald head while we pleasured ourselves in our passionate embrace.

Soon, we stopped, because he was worried that he would get tempted even further to want to push me on the table, pull my pants off, and eat my pussy until it was raw.

And the rest of the week was like that - off and on sexually tempting one another, his hands constantly wandering to touch my breasts, weighing them in his hands, his hands touching my body made me want to tell myself to "fuck the period, I want to fuck him now!!!" but trying to stop myself from doing so until my period ended. And this would happen about 2-3 times a day, where sometimes, during our breast foreplay, I would reach down and rub his cock from the outside of his pants, rubbing it until he became semi-hard, and enjoying the sensation of his mouth ravaging my breasts. It has definitely made work a lot more fun and exciting, so much that sometimes I can't even focus on work because I'm thinking of when the next time it would be that we enjoyed another session of foreplay.

I have a feeling that this week we'll be headed to another direction in our sexual relationship, once my period is done and over with. We have talked about it, and he has told me that he has been able to place the guilt behind him and can continue this sexual relationship within the office. We've also sworn each other to secrecy of not telling anyone (including his "wife") about this situation, since it would mean my job, and his relationship with my boss.

We'll see how this pans out within the next few weeks, but I promise to update more as soon as I see how this plays out...

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Sexcapade Files #30: The Illicit Office Affair - Part II